Friday, March 10, 2017

Salem Loves Food #ChewyInfluencer

Hey guys!

Salem, our resident chunk, started to figure out that sometimes FedEx delivers goodies just for her (and Lucinda, but Salem's a hog). She was very curious about our latest boxes from, and lo and behold, there was something for the kitties in there.

When I saw Rachael Ray Nutrish kibble was available to review, I was eager to see how the cats would like it. Pike has done amazing on their dog food (no tear stains!), so I requested this one.

While the ingredients could use a little tweaking, overall Salem has done very well on this. It's formulated for adult cats, so Lucy is sitting this one out. Salem's nearly a year old, so she got to be the guinea pig, not that she minded much. ;)

Luce is nearly as big as Salem now, at only 3 months old! She did get to taste test this since I couldn't stop her from butting into this shoot. ;)

The pieces are very small, which I really appreciate since Salem tends to prefer that to large chunks. There's no  unpleasant smell to it, and there's been no stomach upset at all for Fatty. Normal poop, no eye gunk, no shedding. It's a budget friendly food that she's done very well on!

Always chatty. Always. 

She looks like a Maine Coon to me (I know she's not, at least definitely not pure), in both size and general appearance as well as temperament! 


  1. Yummy! Glad that Salem seems to like how it tastes, and even more glad that it causes no problems. Win-win!

  2. Those pictures are so cute! That's awesome that they like the food!


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