Monday, March 13, 2017

Little Dog, Big World: Apalachicola, Florida

Hey, guys!

A few weeks ago we took a day trip to Apalachicola, a little bay town that's just a couple hours form us. Of course Miss Nola came too, so I figured I'd share our little adventure!

Apalachicola is a historic small town nestled along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Established in 1813, it was once one of the biggest ports on the Gulf of Mexico, and still retains that old Florida charm. Quaint, if slightly dilapidated, the area is around 30 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, on picturesque Saint George Island. We didn't head out that way this time around, since it was very chilly and windy, but it is an absolutely stunning place, and well worth the visit.

Beach side, circa 2012
Bay side (and 18 month old Nola), circa 2012

The area has several shops and galleries to explore, plenty of seafood dinning, a beautiful cemetery, historic homes, boating and fishing, and some cute accommodations, including a few historic bed and breakfasts. It's pretty much all doable on foot, too.

The historic cemetery is a stone's throw from the downtown, and contains some truly beautiful graves, including some dating back to the 1800s and all over them watched over by beautiful live oaks swathed in Spanish moss. It's peaceful, and while some graves show disrepair, it's fairly well maintained.

The downtown area is quite dog friendly, and we saw more than a dozen pups out and about with their peep, shopping, eating and walking along the docks. Fair warning: there's only one or two poop bag stations, so make sure to bring your own!

Bigger dogs can enjoy a pet boutique and outdoor dining, and smaller dogs take it one step further with lots of dog friendly stores. There's everything from fishing and other outdoorsy shops, to antique and book stores, to clothing stores and little-bits-of-everything establishments.
All we popped into were more than welcoming of Miss Nola so long as she was held by me, and a few were fine with her just being on leash, including a fly fishing shop that had their own canine residents.

Small dog friendly odds and ends store!

Small dog friendly (if carried) soap shop!
Small dog friendly fly fishing shop!

Cute (if crowded/cluttered) pet store!

This place was sort of interesting, but I'd avoid due to the owner's dogs. While not aggressive, they jump up and wouldn't leave Nola alone. 

While none were expressly advertised as dog friendly, asking politely before hand always guaranteed a yes. Good manners, from both you and your canine, will take you far!

If you're looking for some Old Florida charm, this is a good place to find it, and I highly suggest staying at Saint George Island if you do visit!


  1. Mom loves exploring places like that too Ms. Nola. Looks like a fun day
    Lily & Edward

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  2. What a pretty little town! I grew up on one of Georgia's barrier islands so these pictures definitely felt like home!

  3. That looks like such a fun little town! I love these sorts of places! We have a couple of little towns along the coast here that are great and welcome dogs!

  4. What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing, I'll have to remember this place if I ever get to Florida! Miss Nola's turquoise sweater is really elegant!

  5. What a fun adventure, thanks so much for all the great info!

  6. That sounds like a great day trip. It's wonderful that so many of the shops are dog friendly!

  7. Hi Nola
    That looks like a lovely place your humans took you too :) So many new sights and smells :) Milo & Jet


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