Friday, February 24, 2017

When Nola Plays With Cat Toys: FroliCat® Review

Hey guys!

I was sent two products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I've gone from adamantly stating that I'll always be a dog person only, to having two cats in the space of a year. While I'm still not a cat person (I'm a "my cats only" person ;)), I'm loving these two and really enjoy watching them play and interact with the dogs and each other.
They're both partial to Nola, and Lucinda loves to play with her. Miss Nola is usually quite agreeable to Luce's antics, but sometimes she gets annoyed with the kitten smacking at her tail. We were all relieved when I was contacted by FroliCat to review two of their interactive cat toys!

This picture was taken two weeks ago, and Lucinda is already doubled in size.

Play is an important part of every day, but sometimes you may not have the time to stop and play with your cat like you and they want to...or your dog is done being a walking cat toy. ;) FroliCat to the rescue! Their toys provide fun, interactive play to your cat, and are fantastic for both single and multi cat households.

We were sent the Fox Den and the Multi Laser toys to try out. They run on three AA batteries, and come to life with the touch of a button. They're small and very unassuming looking, which is something I appreciate so much.  Each cat had a favorite, so let's jump right into this!

The Fox Den

This circular toy has a little red and white tail that darts in and out of its little "den". It's motion activated, and has two modes: One Time Play, where the toy runs for 10 minutes and All Day Play, where the toy plays for 10 minutes, rests for 2 hours, and repeats for a total of 6.5 hours. The really neat thing about the Play All Day mode is it's still motion sensitive while it's resting, so if your cat comes within 3-4 feet it will turn on for 2 minutes, then returns to resting once your cat walks alway. This is a fantastic option for those that work long hours!

This was Lucinda's favorite, and Nola's, too! Lucy likes toys that are soft and easy to grab, and ones that make more erratic movements, which is why I think she preferred this one. She loved how the toy would be still and then wiggle around once she went to bat at it.

Nola absolutely loved it! The tail part of the Fox Den looks similar to her favorite toys, and the jerky motion drives her crazy. It's not for made for the roughness of dogs, and I've caught Nola walking off with it a time or two! It's held up wonderfully despite that though. 

Salem didn't care to play with this one, but she does like to watch it. 

The Multi Laser

This toy has two laser lights, one on each side, and twists around to play the light around the floor and lower walls. It plays for 15 minutes and is pretty quite, only giving off a soft sort of whirrr noise.

This was Salem's favorite. She's not a fan of the type of toys Luce and Nola like, and prefers balls, feather type things, and lasers. 

The only picture of Salem with the laser, even though it's on her fat ass. As soon as I grabbed the camera she'd quit playing. That's also the only time she's acted like a cat. ;)

I don't let the dogs around this toy, since lasers aren't good for dogs to play with, but Salem sure has fun!

Overall, I'm very happy with these toys, and so are the cats! At $19.99 a piece, they're not too expensive, especially if your cat/s spend a lot of time alone. I'd definitely recommend!


  1. Looks like they had a lot of fun with these! I'm sure Rye would have that fox tail gnawed before Soth even had a chance to play with it--so I'm glad to hear it's held up to Nola walking off with it!

  2. I think we would love that toy.
    Lily & Edward

  3. What great cat toys, bet they keep them interested all day!
    Lynne x

  4. Wow! Salem has gotten so big! <3 I'm glad you're loving your kitties! :D

    Interactive cat toys are where it's at! We love ours, too!

  5. My fat cat needs more exercise, so the tail one might be a good option to look into. I don't like doing lasers around dogs, as it can make them light obsessive, so wouldn't want that in my tiny house where the dog and cat are always together.

  6. Lasers are Tilda's favorite but Matt gets quite obsessed and then keeps looking for it for hours so we can't do it much anymore. LOL

    Bell Fur Zoo Mama

  7. OMD!!!!! I WANTS THAT FOXY TAIL TOY!!!! probably would hurt when I did my 'shaky-shaky'.....
    Ruby ♥

  8. Oh my! That looks like fun for normal pets but not for obsessive ones like our R!


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