Friday, February 17, 2017

Trainig Traets...For Cats?! #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, guys!

I was sent a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

February is Pet Dental Health month, and I'm rather anal when it comes to my pets' dental health, so when asked if we wanted to review something for the kitty girls' dental health, I jumped at the chance.

Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch cat treats help to clean tarter and freshen breath, and have the added bonus of being incredible tasty, according to the cats...and the dogs, too.  They come in Chicken & Liver and Lobster & Scallop flavors, and are in 1.8oz bags. There's a pretty decent amount in the little bags, and the treats resemble Kix cereal in shape, color and size. ;)

The ingredients aren't great, but that's why it's called a treat.

Both cats absolutely loved these, and the size was great for adult-sized Salem. Lucinda took a while to crunch down on hers, but she loves them too once she chews it down to a manageable size. I've been using these to reinforce the cats for coming when called, and it's working out great. They're the most doglike little things.

Lucinda is also learning to walk on leash with the help of these!

Fun fact: this little purple harness was Nola's first ever harness. She was that tiny!

These would make fantastic dog training treats, too. Just sayin'. ;) I'll definitely have to get them again!


  1. The three of them (Nola, Lucinda, and Salem) together is melting my heart!

  2. Soth comes running any time I get out treats, too! It's great for when he sneaks out the back door while I let the girls inside and then crawls under the house so I can't get him ;)

  3. Bet you have perfect teeth like Nola
    Lily & Edward

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  5. Oh, kitteh treaties for puppers too??! FABulous!
    You guys look so cute and adorables!
    Ruby ♥

  6. You can really see how big Salem is now next to Lucinda.
    Lynne x


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