Friday, November 11, 2016

Salem's Update

CatDog was spayed on Tuesday and is doing quite well! She was not happy that she didn't get to each that day (the tech informed me that her appetite would be non-exsistant after the surgery...and then on the way home she nearly broke through her carrier trying to get to my burrito. Yeah, you have no idea how this cat eats, vet tech :p), but overall did well. Chipped and rabies vaccine, too.

She weighed in at 6.5lb - is that big or small for a 6-7 month old cat? #Newbie

She was also in heat, much to my surprise. There'd been no symptoms, since more of the tells of an in heat cat (loud, affectionate, ect) are just her normal personality. She wasn't any more obnoxious than normal, and since I don't have a male cat, I was unaware. Thankfully there were no complications despite that.  

She did get to have the Cone of Shame the first evening and night, but the little shit quickly learned how to weasel her way out of it no matter how tight I put it on her.  She's left it alone since the first day, so now she's just normal. She's back to her usual already.

This was day before spay...before she decided to pout. 

These two....<3

She's mad. 


  1. Soth never handles not being able to eat well, either. On a normal day, he knocks things around when his bowl is empty. On a day food has to be withheld, he is really a mean little booger. Glad everything went well for her!

  2. Glad to hear everything went well :) Milo & Jet

  3. She is so cute! I'm glad the surgery went well! I think she's a good weight for her age. I believe Lilly was about that weight at that age, too!

  4. so cute. average weight is about a pound per month so she is right on track. we rarely use cones on kittens unless they are being really bad about not leaving the surgery site alone.

  5. Glad Salems surgery went well and she is back to her old self again!
    Lynne x

  6. Howdy Mates. Oh my, shes's a beauty. Glad it all went well. Mum always found with any cats she's had, they usually eat even after surgery! They are amazing. Take care all.
    No worries, and love, Stella x

  7. Oh gurl, i am so glads you are doin' FABulously! You look FABulous, BTW! And you gots to tell me how to wiggle outta one of those, just for future reference....☺
    Nows, I hope you got some burrito...that sounds delish! Oh, I knows, no burrito, butts one can dream! BOL/MOL
    Ruby ♥

  8. She's a beautiful cat! And, yes they are sneaky about being in heat and then suddenly presenting you with a litter of kittens!


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