Sunday, October 30, 2016

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 400 

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Trick or Treat with Boo Bars! #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, everyone!

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I'm one of those people that absolutely adores any sort of holiday themed dog treat. Christmas, Valentine's Day, and especially Halloween, so I was so excited when sent us a bag of Boo Bars by Blue Buffalo. Boo Bars are a crunchy biscuit type of dog treat with adorable little Halloween detail. There's a bat, a little pumpkin, and a ghost. They're just so cute, I almost don't want to feed them to the dogs!

Not that they'd let me do that, of course. All the dogs and even Salem (though that's not a surprise...the porker) go gaga for these. They're easy to break apart and make a great crate or bedtime snack. They smell amazing, to people and pups. I'm tempted to try one myself. ;)

Nola especially loves them, and demands one whenever she comes in from her last walk at night.

Overall, Nola and I are very happy with these treats and love the novelty of them!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 800

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Spoil Your Dog With Ollie!

Hey, everyone!

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Nola is very excited today, since we're reviewing Ollie dog food. What is Ollie, you ask? Ollie is a revolutionary way of feeding your pet. Comprised of real, healthy ingredients that are completely fresh, Ollie is the easiest way to feed your dog a real food diet. It's human grade, all natural, grain free, and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

They offer two flavors: beef and chicken. The beef contains no chicken, so it'd be good for a pup with a chicken intolerance. As the company grows, I'd love to see more protein varieties offered, both for allergy dogs and those that like to switch things up a bit.

Ollie gently cooks their food over low temperatures, preserving as many nutrients as possible. They customize the meal to your dog's specifications (such as age, gender, activity level, ect), and even send along a scoop and directions that tell you exactly how much to feed. It really couldn't be easier!

Nola absolutely loves this food. She can be weird on the amount she needs to eat to keep an at ideal weight, so she's eating 1/3 cup once a day. She prefers it warm, so I add a little water as well. She's so excited for meal time! No upset stomach, normal poop, and gorgeous coat. Same old, same old - which means it's a topnotch food. ;)

I love the lid that comes with it! SO handy!

For a small dog, it's also quite budget friendly. There's a good amount that's delivered on dry ice, and I tossed most of it in the freezer to keep it fresh as possible. So far I've defrosted one tray, and it handled that perfectly.

Nola eats everything: kibble, raw, wet, freeze dried raw, fresh raw, and now cooked. I can say with certainty that this is something I'll be adding to her rotation on a permanent basis!

- Dachshund Mommy

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nicknames: I'm Surprised They Know Their Real Names!

Hey, everyone!

My pets have so many nicknames. SO many nicknames. Sometimes I'm surprised they respond when I call their actual names. Today I thought I'd share some of the most frequent ones!


Noly Canoli 
Bed hog
Baby girl
Love Bug


Pike Puppy
The Merle Moron
Drama Queen


Fat Ass
Puppy Love


Titty Tat
You Pig
Bottomless Pit
Pussy Pussy Pussy

What nicknames do you call your pets?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 400

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Layla's Four Month Update

Hey, everyone!

Layla is now four months old (actually four months old and not just 16 weeks...I hate how that doesn't match up!) and I'm probably jinxing myself horrible right now, but she is such an easy puppy.

Puppy still hasn't learned how to pose. 

She hasn't had an accident since 10 weeks old, and even though she's teething now it hasn't been too bad. She's lost most of her top incisors and a couple of her bottom ones. Every time I have a puppy I forget how absolutely vile teething breath is. There's nothing quite like that smell!
She likes to pick up anything and see if she can get away with chewing it, but she is very good about brining it to me and giving it back when asked.

I love her, but I will never have a black or dark brindle dog again. Ever. They're impossible to photograph!

She's 45lbs and...I don't know how tall because I can't find my tape measure. :p She's still growing slow and steady, not monstrously big and painfully oversized, and no pano or other growing pains. For the past week and a half she was on a different food with calcium and phosphorous levels on the very high end of acceptable, and she did start having the faintest bit of knuckling over. She's now back on the lower cal/phos and is back to normal.

Size comparison! 

She knows sit, down, come, not yours (when she picks things up she shouldn't have), be easy (on the cat and for food), crate, outside, leave it, and we're now at the point where she sits before I open the door or the gate, and sits for attention. That last one started because she thought jumping up would be fun last week, and that was nipped in the bud. Now she'll run at you full tilt and spring up about 5 feet before she'll slam into a sit at your feet. It's adorably clumsy.
She isn't the brightest bulb, but she tries so hard and gets so freaking proud of herself when she does it. The other day I asked her and Nola for a down. Nola immediately dropped down and stared up at me expectantly with a look of utter seriousness. Layla cocked her head at me with her tail wagging furiously, and I could just see the wheels in her head spinning. After about 5 seconds, the light came on and she flopped down with the biggest, most self satisfied smile on her face.

She and Nola get along quite well, even though Nola gets irritated with her antics on occasion. Pike refuses to acknowledge her.
As good as a puppy as she is, she really makes me appreciate how good Nola is. ;)

I don't want to wish away the puppy days, but I can't wait until she's full grown!

That's pretty much it!