Monday, July 11, 2016

Nola By The Sea

Hey, everyone!

Last week, Miss Nola and I went on a little adventure in our town. After attempting to go to our normal beach, where I inadvertently managed to get the cops called on me (long story short, there's a woman who lives on that beach street that gets off on harassing people for doing nothing at all. And no, I didn't get arrested. Or even spoken to my anyone of authority. ;)), we left unsatisfied, and headed home. 
On the way back, I stopped on the other side of the Air Force base to take advantage of the gorgeous lighting and clouds. The tiny stretch of beach along this bay isn't great (off camera, there's a ragtag family, a very strange couple with a dog, a set of late teens/early twenties goofing off, and an abandoned condo place), but we made do.  


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