Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Conversations With My Dog

Hey, all!

Last month I told you about 11 Things I Hope No One Hears Me Tell My Dogs, and was happy to see that I was far from alone with the things I've told my crew. Today I'm sharing some of the conversations I've had with Nola in the past few days, often times in inappropriate settings. ;) Share yours below!

While in the car, somehow managing to get us slightly lost in a town I've lived in for four years:

Me: Where am I suppose to turn?


Me: Seriously, I've no idea where I'm suppose to go. Turn up here, or back there?

Nola: *sighs*

Me: You know, that's really not helpful.

Me: Left, do ya think?

Me: Well?

Nola: *chuffs*

Me: You know, your directions suck. 

Nola: *yips*

Me: Oh, there it is! I know where we are now. Crisis averted. Thanks, love!

While people watching at the bay:

Me: Oy, who wears that out in public?

Nola: *chirrups*

Me: I mean, no one wants to see that!

Nola: *grumbles*

Me: And if you're going to show that much, at least be attractive to look at. And manscape...all that junk. He's rivaling an Amazon jungle, for real. He's gonna need a weedwhacker to deal with that.

Nola: *barks*

While wrangling her into the sink for a bath:

Me: Come on, boo, it's for your own good.

Nola: *sighs*

Me: You're not going to be allowed in the house if you don't have a bath - you're quite literally raining dirt with each step.

Nola: *grumbles*

Me: Besides...it's unbecoming to be a dirty little bitch. A dirty wiener. Haha, it's too easy to have a 12 year old's humor with you. 


  1. So funny because we could relate 110%
    Lily & Edward

  2. We do that too, and if it is really puzzling, we answer for them!

    Love the stink eye in the last photo.

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  3. BAHAHA. This sounds JUST like our house.


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