Thursday, June 9, 2016

May Dog Expenses

Hey, everyone!

I can't believe how far into June we are already! It's going to be a very busy month for us (more on that next week), but we'll manage!

It's time to recap the dog costs for May. I like to track my spending and see just where my money is going, and blogging it is the only way I'll remember anything. :p

May 2016 Dog Expenses

Food: $17.67
Treats: $0
Toys: $0
Health: $0
Vet: $0
Travel: $40.98
Misc: $0

TOTAL: $58.65

Food was a bag of Orijen freeze dried raw, and travel (items that will be for our European trip) consisted of a sweater and some collapsable bowls.

After a near $700 bill for dog expenses in april courtesy of Nola's broken tooth, it's a huge relief to have such a cheap month!


  1. Your Mom did a good job managing your expenses for the month. Hopefully you have a treat piggy bank that is being filled

  2. Nice. Yeah, cheap months are pretty much required to make up for those expensive ones.

  3. Great job tracking expenses! I wish my dog expenses were like yours, lol! When are you going to Europe? Whereabouts?

  4. We'll never see a month that good BOL
    Lily & Edward

  5. Great job. I'd love to have a month like that... but we won't until R's rehab is done.


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