Thursday, May 12, 2016

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What My Little Dog Isn't Getting

Hey, everyone!

In preparation for our trip this fall, I'm brushing up on Nola's socialization as much as possible. Parks, crowds, and as many stores as we're able! On Saturday we went to TJ Maxx to look at luggage, and overall, it was fun! I called ahead, and the this store is small dog friendly (dog must be in the cart or in a carrier/bag). Since a big park of our trip will involve Nola needing to be in her sling carrier, this was the perfect opportunity to prep!

I am in love with this bag/sling! It's from WagWear, and is a large messenger pouch carrier. Kinda a splurge, but so worth it. Sturdy, very well made, not too obnoxious, and the perfect size. 

"I like that blue one!"

Nola did amazing, and took it in stride. It was crazy crowded, and she stayed calm and quiet. Lots of treats and praise were earned! Most people just smiled, and there was some cooing over the "oh my god, she's so cute!" dog. I admit to always loving that!

The one black spot on this was a pair of wild and unsupervised kids, maybe 8-10 years old or so. They'd been bobbing around their mother, bickering and plucking things off the shelf, and the mother did nothing more than glance at her misbehaving offspring.
As soon as I turned the corner, their eyes zeroed in on Nola. Cue squawks about "the puppy", and a headlong dash towards us with hands outstretched and reaching for Tiny Tornado. This was the only time Nola became uncomfortable, and I don't know whether it was because they surprised her, or they came rushing at me and gave me the "oh fuck" feeling, though I suspect the latter. She is very, very sensitive to changes in my moods and anxiety levels. She gave one short, low bark that I'm fairly certain only I heard (like I said, it was crowded!), and after a raised hand and a stern "no" from me, the kids quit and slunk back to their oblivious mother. To clarify, the raised hand and "no" were for the kids, not Nola!

Don't get me wrong, I like kids...well, some kids. Well behaved kids. Kids that I can give back once I've had my fill. Okay, so I really only like my youngest trio of siblings.
But seriously, come on! Control your kids. It's not that hard. If I can have control over an animal that is functioning at about the same level as a two year old human, then you can handle your prepubescent spawn. For god's sake, and people are somehow worried a quiet, 9.5lb dog being carried in a bag is somehow going to disrupt their shopping experience? That is so ass-backwards.

In addition to that, what person wants to run up and fondle a strange dog, especially without the owner's permission? Not to mention letting their kids do it! Nola likes kids, and there's almost no chance she'd bite (she's still an animal, so I refuse to say there's no chance), but still. The next dog someone rushes may not be so forgiving.

Nola is my first dog, but I grew up with Mastiffs. We never, ever had this problem with them. I see this lack of personal space and owner approval so much with small dogs, and it boggles my mind. You should pay the same amount of respect to a 10lb dog as you would to an 150lb dog. If a dog seems relatively calm and on leash, approach the owner and ask to pet the dog before. If the dog is being carried, I would prefer not to have my dog pet at all, especially not without asking. My dog is not a petting zoo, public propriety, or a learning opportunity for you or your kids.

Well...guess this turned into more of a rant than I anticipated! Tell me I'm not alone with this!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. When my Mum used to go to her fabric shop (sadly closed now) the lady there used to let her take Chloe (previous paws)in, because she said dogs were so much better behaved than children and she'd rather a dog any day. She also knew Chloe's name and never remembered Mums!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xx

  2. Oh Nola now you know what we go through when shopping BOL. Looks like a cool bag.
    Lily & Edward

  3. I always feel bad for small dogs because I do feel like they are often rushed by people the most.

  4. I dont often comment here but I read your blog I agree completely. We have all small dogs and often get rushed. Our toy poodle Tuvok prefers to be carried and can be shy/ When approached by strangers over enthusiastically he will bark loudly. Ive had strangers come up without asking, including kids, and then complaining, when he barks so annoying. My top rule is never approach a dog without asking

  5. Stores would be better if kids had to be kept in bags or on leashes and dogs could roam freely

  6. While the girls are not as little as Nola, I have the same thing happen and I totally feel your pain. It's so frustrating and then the parents get pissed off because you're not entertaining their kids with your dog. I could go on and on but I won't. I wish people were more respectful.

  7. People are way worse about a small dog than a large one. This is a new discovery for me, as Ptera is my first small dog.

    I like the carrier. I am thinking of getting something like that for Ptera, for those times when I would rather have her contained, like in crowded areas. She has such long legs, though, I'm not sure what to get that would be comfortable for her.

  8. A-freakin'-men. When I take Nike out in public (which isn't often), it's as though no one even notices us. You know, because a 70 pound dog apparently just blends into the surroundings. But let me go out with a 7 pound dog, and we get SO MANY people bombarding and crowding us, wanting to pet Georgie. I even had a total stranger (in a pet store, no less) ask if she could hold Georgie. Wtf, seriously?

    Sounds like you and Nola handled this situation well, but it's so frustrating that some people just don't seem to know any better.

  9. Not alone. At all. Apparently looking like a lab/golden retriever also is irresistible to some kids.
    What really drives me nuts is that my husband, extrovert that he is, tells Toby to sit and let the kids pet him. Grouchy old me, I just say "he's shy" and KEEP WALKING.

  10. You have every right to be irritated. I would be too.

    PS-she's darling in her sling.

  11. This is way off topic, but holy crap do you have a cute figure! Share your secrets to getting a tiny waist woman! Lol!!
    People/kids attack our pugs all the time, but they love it (usually they are attacking right back). I have an older dog who lives with my parents that does not do strangers. Never has never will. People try to pet her and I am like uh no...

  12. Oh I so agree with you. Kids have always rushed over to Rubie, some squealing, arms everywhere... it is terrifying for a small dog. She has never got over it and dislikes children now. Only quiet kids, who can approach calmly will be rewarded with being able to pat her.

    I love Nola's sling. Rubie had her first shopping cart experience here in a hardware store not long ago. She did well for something she was quite freaked out about. Of course it took a while to get into the store from the foyer as we were stopped by about 5 people wanting to say hi to her and sneak in some pats.

    Rubies mum xx

  13. Love the sling! Labradors are child magnets too. I have had children throw their arms round her and hug. Sable is very sweet natured but as you said still a dog. Perhaps dog safety should be taught at school.

  14. I think you're giving Mommy ideas with that sling! I attract a lot of attention and I am afraid of hands coming at me. I shy away. I snapped at a girl who wouldn't listen to her mommy. Then her mommy praised me! Said she has to learn.

  15. I was so mad yesterday when someone "asked" to pet Cocoa while they were reaching for her. It was in a town in Main Street and busy and he was already touching her. Stupid people.

  16. Ah - yes - that drives me absolutely insane!! Glad the trip overall went well. Hopefully those kids will learn from this and not rush a dog next time.

  17. OMD, i can totally relate. welcome to my world. bailey is normally a very mellow dog but when strangers invade her space she gets nervous and will snarl. unfortunately they just think it's cute and laugh at her. but it's not just children that get into her space, it's adults too! i don't know why people think it's ok to just reach in to pet a dog without first asking permission. ugh.
    wags, bailey unleashed


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