Friday, May 6, 2016

April Expense

Hey, everyone!

How is it already May? This year is absolutely flying by!

It's time to calculate the dog expenses for April. I've added a new column for these posts: travel; things that were bought specifically for our upcoming tour.

April 2016 Dog Expenses

Food: $90.33
Treats: $13.38
Toys: $4.99
Health: $24.69
Vet: $437.88
Travel: $60
Misc: $21.03

TOTAL: $652.03

Ouch. The biggest expense was, of course, Nola's tooth removal. Luckily Nola's vet is Banfield, and she's on their Active Prevention Wellness Plan. It covers her exams, bloodwork (including testing for heartworm, worms, and tick diseases), urine testing, dental cleaning, and discounted her pain medication and antibiotics. Without that plan, this month's vet bill would be nearly $1,000.

Food was a 4lb bag go Zignature Zssentials, a 4lb bag of Canidae PURE and a case of Wellness wet food for Nola (she's still not on any hard food), and a bag of Victor. I had an $8 off coupon for the Victor, so yay! It's such a great food for a great price.

Toys was one Skineez tug toy for Nola.

Health was a new tooth brush and toothpaste, and a bag of GlycoFlex Stage 1 joint support.

Travel was a durable, lightweight carrier for Nola from WagWear. Bought it off of eBay for $50 off, and the thing is in new condition. I love bargains!

Misc was shipping and tax.

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. I think it's cool how you post your expenses each month!

  2. That's a lot for you. Nola did you put your tooth under the pillow for tooth fairy
    Lily & Edward

  3. Oh wow! It was a big month for you! Poor Nola and her tooth!

  4. I think we actually had a cheap month with the dogs. I am excited about this. Glad you vet plan helped cover the vet costs.

  5. It was a big month for you. I have to say though that R's surgery took us an order of magnitude higher than you. But, it was our choice. I sure hope it ends up working!

    I'm so glad that Nola's tooth removal went smoothly and wasn't too expensive!

  6. The insurance is good. A more expensive month for you all. Hope Nola is feeling good!!


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