Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Tooth, Episode 5

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday was Nola's tooth removal and everything went well. :) She went in a 7:30 in the morning, and picked her up at 6:30 in the evening. The extraction was over by 1pm, but my vet is big on observation after any sedation/surgery, which I appreciate.

She had the premolar with the slab fracture removed, and a dental cleaning. It wasn't really needed (y'all have seen her teeth), but it's covered under her wellness plan and since she was already under, they just went ahead and did a quick cleaning to get any places brushing may have missed. All of that went fine, and she has 6 dissolvable stitches where the broken tooth was pulled.

It's standard for Nola's vet to do basic blood work before any operation, but Nola was due for her bi-annual more extensive blood work, heartworm/Lyme test, fecal, and a few other tests, so we went ahead and did all that, too. I'll list everything below, and I'm just copying off the exam report.
In total, she had:

Blood Cell Count - normal*
Differential Exam of Blood Cells (Manual Count/Evaluation) - normal
Electrocardiogram Monitoring
Fecal Exam - negative
Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma Test - negative
Internal Organ Function Screening - normal
Urine Sediment Exam - normal
Urine Strip Tests - normal

* there were a couple of things on the blood tests that come up as not normal (the paper lists the test, result, yes or no on normal, whether it's medically relevant, and then any notes) but not medically relevant. It wasn't mentioned in either phone call while she was there or when she was picked up, so I'm assuming it's not a big deal? I'll be calling today and finding out exactly what's up with that. 

Other than that, everything was totally normal and she's in great shape. She's on pain medication and antibiotics, and is only eating soft food for now. Once her mouth is healed up she'll be back to her normal, varied diet. Her appetite is out in full force!

Nola is lethargic and chilly, but is otherwise handling it all well. She's sleeping a lot, and is attached to me whenever possible. She missed me, for sure. I fully admit to carrying her around in the sling so I can do things and she can stay near and not stressed.

Damn, I really did not mean to have so much boob out in those two pics. :p

We have a recheck in about a week to check on things, and also to talk about some very exciting plans that will be announced next week. :D

Thank you all so much for the well wishes!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. So glad it went well and the vet was able to do her cleaning etc. while she was there.

  2. Happy to hear that Nola came through everything great and she's on the road to recovery.

  3. Hi Nola
    Glad to hear you handled your surgery well and are now back home getting spoilt :) Milo & Jet

  4. So happy you are home Nola. Mom was having a heart attack. Rest sweets
    Lily & Edward

  5. So glad it all went well!! Feel better soon Nola!!

  6. Hi Nola & Boobie Mom!
    We are soooo happy to hear that it all went so well. We know Mom takes such great care of you, so we didn't anticipate any problems. And look, you're being carried around! Woo~hoo!

    Continued healing my furend.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  7. I'm glad to read that everything went well. I wonder what is up with her bloodwork though and it's weird they didn't mention to you what it meant. I hope she feels better soon!

  8. yea!!! I am so happy you are doin' so good gurl!!! boy, I wish Ma could carry ME arounds like that!!!! (you thinks they make a sling big enough for a 60lb AireChick??? Ma better start doin' some weight training! ☺)
    Sendin' lots of POTP and AireZens!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Glad everything went well. My 7 yr old Sheltie Beckett goes to have his teeth cleaned this July, I have to admit to being nervous about it.

  10. So happy Nola is healing and home. The sling is cool so you can have her close.

  11. Nola, so glad you are on the mend! Take care of yourself (and your Mom!).

  12. Glad it went well!!! I always ask about the "not normal" stuff that no one mentions because I'm afraid that they forgot. Usually, it's just that it's no big deal. But, on one occasion, it was that the report wasn't forwarded to my vet :( I was glad I asked! Keep healing, Nola!

  13. I was so glad that you posted her update on your Facebook page, I rarely get around to blog reading early in the week, so that was awesome.

    I'm glad she's doing so well, I think it's harder on us than it is on them.


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