Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Tooth, Episode 3

Hey, everyone!

Well, there's been so many updates on Nola's broken took I figured it needed to be a named series. ;)

Nola had an appointment with one of her vets (there's two on staff that she regularly sees) yesterday morning, and it went well, given what she was in for. Even though the vet is the only place that truly scares her, she did really well, and let the vet and techs handle her and her sore mouth without a fuss. I do appreciate how our vets work around her anxiety, and let me hold her whenever possible. It makes it easier for everyone!

It's a moderately large break in her largest premolar on her right side. The nerve/pulp is exposed, but there is no swelling, inflammation, smell, ect, so there isn't any infection. There's also no damage to her other teeth. It's very recent, as I suspected - I believe it happened on Sunday. How she did it, we'll never know. :/

Nola will have that tooth removed on this coming Monday. Our normal vet isn't scheduled to be preforming surgeries this week, and I do not trust the vet working that this week. Oddly enough, both the vet and tech were unsurprised when I voiced my concern about now wanting her under that vet's care. The tech even guessed correctly before I said the vet's name. She isn't very well liked at that practice.

Our vet office has four (or maybe just three??) vets on staff, and between Roxie's damn near bi-weekly visits, I've seen three. Two I adore, and are amazing with the dogs. Unfortunately, one is leaving the practice on Friday. One may or may not be there, since I am clearly confused, haha. The other one...well. I can't fucking stand that bitch, to be honest. Horrid bedside manner, didn't bother to read Roxie's chart about her very specific issues, and was dismissive and a bit stupid, to be perfectly honest. I wouldn't trust this woman to give Nola a vaccine, much less preform surgery.

My vet is okay waiting until our other vet is available, provided that her condition doesn't worsen. She's on pain meds and antibiotics, and is doing well. She's nearly back to normal on these pain meds, and I'm hoping it stays that way until we can get her in! She's on wet food right now, and is eating fine. I'm glad to have a dog that's used to sudden diet changes!

Otherwise, she's in perfect health. 9lb, 3oz, at a fantastic weight with great conditioning. I love hearing how she's the fittest dachshund they've ever seen. :D

Posts may be pretty lazy for the rest of this week and into the next, unfortunately. I'm kind of sick right now (exhausted, queasy, low fever, achy), my anxiety is up with concern over Nola, and I have relatives that I can't stand arriving on Monday. They invited themselves.... Oy.  Sorry in advance!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Get well soon!

    Your mayor candidate pal,
    Christmas the Dachshund

  2. I'm so glad you got Nola in and they have her on pain meds and that it's going to be taken care of soon. I totally know your pain about dealing with a vet you don't like.

    I hope you feel better soon and that your relatives don't stay too long!

  3. Nola is in good hands with you. Sending the healing and calming vibes. Take care of yourself!!

  4. I have such anxiety when one of my guys has to stay at the vets. Whether it be for simple testing or surgery, let's just say that inside my head is NOT a pretty place to be.

    We also have one vet at our clinic that I avoid whenever possible. She is the one who diagnosed Delilah's pain as seizures (to her benefit, she never actually saw an episode, so I could overlook that.) BUT she also diagnosed Sampson's partial CCL tear as Degenerative Myleopathy, that was unforgiveable in my book.

    I'm glad you decided to wait until you get the vet you are comfortable with, that has to help a wee bit.

    I'll be thinking of you all and waiting for updates.

  5. I hope everything goes smoothly! Mr. N fractured a tooth last year and I have no idea how either (he's not really an aggressive chewer). We had it extracted and he's fine now.


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