Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Fitness: Time for a Walk!

Walking has so many benefits for both you and your dog, and Nola and I take full advantage to that! In addition to our usual once or twice daily walk, the week before The Tooth was low on work, so we went about town a bit. Despite the near constant drizzle and cloudy weather, it was so fun!

One night, we went out for ice cream (which I don't eat, but Nola enjoyed a bit of) and then to the bay for a walk.

It's raining!

And then that Friday we went to a little walking park and then to my grandma's. I love how Nola can handle anything and everything. It makes it so easy to go anywhere, do anything at the drop of a hat.

Loose leash walking!


  1. My husband exercises Honey by taking her to play with other dock dogs or by playing ball or fetch. But I think walks are a necessity. It's such a thrill to sniff other things.

    I'm sure Nola appreciates that you give her so many chances to explore.

    BTW, love the eye contact on your walking video. That's the best!

  2. Walking is about the only exercise we do. Delilah and I used to do drop in agility but the place we went to stopped doing it.

    Walking is super good for you.

  3. I love your new header!! Such a pretty girl.

  4. She is too cute! I bet she loves her out on the town time! :D

  5. Walks might be the most simple, cliche, and well known thing to do with a dog, but it's also the absolute best thing!

  6. Didn't you have an adventurous day
    Lily & Edward

  7. I need some beach in my life...

  8. She is so cute in that collar! Barley and I live for walking--but we get in some fetch and some agility every week, too, to change things up :)

  9. Walks are great! R is finally allowed to go for 5 very short walks per day :) Yipee! It's amazing how much his forelimb atrophied in just 2 weeks. Keep on walking!


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