Monday, April 18, 2016

Broken Tooth!

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday night, I found Nola had broken a premolar (I think it's a premolar...Google says it is!). This is the first medical issue she has ever had, and I'm kinda panicking. I have anxiety, and it's really bad when something happens to one of my dogs, especially Nola.
EDIT: Called my vet first thing, and the soonest I could get her in is tomorrow at 11:30am. The only appointment they had available today was during my work, and with a vet I do not trust. I love the  practice, and the other two vets are absolutely amazing, but that woman... she's atrocious. There was no way I was letting Nola go under her care.

I have no clue how she broke it. She never chews anything she's not suppose to, and she's not a big chewer on appropriate toys, either.

I brush her teeth every night, and on Saturday night, she seemed a little reluctant to let be brush that side. I brushed it off as her being hyped up, as she was going to get a bully stick once I was done with her teeth, she could smell it and was jacked up for it. Then on yesterday (Sunday), she was just a little off. A little subdued, not eating with her full on normal gusto, and when she wanted to play tug, her grip was off from its normal way. When it was time to brush her teeth last night, I took a closer look and found the broken tooth.
This is why it is so importantly to regularly inspect your dog, and have them be comfortable with their body being handled all over!

I'm not sure what they'll wind up doing with her tooth. Since she's a young dog with otherwise impeccable teeth, they may do a cap/root canal type of thing, or an extraction. I'll update tomorrow, and of course I'll update immediately on Facebook and Instagram, so make sure you're following us over there.

Please keep Miss Nola in your thoughts! Have any of you dealt with fractured teeth in your pet?

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Yikes and Ouch! Poor Nola with her broken tooth. It could've been cracked from a while ago - something she chewed on - and then finally broke recently when the crack worked its way across the tooth. I sure hope she isn't in pain and that the vet can fix her up 1,2,3!

  2. Best of luck to you, Nola and Dachshund Mommy! :)

  3. Owie!! Good luck at the Vet this afternoon!!

  4. Poor Nola! Hope it can be corrected easily. We've both had teeth pulled. Not much fun but we came out of it well. We'll be waiting for that update!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. Lily goes to the doggie dermatologist tomorrow outside of Orlando (Maitland.) We're hoping they can figure out what is eating away at her skin. Mommy is VERY nervous about it!

  5. I saw it on your Instagram page. Get well soon, Nola!

    Your Dachshund pal who is running for mayor,

  6. You have the whitest teeth!! Poor baby, we have all kinds of weird teeth
    Lily & Edward

  7. Oh dear. Broken tooth. Hope the vet can fix it soon and that it won't bother you. Poor Dachshund Mommy is worried. My mommy prays when she is worried. I am learning. She doesn't brush my teeth yet. Brushing is so traumatic but getting much better. Yea Cheerios.

  8. Ooo no poor baby! Hope the vet can fix it soon for your pup, thanks for the post!

  9. Oh no!! But your teeth are sooo white!

  10. Poor Nola, ouch! I've never dealt with a broken tooth before! That's so weird! I wonder how she did that!?

  11. We will be sending healing vibes to sweet Nola.

  12. Oh GURL!!!! You are one brave Doxie!! That is one thingie I really don't mind is my toothers looked at. Butts, I gotta say, I don't enjoy anyone touchin' me for long. It's a thing. ☺
    Anyhu, I hopes you get into seeing the good doc, and they can take care of it. I hopes your crown doesn't cost as much as Ma's did, or your Moms is gonna have to sell a few pints of blood! BOL! (just kiddin'...don't do that...hehehe) Gots my paws crossed for you, and maybe a pitcher of margaritas for your Moms (if she's anythings like my Ma, maybe I should make that two....)
    Ruby ♥

  13. I'm sending calming thoughts for you. :-) As I said on your FB post, Delilah had a broken tooth and they removed it and all was well. Hang in there.


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