Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Blog and Life

Hey, everyone!

Not so wordless Wednesday for you all today. :

As spring is just around the corner (though it feels more like summer here in Florida....), I'm decluttering and sprucing up the blog a little, along with my life. The blog edits will be happening on and off for a few days, and won't be anything too major. Just a little behind the scenes type things for the most part, and I really need to get around to rewriting my pages. Fun times. ;)

I've also decluttered my space some, including going through my extensive bookshelf. Next on the list: the closet!
In addition to that, I've also greatly pulled back from the dog community as a whole. On Facebook for the most part, though there've been a few blogs and other sites I've stopped following. The drama, negativity, bashing, and outright viciousness has gotten to be too much. It's toxic, and I've stepped away from it. It's been such a relief!
As someone who works hard to deal with anxiety, it's vitally important for me that I don't put myself into stupid drama and unneeded stress. This brings me to my next point.

Recently I've been contemplating where the blog is at now, and where I want it to go. It's been on my mind a lot lately, and for the most part, I think I have it worked out. I've dropped downed to posting 6 days a week rather than 7, and I've been really enjoying the Instagram aspect of the blog (#IMayBeABitAddicted).

I've also been really considering how much to share on here. While yes, I have had this blog for 5 years now and have shared most things, I'm not sure how keen I am on the moderately popular idea of bloggers owing their viewers every last detail of their existence. That makes me...a bit uncomfortable, to be honest. It sits wrong with me when people are that invested in a blog. Blogs are wonderful, but at the end of the day, it's a blog, at least in my eyes. I write for me, and me alone.

Whenever I write anything more than a few sentences (I hesitate to call them "articles", as they're nearly always just spur of the moment rambles), especially something that's more controversial, I tend to stress about it a bit. I do value your opinions, and I'm always curious to see what you have to say. However, I have had some shitty people acting like children filling up the comments section. I remove it, but it still sits weird with me. I don't like feeling like I need to cherry-pick my words in order not to provoke people.
This blog shows my life. I don't want to be a person that glosses over the bad or the difficult in order to make their life, their dogs -or their relationship and experiences with those dogs - perfect.

I am, by nature, private and work hard to deal with anxiety. I love sharing aspects of our lives with the blog world, but when comments become mean spirited it makes me want to shut it all down. I strive to share the real life struggles and joys of living with dogs. Sometimes it's amazing, gratifying, and fun, and sometimes it's heartbreak, failure, and upsetting. It's real, though.

Here are a few of the most resent FAQ. I won't be constantly answering the same thing, this is a one-time thing. :)

1. "What is Pike?"
Pike's an unusually small mini Aussie. His parents and siblings are all nearly double his height, but he's always been tiny.

2. "What happened to Boston, Auggie, Ellie and Phoenix?"
This one is for people who've been following from the very start, and the answer is nothing. They're my parents' dogs, and Nola used to play with them a good bit. They don't do that much anymore (Nola and Boston don't get along well anymore), and that's why I don't write about them.

3. "Don't you feed homemade?''
I did feed Nola homemade from 15 months to 2.5 years due to food allergies. Initially it was to figure out what the problem was, and then it just became a habit. It was quite time consuming and I wasn't entirely pleased with it. I now feed a mix of high quality kibble, canned and freeze dried raw, with an occasional addition of dehydrated and prey model raw.

4. "Where's Rule?"
It did not work out with Rule. Once she started to settle in and become comfortable, several behavior problems started to surface. Some of which I was willing to manage (resource guarding and separation anxiety) and one I was not. Suffice it to say that the problem made Roxie's issues look like a walk in the park, and I am fully aware of what I'm able - and willing - to handle. That was not one of them. I don't need bashed for knowing my limits. If it's something that bothers you (and trust me, it can't bother you more than it bothers me), I sincerely hope you never have to be in that situation, and I remind you that no one is forcing you to read this.

The shelter she came from recently started doing a trial period of up to one month, and after speaking with them, they found her a better suited home. I fostered her and continued to work with her until a well suited home was found. She went to them crate and potty trained, leashed trained, with basic obedience and a few tricks, as well as the layout for repairing the resource guarding and anxiety and a recommendation for a positive reinforcement out of town trainer for her more serious problem. I'm still in contact with her new owners and get updates every couple of weeks, and she is doing well.

5. "How many dogs do you have?'
Three: Nola, Pike, and Olivia. Nola and Pike are always with me, while Olivia oscillates between me and my youngest, four year old sister. She adores Olivia, and Olivia she.

To wrap up a longer than intended post, these are the main points of the spring cleaning:

* The blog is called Dachshund Nola, and will always be focused on Nola 90% of the time.

* Tiny changes may be noticed, but nothing major. Note to self: rewrite the pages!

* Posting 6 days a week, and enabling comment moderation to watch for spam that Blogger isn't catching.

* I will be doing occasional "real life" posts that will tell things like they are, and will also sometimes post about non-dog related plans and updates.

Thank you, everyone!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Oh gosh, is there drama and negativity in the dog blogging world? I feel like I don't know anything about anything because I have no social media other than Google plus (I go back and forth about doing more with social media but stuff like this makes me go oh hell no! Lmao ain't got no time for drama llamas!). There's drama and negativity in the military spouse world which cracks me up! Lots of competition. Hahaha. I think I'm at the age where I have no interest in all that. I like the simple peaceful life! :)
    Sorry about the negative comments. People are so effing rude. I delete negative comments lol. I want to answer but then I'm like nah...I would just get ratchet and no one needs to see that!
    Have a great Wednesday!! Big hugs. Xxoo

  2. Happy Spring Cleaning! I don't understand "trolls" or negative people on the internet. Like you, I periodically detach myself from negative people/blogs etc. I am not talking about people who have a bad day or bad situation, I mean the always negative and hateful ones. I enjoy your blog and your photographs, so I look forward to your posts.

  3. Well said girlfriend! I started blogging when Lily ruptured her cervical disk. It was a way to vent my anger, sorrow, pain & happy moments too. It was to me, like writing in a diary. Something to keep & treasure. I agree, lots of drama everywhere. But I can personally say I've made life long friends which I am thankful for! I don't post that often anymore bcuz our lives have been tough going thus past 1.5 years. Seems like that's all I can post about these days. But that us MY life. Illness, death, surgeries, etc. Again it's MY blog & if someone doesn't like it, they can move along. My next post won't be a happy one either. Lots happening..... You have the right to your opinions as its YOUR life. We commend you for posting what you do. Life is not always a bunch of roses & sunshine.We will always be here for you (and there IG, FB, etc.) You ROCK!

    Lily Belle & Muffin xoxo

  4. You always write really well and we enjoy reading. Now Nola run for the hills so she doesn't start cleaning you or decluttering your toy box
    Lily & Edward

  5. Great post! I was wondering what happened to Rule. I'm glad she's in a happy furever home now!

    Your Dachshund pal,

  6. Very well said. There are certainly things that I don't post about because I know very well that I am likely to get attacked for them. And things that I would like to post but hold off on because I'm worried about the response. Blogging opens you up to the public, and the world, in a way that few other things do. In some ways that is great- I know people from around the world now through their blogs. But in other ways it can be anxiety inducing and negative. In the end, you know what is best for your life and for your dogs. And anyone who wants to berate you for any of it can go shove it.

  7. Well done you for being yourself! Never stop! I have no idea where all these negative dog bloggers are - I never seem to get any nasty comments from people. I do blog (and live) in a little bubble. I started my blog for myself and I'll finish it for myself.

    Whatever you choose to blog about, you have my full support. :D

  8. You have to do what you think is best for you and your blog! What makes you comfortable as the author.

    I started my blog because I was tired of the drama on dog forums and I wanted my own space to blog about the adventures with my dogs and part of that is sharing personal stories. That being said, I'm sort of pulling back a little as well starting with blogs that I don't enjoy reading. You are well aware of my shock collar stalker.... Anyways, I do think that readers sort of get invested in your story and sometimes being "internet famous" has it's drawbacks. People are curios, people want to know what's going on. I'm not saying they deserve to know and if it's private and it's not comfortable to share then don't.

    I waited to post about Hurley because I needed time to grieve and to get myself together before sharing that he had to find a new home. Rehoming him sucked so much and I miss him but it was definitely the right thing to do, even though it was horrible for me. Writing about it kind of helped me to feel better about the decision and the whole situation. It was finally out in the open and not a "big secret" anymore. It helped me to move on and I learned a lot from it. I try to be as open as possible on the blog but I don't share absolutely everything either.

  9. Thanks for posting this! It is a shame it did not work out with Rule. I look forward to any changes and will have a look around the other pages to see what's changed.

  10. One of the main reasons I enjoy your blog is you say what you feel...and are yourself :-).

  11. I want to blog because its fun and we get to share our pups with others who love their pups. Like you said, there is no one making anyone else read. I like your blog and reading about your sweet Nola. Even though it's not my favorite saying it is perfect for now. You do you!!

  12. Writing for yourself and yourself alone is the key thing in my opinion. That's what keeps me writing... and reading. I think that some of those questions are simply that people are honestly curious - and don't want to naively say something stupid in a comment. Anyway, I think that if you don't write for yourself, you can end up driving yourself crazy (in my experience!).

  13. Wow. This post was very well written. I totally understand where you are coming from and I hate to hear that some people don't appreciate all of the hard work that you have gone through to make this blog. I personally love your blog and hope to see it stay here for a long time. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me and it breaks my heart to see that some people can be so mean to innocent people. Keep being yourself! That is why we all come back to your blog!

  14. OMD, you are soooo right! While I mostly just read Blogville blogs, I occasionally read doggie furiends on Facebook too. I love scrolling through those, butts sometimes they is DRAMA!!! And don't get Ma started on the political sites...she had to stop going there all together cause she was starting to yell at the puter screen (HBO wordies and everythings!). Let me tell you, her life was much happier not going to those places. So she understands about cutting off those things that give you unneeded stress and drama! You will wonder why it took you so long...really. Anyhu, I loves your bloggie, and PFFFFFFT! to anyone who doesn't get it....☺
    Ruby ♥

  15. I've never let myself get too vested in my blog, giving too much info to the trolls :-) That way they have nothing to feed on! I do find it funny how quickly people move on when a blog doesn't post as often, although going from 7 to 6, as in your case, is certainly not a reduction!

  16. It's your blog and you write what you want. I'm sorry if peeps have been mean to you, there is so much bullshit everywhere, I get why you'd want to step back from some things.

    AND you are right about the dog, you know what you can handle and you did what was best for her and if people don't like that....fuck them. Hugs to you!

  17. I do that on occasion, "clean up" my blog. I really don't share a whole lot about nitty gritty personal stuff anymore, because of too much judgment from others. I get where you are coming from.

  18. I have been hearing a lot about negatively and judging in Pet forums. That's such a waste of time & energy. I'm sorry you've had to experience people who judge & don't respect each other's opinions even when they aren't the same as theirs. We all love our pets & animals in general, that should stand strong as our common thread. I look forward to seeing what changes you make on your blog, I'm sure it will be great!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  19. Dachshund Mommy --

    great post and updates. Thanks for the pupdates on all the doggies, too. It sounds like you've got things very much in order, and we really appreciate catching up.

    Nola looks pawsome, as ever.

    Way to go, Dachshund Mommy!

    Tootsie and her mom


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