Friday, March 25, 2016

Fit Dog Friday: Our Fitness Schedule

Hey, everyone!

I was asked on Instagram last week what my exercise schedule for Nola looked like, so I thought I'd share it here. It's a bit hard to pin down, since my dogs are not on a schedule and it varies hugely day to day, but this is a rough idea. I've also included the type of exercise, as well as mental stimulation.

- Breakfast is usually from a food puzzle or used in training 
mental stimulation

- 1-2 sessions of training, either refining or practicing known tricks or learning something new, 2-8 minutes per session 
mental stimulation

- 1 session on FitPaws donut, 30 seconds - 1 minute
Core work 

-  2-5 sessions of rapid succession down/sit/stand/spin/turn/bow/back up/paw targets at various heights, 1-2 minutes per session 
strength building and flexibility

- 1-3 games of tug or soccer, 2-8 minutes per game 
cardio, strength building, mental stimulation

- Random parkour (i.e. walking over or under objects, climbing, balancing), time varies
Strength, balance, flexibility, mental stimulation 

- 2-8 mile brisk walk with me, which is a fast trot for her, may include light jogging on occasion 

- Light stretching after walk, 1-3 minutes

- Unlimited free play, running, and digging in the yard

- Light massage before bed, 5-15 minutes

It sounds really rigid when I write it out, but it's really not! This is a very loose approximation, aside from the daily walking. 

Something Nola and I have been working on lately is rear end awareness, and overall strengthening and toning. Rear end awareness has always been something Nola's struggled with, so we're working on it in slow increments. Backing up, backing up with me, and some paw targeting has helped her!

There's also plenty of balancing and core work, of course.

I don't do this as a core exercise for her (I use FitPaws' donut for that), but it's a pretty cute trick. 

That leads to some pretty impressive skills, like being able to stay steady on a hammock!

Pike also got in on some fun with his ever-present ball.

Muscles. <3


  1. You are so organised with your schedules for the dogs.
    They look like they are having so much fun in those photos!
    Lynne x

  2. I think this is awesome! I need to get more organized with our routine! I think Nola is one of the fittest dachshunds I've ever known and you do such a great job with her!

  3. I like to work on balancing too. We have a lot of different workouts throughout the day too, but have never written them down. Go Nola!

  4. Sounds like a good schedule. I love that you give Nola a massage before bed. I do the same with Cocoa and I always did with Daisy. Daisy used to have some arthritis and I think it really helped her!!

  5. Yikes! Ma thinks she should join your doggie gym!!! I thinks that 8 mile walkie would burn off some of her arse!!! hehehehe
    Ruby ♥

  6. It is wonderful that you have such planned activity everyday. You are kept very busy and it is obvious that you are very much loved. We have the same schedule. Nap, eat, nap

  7. You exercise more than momma
    Lily & Edward


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