Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's a Wonderful Life With The Honest Kitchen Wonders Treats!

Hey, everyone!

Today we're working with The Honest Kitchen for a review of their new Wonders treats!

If you don't know, The Honest Kitchen is a great company that specializes in dehydrated dog and cat food, as well as treats, soap (I love their Sparkle Bars!), and supplements. Their products are natural, tasty, and so healthy!

Wonders are a single ingredient, high protein treat dogs go nuts for. These dehydrated pollock snacks are 1"-4" in size, and are fairly easy to tear, but they don't break right to make teeny treats. They're definitely make better "just because" or "bedtime" treats than training treats, but they dogs definitely don't mind that! ;) Thankfully they're only around 4 calories per piece, so you don't need to feel guilty above giving them.

They definitely stink, as you can imagine. It's easy to wash off your skin, but I recommend giving them outside, and not in your bedroom. At night. When you can't open the windows due to the full on gale outside. Trust me on this.

Overall though, I'm quite happy with these! I like giving healthy, low calorie treats, and the dogs are wild for anything fishy. They love em!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Oz loves Wonders as well as The Honest Kitchen Beams. Both are stinky but they are definitely a healthy treat.

  2. Honest Kitchen has some good treats
    Lily & Edward

  3. That is the problem with fishy treats isn't it? In our house we limit fish treats because the Man is allergic!

  4. The Ginger Sisters get Beams regularly, so I know they'll love these. We are waiting for ours to arrive!

  5. I love it when I find natural treats for the dogs.
    Lynne x

  6. I'm definitely on the single protein bus and totally agree with you regarding the smell. I have a treat I'm using that's Salmon and dang, but that stuff really smells! Plus my dogs get green lipped mussel which is another stinky supplement. My suggestion for that is not to let them kiss you on the mouth or anywhere on the face. :-)

  7. Those sound awesome! I bet the girls would really like them!

  8. If they stink the dogs must love them right!!

  9. I've tried something similar with my cats and they loved it. Love your new header.

  10. Ooooh - I've been looking for new to us high value treats. Any chance these can somehow be tied to a string and used on something like a flirt pole?


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