Thursday, February 4, 2016

Get Squeaky Clean With Earthbath!

Hey, everyone!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care, and was asked to review a few of their grooming products in exchange for an honest review. Much to Nola's dismay, I happily agreed.

We were sent Orange Peel Shampoo, Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner, and Mango Tango Wipes in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I'll confess to being fastidious about Nola's cleanliness. She gets a full bath every week or two, wiped down every night, and her feet and belly rinsed off anytime it's rainy. That dog is cleaner than most people. I was eager to try out Earthbath's products, since I'd heard nothing but positives things about them, and now I see what all the hype was about!

The Orange Peel Oil Shampoo contains no soap, gluten, DEA, parabens, synthetic dyes or perfumes, SLS/SLES, or phthalates, and is cruelty free. The ingredients are all natural, and 100% biodegradable. It comes in a 16oz bottle or 1 gallon jug, and it only takes a tiny bit to work up a good lather (trust me on this. I dumped waaaay to much on Nola the first time.). It helps deter fleas and control shedding, and leaves to coat clean and glossy. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was the very pleasant smell of oranges, and not the fake kind, either. It's a very mild, very natural smell that was very innocuous to both me and Nola. It was easy to create a rich lather with just a dime sized amount of shampoo, and it rinsed out quickly and cleanly. 

I was thrilled to not have any skin irritation for Nola, or for me. My skin is incredibly sensitive (I'm that girl that can't wear scented lotion, use anything besides free and clear detergent, ect without suffering a nasty rash...), and this shampoo didn't bother me at all. Nola's skin also stayed clear, with no itching. 
It left her coat soft and shining, with a very faint scent of oranges that faded within a day. 

The Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner is similar to the shampoo for what is does and doesn't contain. It can be used on dogs or cats, helps soothe irritated skin, add luster to a dull coat, and works as a detangler. A little goes a long way! Again, no skin irritation for Nola or for me. 
It's rich and creamy, and spreads easily throughout the coat. It's a bit more difficult to rinse from the coat, but the luxurious, silky feel it leaves behind is well worth it! Nola's coat is normally sleek and soft, but with the conditioner, it was unbelievably slick and gleaming. It's been a week or so since I've used this on her, and she's still silky soft. Her coat gleams, and oh my god, does it smell good.

The vanilla and almond scent of this conditioner is sinfully lovely - I've considered stealing it from the dog cabinet and using it on myself. ;) It's faint and natural, but lingers lightly for a few days and smells fantastic. I love it.

The Mango Tango Wipes are a godsend. I wipe Nola's feet down each night after our walk, and these made it so much easier than a wet towel. They attract dirt, and they're very soft and gentle. The mango scent is faint, but pleasant, and didn't seem to bother Nola at all. Again, no irritation!

Overall, I'm thrilled with all of Earthbath's products. Nola coat is glossy, silky, and perfectly clean, and I love the smell of all of these. Highly recommend!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. We are big fans here too! Having a pup with allergies (Arty), it's great to be able and fins a gentle, yet effective, line of dog bath products! We are glad to have found Earthbath!

  2. That does sound very clean and natural. There is nothing dogs hate more than that 'scenty' smell some dog shampoos have.
    Lynne x

  3. I love this product! We've used their shampoo/conditioner before. :-)

  4. Nola has the same look on her face that Zoe did. LOL!! Baths suck! We love the Earthbath products, too though! :D

  5. This looks like a great product! I think the Goldens would benefit from the conditioner during the winter months! Great review!

  6. I love the list of what they don't contain. I'm a sucker for good smells, and would probably be tempted to use it on myself.

  7. I love it when I find a shampoo or wipes that work for me. I love your header. Let the good times roll!

  8. How do you do Nola's daily cleaning? Warm wash cloth? Any soaps or anything?

    I'm using the puppy version of this shampoo but my little guy never smells too much. Want to just give him a daily wipe down.


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