Friday, December 18, 2015

I and Love and You 2 Week Check In

Hey, guys!

Remember earlier this month when I told you about our I and Love and You 30 Day Challenge for The Cliffnotes version is the dogs are trying out I and Love and You grain free dry dog food for the month of December, and I'm doing three posts to share our experience with you. The first post has all the info, as well as the ingredients list, so pop over there if you're curious.

Pike and Olivia have been on I and Love ad You since the first of this month. Nola has been averaging two meals of IaLaY a week (no, I don't mean she's only eating twice a week! She's getting her normal kibble brand and freeze dried raw primarily). It's a bit too rich for Roxie to have completely, so she's getting maybe 1/2 cup IaLaY per meal, with the rest being her normal food.

Pike and Olivia are doing AMAZING! Their coats are gorgeous and shiny, and Pike is shedding a bit less. Their coats are lovely, and Pike's is silky soft.
Olivia tends to have problems with gunky eyes on certain foods, but this hasn't been a problem on I and Love and You. They're holding their weight, and they don't act hungry after they've eaten. Olivia is always extremely eager to eat it, and Pike eats it almost every day without fuss (he's absurdly picky).
My favorite thing - and I'm sorry, this is totally a dog-mom moment - is how tiny their poop is. Teeny tiny. I almost miss it when I scoop the yard.

Nola's condition is the same as always - perfect. She LOVES the taste of the food, and while she has an iron stomach in general, she hasn't had a problem switching on and off this food. Her coat is gorgeous, too.

Roxie loves the taste, it's just too rich for her to have as her full diet.

I'm very impressed with I and Love and You so far!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. I purchase their dehydrated raw pretty regularly, and my crew loves it! I just bought some of their bully sticks last night. Glad your crew is doing so well on it!

  2. It must be good stuff, they do look very glossy and bright eyed.
    Lynne x

  3. It sounds like a great food! I've been wanting to have the girls try it!


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