Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vet Report + Lucky's Permeant Name!

Hey, everyone!

Yesterday Nola and Lucky had a vet visit. Nola was in for her annual exam and heartworm check, and Lucky was in to just recheck everything about her. It went fantastic, for both of them!

Before I delve into more details about that, I have something of an announcement. Remember how I mentioned a few posts back that Lucky was now named Siren? Well, that's not her name. It would not stick to her! Everyone kept fumbling with it, and calling her Lucky by mistake.
As she's gotten better and more of her personality is coming out, I decided that Siren just didn't fit her. Didn't mesh with her sweet, friendly, easy going personality. Nola, my darling hellion, could've totally been a Siren. :p Not Lucky, though. For a day or two, she was back to Lucky.

I started a book last night (Nuts by Alice Clayton - hilarious!!), and bam, right there on the pages was the perfect name for the Wonder Pup. Girly, cute, peppy and adorable; everything just right for the Wonder Puppy. Her third, and final, name is....


It's so prefect for her. Neither Lucky or Siren fit her, but she instantly became Roxie. Since it's carrying over the E sound from Lucky, she's already responding to it. And yes, she's being serenaded with a truly terrible rendition of The Police's "Roxanne". ;)

Okay! Now that the poor girl finally has a name, let's get to the girls' vet reports.

First up, Nola. My tiny terror becomes a nervous, insanely clingy wreck at the vet. Despite that, she behaved very well and had a perfectly clean bill of health. 
Her heartworm and tick borne disease test was negative, as was her fecal. Her teeth are in flawless condition; not a speck of tarter or staining on them. The vet was quite impressed, especially given that most dachshunds brought in have terrible teeth by age two, and my five year old's are immaculate. 
She weighed in at 9.5lbs, and scored a 3 on body condition, which is ideal. Great muscle tone, gorgeous condition, clean ears, clear eyes, great coat. In perfect health! 

Roxie did a complete 180 from her previous visit last week. On that day, she couldn't even support herself, and lay limp on the exam table. Yesterday she walked in completely under her own power, stood through her exam, and sat patiently while Nola was examined. 
We saw the same tech that's been at nearly every single visit, and the vet that saw Roxie on the evening we weren't sure if she'd live. They were shocked at her progress! I absolutely adore our vet staff. It feels like they're invested in her and share in her successes, rather than just seeing her as another in a long line of clients. I'm so thrilled with the office. 
Nothing but good news for Roxie, too! She's now at 27.8lbs, and is steadily gaining. When she arrived, she was 23lbs. Her face is filling out a bit, as well as her rear legs, and her ribs don't look quite like they'll poke through her skin at the slightest movement anymore. Her appetite is as healthy as ever, and good god, that dog can put away some food! She's eating 4-5x a day, and 1-2 cups per meal. 

Her conjunctivitis is gone, and her ear infections are clear, too! Her skin looks as well as can be expected given she's had no treatment for the mange. It's regained its elasticity, and is smoothing out in spots. Her hair is growing in a bit on her face and legs, though it'll take a while. No more skin infections! All her cuts and sores are gone, even the large pressure sore on her hip has nearly vanished. She's also no longer anemic!! They expect her to make a full recovery. 

She looked so good, and is improving so steadily, that we're starting her mange treatment. Low dose of Ivermectin (seriously, it's tiny), see how that goes, and then steadily increase, adjusting according to her weight gain. She had the first dose yesterday early afternoon, and has not had any reaction. If the same holds true for a few days, the every other day medicated baths will start alongside the Ivermectin. 

We have a recheck on the 10th to asses how everything is going, and get another weight on her to adjust the dosage if need be. 

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that's sent things to Roxie. Truly, I can't put it into words how much she - and I! - appreciate it. You all have taken such a financial burden off my shoulders. Thank you! You brighten Roxie's day each time she gets something of her very own. The coats and blankets help keep her skinny, bald body warm. The toys pique her curiosity and are enticing and teaching her to play. The raised feeder makes her more comfortable, the harness eases the friction on the poor skin of her neck, and the food...! That may be the biggest one. She eats everything. :p 

I couldn't get her to go outside in the rain without the jacket!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. I am so happy to read this report. Nola looks so cute in that cart :) And I love the name Roxie. Perfect!!

  2. I am glad Roxie is doing so well! I am glad Nola had such an outstanding report too! I am sure the vet office knows, from Nola's condition - that things will only continue to improve for Roxie - you are doing an amazing job in helping her heal. :)

  3. Great news! Welcome home Roxie! We think of you all the time.
    Lily & Edward

  4. Ah, Roxie! I love that name. Siren, if I may be so bold to say, didn't really seem like the right name for her, and I live half a world away! It's great to see her making such great progress too! :)

  5. Roxie suits her much better than Siren. I got all 3 of my dog's names from books.
    She is doing so well, you can actually see her transformation, even in the photographs. Love the last photo, so adorable.
    Lynne x

  6. Roxie is a wonderful name and does seem to fit her to a T!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Yay I love the name Roxie for her!!

  8. So bad both got a clean bill of health. Roxie, enjoy your awesome name.

  9. Awwwww, we like the name Roxie!! So happee that everything was great for both of them and so super happee that Roxie has found such a great furever home!


  10. Ruby's name from the rescue was Foxy Roxy :) We also know an Eskie named Roxy (fits her perfectly). I love it for your girl, too. Ruby is super common and I normally go for more unique names but it was the one. You have to find the name that fits! Boca was not on my list of possible names and it's just what stuck.

    Another funny name anecdote: when I just had Ruby and my cat, Nina, I was on vacation in California and said something about Ruby and Nina. The waitress heard and said "did you just say Ruby and Nina?" I said yeah, those were my pets' names. The waitress said "Those are my daughter's names!" and showed us pictures of her little girls. What are the chances?!

  11. Yay for both Nola and Roxie! Roxie looks so much better! It's amazing!

  12. She is just adorable in the jacket. You've worked a miracle with that sweet girl.

  13. Hi Roxie - what a great name! We are glad you are getting healthier, and happier too I am sure!

    Nola, we love your photos with the pumpkins!!!

  14. Roxie definitely fits her! And Princess Nola is looking gorgeous as always!

  15. Roxie!!! Oh i definitely love that name!!! Perfectly picked!
    Thrilled to hear of the clean bill of health for Nola, and of course I am so glad to hear positive updates for Roxie as well!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  16. Woohoo pawesome Dogtor reports!! Roxie looks so cute in her rain slicker :)

    Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  17. Love the new name! It's pawfect for her. She's making such good progress thanks to the loving care you are giving her and getting for her. You're a good human. Love the raincoat. Of course she won't go out without it!

  18. Yep! Roxie fits! Glad the girls are all in good shape!


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