Monday, November 30, 2015

Roxie's 6 Week Update

Hey, guys!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving/Thanksgiving weekend! Or just a great weekend, for my non-U.S. friends. ;)

As of Saturday, it's been 6 weeks since Roxie came home. What an amazing, hectic, emotional, exhausting, trying, and reward month and a half this has been!

I'll be getting some Nikon pictures up of them soon, but these are just iPhone shots. 

I think this is the first time I have absolutely no medical concerns to update you all with, thank god. We seem to be on a steady incline of improvement from here on out.
Her weight gain has really slow down, and now she's mostly gaining muscle tone and filling out a bit. She's still a little bony in the spine and floating rib area, and I'd like her to gain 3-5 more pounds. She was 35.5lbs at her last vet visit, and I think 40lbs would be a good weight for her.

If you remember her last vet visit where we saw a new (terrible!) vet, she was limping in her right front leg, having diarrhea and was just acting really off and listless. We were not given any form of answer for the limping, and the only vague thing the vet told me on the other symptoms was a possible Ivermectin sensitivity on the dose she was on. She was on 1.3ml 1x per day, and so she was dropped down to .8ml per day. I don't trust that vet, so I started her at .4ml, and since that visit I've slowly increased it. She's to the .8ml as of yesterday, and is having no issues. Completely back to normal in all regards! She will getting the MDR1 test when I do a Wisdom Panel DNA breed test on her in the near future.
I honestly don't know what is wrong with that one leg of hers; that was the second time she's had issues with it. Perhaps it's growing pains, since she's still under a year old? I don't know, you'd think that would affect her other legs too. My guess is an old injury that just gets aggravated sometimes. I'll be speaking to her vet about it at her next appointment. That'll be either the 3rd or the 4th of December, and she'll be getting a skin scraping and another vaccine set.

She's growing so much fur!! Her skin is completely normal now, scab free and healthy. She's almost to the point where she has patches of baldness, rather than patches of hair. It's a lighter red than Nola, short and looks like it'll be a single layer coat. She has some pretty significant scaring across her nose,  above her eye, and above her ear that hasn't grown in any fur, and at this point I doubt it will. It seems like those scars will be the only reminder about her life before, which I'm so thankful for. I was terrified there'd be lasting consequences.

You can see most of the scaring here. There's one right about her left (right here)eye, and on that same ear.

She's down from eating 6 meals a day to eating 3 meals a day. Right now she's eating 5 cups a day....hoping that slows down once she's at a good weight!

It's getting easier to guess what breeds she may be know! At this point, I still see some pit bull in her. Not too much, but her head/cheeks, eye and ear shape, and chest shape remind me so much of that. I keep seeing pointer, or perhaps some kind of hound or Cur. There's sometimes were she's the spitting image of a Ridgeback, though!

Roxanne's personality has absolutely blossomed in this past week. She's so friendly, curious, energetic, and smart! I've started letting her have two or three off leash runs/play sessions in the yard a day. She was on what was basically crate rest for the first month she was here, and between that and just how sick she was, I don't want her to strain herself/aggravate that leg. We're working on some gentle tugging, fetch, and running with Nola to build up her complete lack of muscle. In the next week or two, I may start brining her on nighttime walks with Nola.

She is the sweetest dog. She adores people, especially kids and babies. She seems to have gotten over her fear of men, and pretty much all her behavioral issues. I guess they were just due to how sick she was. Makes senses to me; god knows I'm a bitch when I don't feel well.
These were her initial issues from the first couple weeks she was here. I put an X on the ones that are gone! Even the ones that are still here have moved from a shut-down inducing terror, to just overall anxiety.

  • Resource guarding the crate from Nola X
  • Fear of men X
  • Hand shy  (this one is almost totally gone)
  • Cowers/belly crawls/calming signals when interacted with X
  • Mouthing (almost gone with people, working on it with the dogs)
  • Resource guarding her bowl X
  • Spooking at loud noises X
  • Spooking at sudden movement X
  • Resource guarding chews and toys X
  • Spooking at raised voices
  • Spooking at cars X
  • Freezing when touched X
  • Scared of nail clipping/dremeling X

She's come a long, long way from the terrified dog she was. If she had her fur and you weren't too dog savvy, you'd never guess she still had a few problems!

She's so spunky, goofy, and loving. She figured out how to play last week, and has great toy drive. She's an instinctive fetcher, and loves playing with tug toys and balls. She's not destructive with toys, blankets or beds. She's discovered the joys of chewing on appropriate chew toys, and her favorite is a water buffalo horn. 

This dog absolutely ADORES Nola. It's both adorable and a bit ridiculous. She lights up when she sees Nola, and sometimes greets her with more enthusiasm than she greets me! 
Roxie's still really mouthy with other dogs, and Nola's helping hugely with that. There was an instance last week where Roxie was being way, way too rough trying to initiate play, and after ignoring several warnings from Nola, Nola gave two quick nips to Roxie's lip and side to get her to quit. She did draw blood, but everyone was fine and Roxie took that warning to heart. She stopped mouthing with her teeth, and now just sort of gums/holds her mouth open when she wants to play.

She's definitely the "submissive" one (calm your tits; if you're a long time reader you know I don't train with dominance theory) in the relationship with Nola. She greets Nola in a full body wiggle crawl, licking her mouth and rolling over to show her belly. Nola makes a lot of noise at her, but she's vocal in everything and they get along well. They actually played together for the first time the other day, and I managed to catch it on video!

Yes, Nola easily outruns her!

Rox had no dog manners whatsoever, and is still learning. She has a very high prey drive, and so she's closely monitored around the smaller dogs. She's completely fine with Nola and respects when Nola has had enough,  and she's learned that Pike is a dick, but she shows too much interest in Olivia for me to be comfortable with them loose together. I've had them in the yard with Roxie leashed, and that goes okay. She's not aggressive with Liv at all, but Livvy is a soft dog and does not stand up to rude behavior, and tends to dash about when she has a burst of energy. Roxie wants to chase that, so the situation is managed between them with leashing and having Liv crated when Roxie's out. I don't know if this will be a permanent thing or not. 

That wraps up the 6 week update! I'm sorry for getting a bit longwinded there. ;) Props to anyone who read through that!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. What a great update with so much happy news! It's one thing to heal physically but quite another to blossom emotionally and learn to play! Yay for Roxie - and for you!

  2. We're glad to hear Roxie is doing so well. We knew Nola would be a great teacher too.

  3. Love the updates! She's really come such a long way in such a short time! Nola is just the perfect dog to guide and teach Roxie - confident and bossy! I am hopeful that she was young enough when you found her to overcome a lot of her emotional issues from whatever caused her initial deplorable condition. I can't even imagine what she may have gone through. She won the doggy lottery when you found her. Thank you for helping her blossom - you have been such a blessing to her. :)

  4. I'm so excited to hear that she's doing so well with her health and her behavior!! She sounds like a cool dog - I'm so happy she found her way to you and is fitting in so well with Nola!

  5. I'm really glad Roxie is doing better! I bet her coat is going to be really pretty when it grows in.

    Phoenix had a burn scar on her face and no eyebrow whiskers from the fire and last year the hair finally grew back and the whiskers grew in. I didn't think they ever would either, but they did! Just a lot slower than normal. You can't even tell anymore! :D

  6. Cookie's Mum here: I don't know if you have Valley Fever in your area, but when I took Cookie in because she was limping, it turned out to be a lump on her left front shoulder, which turned out to be Valley Fever -- this shows up in a bloodtest. I was very glad that it was not cancer because Cody died of that just over a year ago!!!

    Hope it heals up soon, but Roxy just seems to be getting along very well

  7. grrr-blogger lost mum's post -- she was saying that if you have valley fever in your area, have Roxy checked for that -- that is what my lump turned out to be.

  8. All good news for this sweet girl. It is so nice Roxie and Nola play so good together. She is a beautiful girl and it makes me smile to read these posts!!

  9. Great update! The scars on Roxie's head still might go away; Maggie had mange too when rescued in PR and a few spots took longer to grow fur than others.

  10. Wow - I've been away from all electronics for the past 10 days so I'm catching up. Great report on Roxie. Yipee!!!!!!

    Shyla had wounds/scars from being bitten on the face and head when she arrived. My vet said to massage them gently twice per day to try alleviate the scarring. It seemed to work. However, all of those spots grew white furs rather than chocolate. It will keep us from ever forgetting her background.

  11. SO glad for this update! She looks like a completely different dog than she did when you first got her. Just amazing!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. Pawesome update! We are so glad Roxie is doing so well :)

    Ginger, Matt & Matilda

  13. I am just thrilled with how far she has come. You should do a "guess the breeds" post with her prior to announcing her wisdom panel results.

  14. Such great news! So glad to hear how well Roxie is doing. It sounds like Nola is being a good teacher for her too.

  15. OMD, I missed so much! Wows, Roxie sure looks amazin'! And seeing Miss Nola teachin' her how to play with manners....well...Ma says Nola should come over and teach ME! yeah, whatevers. You have fun gurls! (oh, and Pike...☺)
    Ruby ♥


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