Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lucky's Vet Report

Hey, guys!

If you missed yesterday's post about the abandoned puppy we're caring for (and keeping, if she's okay with other dogs), go here and get caught up, then come back. :)

First I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who's helped contribute to Lucky's vet bills! She, and I, appreciate it so, so much. You all made me tear up. I'm incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing community. Thank you!

Lucky (that won't be her permanent name) went to the vet yesterday afternoon, and while she has a long road ahead of her, she's expected to make a full recovery!!!! I'm so, so happy she's going to be okay.

She did not have a microchip, which I'm admittedly thankful for. Once she's a bit better and if she's okay with my dogs (and they her, of course), I'll have her chipped. Yet another reason why microchipping your pets is invaluable! Not that Lucky's "owners", if she had any, would be concerned about her.....

She has the worst case of generalized demodex mange our vet had ever seen. While it's absolutely terrible for her, I'm beyond relieved it's not the highly contagious sarcoptic mange, so she poses no risk to my dogs. Demodex mange mites are on all dogs, and generally only puppies or dogs with suppressed immune systems are affected. They don't pose an issue to healthy adult dogs.

She is (obviously) severely emaciated. Her body condition is currently a 1, the lowest possible score. She weighed 23.8lbs.
The vet agreed with the frequent small, easy to digest meals, and prescribed some prescription canned food to add to her large breed puppy food.

The vet guessed her to be a Great Dane mix, and anywhere from 5 to 7 months old. I'm not sure how big she'll wind up being, or to what extent her extreme malnutrition and living conditions have stunted her. Maybe in the 90lbs range?

She had a skin scraping, fecal, ear swab, a shot to clear up the tape worms, and rabies vaccine done. She has a yeast infection in both ears, conjunctivitis in both eyes, tape and whipworms, and is basically a walking skin infection. The hole in her rump is guessed to be a pressure sore from just how thin she is. Her right ear is torn where it connects to her head, so instead of giving a wash that would sting a bit to help treat the ear infections, we were given medicated wipes and a tube of drops.

I use Banfield for my vet, and I couldn't be more thrilled with how they handled the situation. This is where Pike was neutered and had his regrown dew claw removed, too.
They were kind, compassionate, very helpful, took time to explain things to me, and best of all, they didn't push Lucky when she was done. They started to trim her nails, but she was getting stressed, so they immediately quit and let her be. They didn't manhandle her, and were just amazing. So happy with the experience we had!
I put her on their puppy Wellness plan (Nola was on it, and it did help hugely), what with all the medication and office visits, so that's helped ease some financial strain. $100 saved on this visit alone.

As of right now, the biggest concerns are getting weight back on her and getting this mange under control. Once that's on the mend, she'll continue with her vaccines until she's completed them. Rabies was only done for the safety of everyone involved. I'm glad all my dogs are up to date on their vaccines in this situation!

She is on the follow to help her poor body heal. It looks like an old person's medicine cabinet!

- Medicated shampoo (every other day)
- Soothing medicated spray (4-6x daily)
- Medicated ear wipes (2x a day)
- Ear drops/ointment (2x a day)
- Panacur wormer for the whip worms (1x a day for 3 days)
- Antibiotics (1x a day for 14 days)
- Eye ointment (2x a day)

My mom is picking up Lucky's Ivermectin later today, so that will be added into the mix.

We'll be doing weekly weigh ins so her medicine dosage can be adjusted as she gains her weight back. We have another exam in two weeks time, and in 30 days she'll have another skin scraping. With mange (at least Demodex), you want two clear skin scrapings before you pronounce the mange clear.

She's the sweetest thing ever. Didn't have a problem with any of the poking, prodding, noise or smells of the vet. Fell asleep sprawled in my arms while we waited.

You can see how long her nails are in this one. Not sure if you can tell, but I'm smeared in the poor girl's blood. 

So...yeah! An hour later and $400 poorer ;), Lucky is on the road to recovery. Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts!

This coat was only $3 at PetsMart, and even though we're in Florida, nights are chilly, especially for her! I'm thin, so I can't even grasp how cold she must be when I'm freezing. 

This girl wants you to know that she's still very much the center of the universe!

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. I am so happy to hear this update. Sad of course that she has so much to deal with but happy that she has you to take care of her. What a precious girl who is here for a reason and is going to be an amazing blessing. She already is as her story has already touched so many. Sending prayers and good thoughts to this sweet pup and to you for so lovingly taking care of her.

  2. I am so relieved that Lucky will be okay! She still has a long road to looking like a normal puppy - but she's on the right path with you taking care of her. She looks like a total sweetheart despite everything she's endured. Thank you for the update!

  3. This is such a feel good update. Thank you! And Nola, you will always be #1
    Lily & Edward

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  5. Bless her. I am so glad she will be OK! Well done you for helping her.

  6. I have been thinking of her since I saw your post yesterday and wondering how she would do at the vet. So glad the mange is the easily curable one and you are right, who could give her back to people who treated her like that if she was chipped. You both have a long road ahead but I know you can do it. Just look how she is looking at you in the second picture, she loves you already.
    I'm sure she will appreciate the extra warmth from her new coat.
    Lynne x

  7. a good update....we are VERY happy you found her and we know she is in great hands

  8. Thanks so much for the pupdate and we are happy that, although she has a long road ahead, she is going to make a full recovery!! Thanks again for taking care of this sweet girl!

  9. I've just gotten caught up... the poor wee pet! I'm so glad someone as kind as you was able to save her. She does look like a giant puppy. I'm so glad she's begun the slow road to a full recovery. We wish you the best. :)

  10. Hello, something made me click on your blog yesterday from another blog and my heart broke at the site of this poor girl. She is so blessed that you are the one that found her. I came back today to see how the vet visit went and we are so glad to here she will recover. My youngest pug (11 months) is recovering from Demodex. I just did an update post last week that gave a timeline of treatments. After doing Ivermectin, the vet tried something new - Bravecto. It made a world of difference she has steadily improved since. Feel free to contact me if you would like some info about it - pugranch2 AT msn DOT com
    God bless you for helping this sweet girl
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. I hope she feels better soon and I'm sure she will with all your dedication to her! She is very lucky you found her! ~hugs~

  12. You're a hero to take this little one in. She is indeed a lucky girl. And the little coat was a kind and thoughtful thing to do on top of all your loving care.

  13. Bella arrived with demodectic mange....the breeder explained about it. Of course, it wasn't that bad. But with the Ivermectin it cleared up and six years later, no problems. She looks like such a sweet puppy.

  14. Thank you for the update. Wow!!!! Praying.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  15. When K was a puppy, she also got demodectic mange, but only in a tiny area. It healed pretty fast. I know that's just one of this sweet dogs issues but I can tell that you're on the road to helping her. Thank you for caring for this sweet girl who needs love more than anything.

  16. This is juts heart breaking. Im so glad that you found here and that she will be ok in time. She looks really sweet and she will love you!!



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