Friday, October 30, 2015 To The Rescue!

Hey, guys!

Not much time to write today! 

It's time for our monthly review! I'm doing this at almost the very last minute, but we've been busy, needless to say. ;)
Chewy generously sent us two things this month!

This food has been an absolute lifesaver with Lucky. When she was very sick last week, this was one of the only things she would eat. It's also been great for hiding her antibiotic and vitamins in!

It's pretty much crack for dogs. All of mine, even picky Pike, go absolutely crazy for it. Nola eats it while I dremel her nails, haha. It's a bit stinky, but that only seems to add to their frenzy. ;)

It comes it comes in six flavors, and in a case of 24 5oz trays. That runs about $52. If you were to feed this exclusively, the recommended amount is 3 trays for every 6lbs of body weight. That's a bit insane in my opinion, but if you only give it a few times a week to a small dog, or on occasion to a larger breed, it's worth the cost. 

Here are the ingredients:

Chicken Broth, Water Sufficient For Processing, Chicken, Pumpkin, Potato Starch, Chicken Liver, Eggs, Beef, Natural Flavor, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Tricalcium Phosphate, Locust Bean Gum, Sodium Carbonate, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Magnesium Sulfate, Vitamins [Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Niacin, Vitamin A Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, d-Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin Supplement, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement], Choline Chloride, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, Iron Amino Acid Chelate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Copper Amino Acid Chelate, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Selenite

Very, very happy with this, and so thankful to have it when Lucky arrived!

This BPA free toy is durable, easy to throw, and floats in water. Pike loves it! It's flexible but very strong, and comes in three bright colors. It's dishwasher safe, and USA made. It's a bit big for smaller dogs, and I wish it came in smaller sizes, but that didn't stop Pike! I also love the bright, happy raspberry color. It makes it easy to spot! 

- Dachshund Mommy

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

If you click to enlarge (wouldn't that be a perfect porn site name?), you can see sand flying off her! One of the many benefits of that short coat. ;)

I've added Lucky's GoFundMe and Amazon Wish List to the sidebar right over there >>> for those who asked for it. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Quick Lucky Update + Help Us Name Her!

Hey, guys!

I have a quick, happy Lucky update for you today. :) She's been here 10 days as of today.

Nothing but improvement from Wonder Puppy! Tremors are nearly completely gone (I didn't see any yesterday, but want to see none at all for 2 days straight before I say they're gone), and she's walking at almost full capacity. I'm not sure if her lingering tentativeness with it is due to linger vestibular issues, or if she's just...well, weak from her condition.

Her skin, while still gross, isn't as tight and crusty as it was. She's regaining her elasticity, and her skin isn't as puffy and rough anymore. Her various cuts, scrapes and gashes have almost completely healed. The pressure sore on her hip is still there, as is the laceration on her ear and a mark on her face, but they're all healing up beautifully.

She is slowly gaining weight. She's still eating small, frequent meals every 3 hours or so during the day. Her meal size was 1/4c during the first week, and is now up to 1/2c, sometimes a little more. She's so, so emaciated, so her body is having to learn how to accept food again.

Right now, she's only on antibiotics (1x/per day), the medicated skin spray, Vetricyn wound spray, and the ointment for the conjunctivitis. The last one was added in two days ago, since she didn't get enough of it to completely kick the eye gunk before she started having the vestibular issues. We have a recheck on Friday, and will access what, if any, meds to restart at that point.

Her personality is coming out more and more, which is wonderful to see! She loves people of all ages, seems to love other dogs, is a bit stubborn but so loving. She's looking hopeful and alive, which makes me want to cry with happiness. Her tail wags every time she's spoken to, and whenever she's given food! She tried playing with a toy the other day, though seemed unsure about how to do it.

She's met Nola and Olivia, and both of those went well. Pike The Douche is still waiting until she's better.

I cannot thank you all enough for the outpouring of support for both Lucky and myself. From comments here, on Instagram and Facebook, to emails and PM's, to the GoFundMe donations and sending Lucky things, it's been staggering. Y'all have had me in tears on more than one occasion. I've had several people ask if Lucky has an Amazon wish list they could get her something from. She doesn't, but if that is something you all would be interested let me know.

This was from Nola's BFF, Lily Belle!

Now, help me name her! I do not want Lucky to be her name. Too common for me, and it doesn't roll of the tongue well. Toss out some suggestions! Here are my guidelines:

- Not too common

- Prefer girly, but not too girly (like Nola and Olivia vs...I don't know, Priscilla)

- Prefer something short or easily shortened (Olivia is usually shortened to Liv or Livvy)

- Ideally would still be tied to luck or fate


- Dachshund Mommy

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Musings: Are You Happy With Your Breed Choice?

Hey, everyone!

I saw this topic while lurking on a dog forum, and the idea really intrigued me. The topic being: Are You Happy With Your Dog Breed Choice? It was a twofold question: the first being would you get the same breed knowing what you know now, and would you stick with your breed when/if you were to add to the family. I'm so curious to see people's thoughts on this!

I feel like I have to make a note before someone gets their panties in a twist. 
The question is not "are you happy with your dog". 
I'm not asking if you are or are not happy with your individual dog, and I'm not saying I am unhappy or regret my dogs. I don't, at all. The query has to do with your breed, not your dog/s themselves.

Knowing What I Know Now, Would I Still Have Gotten My Breeds?

The short answer is yes, I am happy with the breeds I've chosen. They all mesh well together and mesh well into my life. They both fit what I was looking for, and they still fit with my life now. 

The longer answer is the each fill a perfect place in the family, both in the human regards and in their own little dog-clan. 

Nola is a miniature Dachshund, and is damn near perfect for me. She was made for me in every way, and my only wish is she was a bit more active (and the vast majority of people would consider her crazy busy! I'm just a bit, ah...spastic, hyper, ADHD energetic). She is my scary smart, wickedly mischievous, sweet, silly, loves to train, in tune, confident, ballsy, go anywhere and do anything heart dog. She's the boss around here, and she knows it. 
If I want to go somewhere, Nola is the dog that accompanies me. From off leash beaches or woods, to stores, to walking around the little beach town, to photo shoots to training sessions, she is up for anything and takes life in stride. If I'm anxious or upset, she's on me to calm me down. She's so sensitive to my emotions, and is always ready to offer support. She is my first dog, and I couldn't have struck gold more thoroughly than with her. She's also the favorite. Clearly. 

Pike is a mini Aussie, and he's the weird one. ;) He's quirky, he's fantastic with kids, he's sensitive and melodramatic as can be. He is insane for any and all toys, and will fetch for hours (literally, hours). He's the one always wiggle-butting around with a toy in his mouth, dancing at your feet for you to throw it. He's the one that seems pretty stupid, until you watch him open a ziplock bag (open, not tear. Open it like a human would.) to get his tennis ball out. 
If I want to smile and shake my head at crazy antics, Pike's the dog for it. If I want to play, he's my dude. Seeing the pure joy on his face when he's engaged with play is priceless. He's the "special" one, and for all his many, many quirks, I wouldn't trade that ugly mug for the world. 

Olivia is a miniature Dachshund, and she's the slug. Or the furniture, depending on the day, haha. She's incredibly sweet, quiet, gentle and so laid-back. She's great with kids, and is so enthusiastic about everything she does. She is the laziest dachshund I've ever met, and between busy buzzing Nola and bouncy-bouncy-bouncy-boucey-boucey Pike (that's how he is!), she really does mimic the furniture sometimes. 
If I want a cuddle or a dog to sit by my feet as I read or groom another dog, she's the one for that. She's the calm, quiet one that can remind me why in the hell I have dogs if Nola and Pike are having a crazy moment. If I want to see a dog light up with the simplest of training exercises, she's the dog I go to. Nola's haughty, and deals with training as "seriously, is this what you consider a challenge? I can do that with my eyes closed.", so she keeps me working to keep up. Olivia thinks she figured out the cure for cancer when she simply sits. It's adorable!

This post was written pre-Lucky, and while I would have never in a million years picked a Great Dane mix of my own accord (and more than likely won't go for the breed or a mix again in the future), I'm very happy with the sweet girl. Such a gentle, loving dog. 

So the group is The Bitchy Superior, The Quirky Ball-a-Holic, and The Slug Puppy. Oh, and now the Giant Pseudo-Xolo (Xolos are a hairless dog breed, so I've saddled her with that nickname for the time being). 

Will I Have These Breeds Again?

The short answer: maybe, but probably not any time in the near future.

The longer answer is I might consider another (larger) mini Aussie waaaay down the road (as in, after Pike passes. And he'll be 2 in February.), but I don't think I'll have another Dachshund. 

To be perfectly honest, Nola has set the bar too high for any other dog in the breed. I was seriously struggling with Olivia a few months back because I kept subconsciously thinking that she should be like Nola, when in reality they couldn't be more different. Once I finally figured out what my problem was and accepted that she isn't like Nola, and no dog ever will be, the problem went away and I'm happy with her as her, rather than a second Nola. In reality, two Nola's would be enough to make anyone's head spin. ;) 

So, what are your thoughts? Are you happy with your breed? What breed will/would you get next?

- Dachshund Mommy

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sibling Saturday + AMAZING News!

Hey, guys!

Huge, amazing, tears-of-happinesss-causing news on the Lucky front! Not only did her PCV levels go from 17% on Tuesday evening to 19% Friday morning, she is free from heartworms and tick borne diseases. That's not even the best news, if you can believe it.
She went from being completely unable to stand or control her legs and having severe knuckling over in both front legs, to walking on all on her own with only a bit of knuckling over!!!!

I'd given her a bowl of food in her crate and left the door to it open while I went to the sink to fill her water, and right when I turned around she came out of the crate and started walking towards me, slowly wagging her tail. She was slow, and it was a bit wobbly, but she stood and walked under her own power for the first time since Tuesday evening. I burst into tears as she started walking around the living room to find her favorite sun puddle by the back door, and kept crying as she walked a bit outside. It was so, so amazing to see!!! I was seriously thinking she'd have to be put to sleep yesterday morning, so to see that just made all the worry, frustration and fury worth it. <3

Nola and Lucky met last night. :) It went well! Nola's generally good with other (polite) dogs, and is fantastic with all puppies, so I wasn't concerned. She gave Lucky a brief once over glance and a sniff, then walked off to go about her business. Lucky was curious but very respectful of The Boss. She very briefly met Olivia this morning, too. I'll be waiting to introduce her to Pike....he's a dick.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Instagram Randomness + Lucky Update

Hey, guys!

This was suppose to be a review, but I just do not have the energy right now. I couldn't write an intelligent post to save my life (if it tells you anything, I just had trouble spelling intelligent....).
I'm dealing with a nasty cold on top of Lucky, my own dogs, work, running two blogs, ect and I'm just drained. Physically and emotionally exhausted. I'm sorry I haven't been getting around to commenting as much! There's nothing quite like a raw throat, dripping nose, shivers, fever and general achyness to brighten a day and make you feel like doing nothing besides sleeping and showering.
Today you'll just be getting some random Instagram shots. Sorry if you follow us there and are seeing double!

Lucky has a vet appointment today at 9:15am to recheck her PVC (packed cell volume). We're hoping to see a rise in her levels, though it'd be okay if they were the same or a number or two down. We do not want a major drop. On Tuesday she was 17%. Normal levels for healthy dogs seem to be 37-55%, according to Google. It's not too surprisingly that she's that low, given she was covered in fleas and ticks when found and she's covered in sores. We're hoping that a combination of care and the vitamin drops have brought her up a bit. Please say a prayer or send some good thoughts/vibes for her!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Quick Lucky Update

Hey, guys!

This will be really quick since I'm writing this Wednesday night after a very early morning and another vet visit with Lucky, and I'm freaking beat. Between work, Lucky, my own dogs, major PMS and the beginnings of a sore throat (first time I've been sick all year), I just want a nap!

To recap: Lucky was found late Saturday afternoon, taken to the vet on Monday, prescribed a good bit of meds (2 wormers, rabies vaccine, ear ointment, ear wipes, eye ointment, medicated shampoo, medicated spray, Ivermectin) for a severe case of mange and is severely emaciated. First dose of meds was given Monday evening, second Tuesday morning around 7:30.
Tuesday early evening she had some major balance issues and body/head jerking that I worried was a seizure. Took her in, and the vet thought she was having some kind of vestibular disease issue brought on by her ear ointment. She had blood drawn, and her levels were quite low for a healthy dog but not too unexpected for one in her condition. Prescribed iron/vitamin drops 2x a day, flushed her ears out, and discontinued the use of the ear ointment. Noticed swelling in her left paw, but wasn't sure of the cause.
Fast forward to Wednesday morning, and she was able to focus better, but her twitching was the same, as was the stumbling. New symptom was knuckling over on the aforementioned left paw while walking. Able to drink, eat small bits of chicken breast, and peed. Responsive to motion and voice, wanted to be pet.
Took her in again that evening, and saw the head vet for a fresh set of eyes. Here is the general, quick run down:

They don't know what is causing the vestibular disease. It could be any number of things or a combination, including:

- Med reaction
- Birth defect (unlikely as it hadn't presented before Tuesday)
- Shocking her system (adequate food and water, warmth, care)
- Severe ear infection (which she has)
- Too much building up since her body has basically forgotten how to process nutrients
- Hookworms dying off (rare, but can cause this)

It could be gone today, it could take two weeks to stop, or it could be something she has for life (severity depending). With having no medical history on her and her having so, so much wrong, we're going into this blind.
The swollen paw and knuckling over is most likely do to nerves being compressed and inadequate fluid flow to the area. Plan for that is to get her moving more, and manually move her limbs.

Our plan of action right now is to feed even smaller, more frequent amounts in the hopes of gently easing her body into the idea of food, just like you would with a human starvation victim. We're continuing with the vitamin drops 2x a day, her last worming will be given today, as well as the medicated spray for her skin several times a day. We're also continuing with the antibiotic since she's at such a high risk and we don't want to add infection to the mix. Aside from that, all other drugs have been stopped until we can A) get more weight on her and B) try and rule out what may be causing the vestibular disease. We'll also be trying Dramamine tomorrow to see if that helps with her motion sickness.
We're also going to have to get her stretching more and flexing her skin, so she won't loose what little suppleness she has and can hopefully gain more.

She goes in on Friday for another blood test to see where her levels are at. If they're risen, that's the ideal. If they're the same or a point or two lower, not ideal but not a huge cause for concern. If they're significantly lower....well, we'd be looking at a more serious issue and would need to evaluate the situation depending on several factors.

This vet was very frank and honest, and we spoke at length again as to whether or not we are being cruel or selfish trying to save Lucky, rather than having her humanely euthanized. While it's very difficult to asses a dog's quality of life you've known for only 4 days, she is still: eager to eat and drink, likes to be pet and talked to, enjoys being outside, wags her tail and wants to be near you. All of those are very good signs that she's still able and willing to fight for her life, and the vet believes that she could make a full recovery if things pan out right. She's by no means out of the woods yet.

We have seen some tiny improvements, and in a case like Lucky's, that's a monumental success. The way the vet described it, right now she's at a plateau; she improved, then leveled out. What we're looking for is another improvement, small as it will be. What we don't want to see is a decline. If there's a decline, we're going to have to clinically asses if this is fair to her. Right now, she has a fighting chance.

The first hurdle is the blood test tomorrow. If that comes back okay, the next two weeks will tell what Lucky needs. My whole family could use whatever prayers/vibes/thoughts/POTP you have.
It's crazy how attached I've gotten to this dog already. I love her as much as Pike or Livvy (Nola's in a class all her own, and always will be). This is one of the hardest things I've ever done. I just hope she pulls through.

Closing out with good news!

- Her conjunctivitis is nearly completely gone
- The sore on her hip looks better
- She's gained a pound
- Her skin is less irritated/inflamed
- She is healing, just slowly
- Vet didn't hear a heart murmur this time
- The twitching/tremors are a very mild case and shouldn't be causing her any pain or discomfort

- Dachshund Mommy

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Lucky Scare and POTP Request

Hey, guys!

UPDATE #1: Wednesday, 7:30am CT
Lucky is still having tremors and severe balance issues. She made it through the night, but I'm still worried. If it doesn't start to improve we'll be going into the vet's again later today and go from there. This girl needs all the positive thoughts, prayers, POTP, ect you can give her. 

I'm writing this Tuesday night after just getting back from the vet with Lucky. She is in serious need of some good vibes, prayers, power of the paw, whatever you fancy...and if you could put in a quick word for my sanity, that'd be great and much appreciated. :p

Okay, so this (Tuesday) evening at 5:10pm -I know the exact time as I freaked and texted my mom -, I went to get Lucky out of her crate to go potty. I immediately noticed something was off. She was jerking her head every few seconds, and did not want to move. My mind immediately went to thoughts of "oh my god, she's having a seizure and is going to die", even though it wasn't presented like the limited number of seizures I've seen. She was completely aware and responsive, for one thing.
After a minute or two she came out of the little spell and seemed normal for her, so I leashed her up and took her out front to potty. She was having some difficulty with her back end; not exactly staggering, but off balance. My house is a one story, but she had trouble getting over the small lip of the front door to get into the house. Aside from that, she seemed okay.

Maybe 10 minutes later she had another episode, and after calling the vet and describing what was happening, she went in. They fit us in right away, and we saw the same vet and tech we'd seen the day before. I'd taken a video of her having an episode, but by the time we arrived she was in the midst of another one and they got to see first hand what was going on.
I told them in detail about how she'd been that day (normal until the early evening), which of her medications she'd had (skin spray, wormer, ear wipes, ear ointment, and eye ointment that morning), what and how much she'd eaten/drunk (1 1/4c puppy food and 1/4c wet food over 5 meals, plenty of water), how her pottying was (fine, "normal" for her), all the details.

Her temp was normal, and heart rate was normal and lungs sounded fine. The vet even said her skin looked a bit better than it had the previous day. His initial suspicion was either anemia, or perhaps a reaction to one of her meds, though he wasn't certain. They took her to the back to draw blood (PCV/hematocrit) and watch her episode at greater length.

After a nail biting 20 minutes, he came back in and said her levels were seriously low for an average dog, but given her condition, they could be much worse. He's concerned, but not panicked about it just yet. He gave her an injection of vitamin B-complex, and prescribed some iron/vitamin drops. We're going back Friday for another blood draw, and if her levels haven't improved or have worsen, she'll need a transfusion. That's the bad news.

The good news is that these episodes are not seizures. There were a lot of technical terms, and while I grasped it all, I'm freaking exhausted and I'm not functionally at full capacity right now. ;) I'll try to explain as best I can.
The vet suspects she's having a toxicity reaction to the ointment used to treat her ear infection. Something in it's triggering the neurological responses for her tremors and her balance issues. While incredibly uncommon, this type of thing can crop up if the dog is sensitive to whatever drug prescribed. Since she has no medical history, we're going into all of this blind. Her ears were flushed out in order to get as much of the ointment out as possible, and the use of it immediately stopped. If this doesn't help, we'll start looking at other options.

There's a multitude of other things that could be triggering the tremors, but once you compile all the evidence and add in the fact she hadn't been trembling prior to adding in the drugs, it points to one of the drugs. If not, more extensive bloodwork will be done and we'll go from there.

We spoke to the staff and asked frankly if we were being selfish, if we were making her suffer. They don't believe so, and they think she can be saved. It'll be a long road, but she could come out on top despite it all. I completely trust them, and I was so glad to have that reassurance.

Left at 7pm, and it's 9:50 right now. She's still twitching and having trouble with her balance, but there's been slight improvements already: she's more alert and seems less frightened by them, she's walking completely under her own power for short potty breaks, and while she's still very clumsy, she's no longer face planting like she was before we went in.
She's peed twice, had a few sips of water and a few bites of chicken breast. Having her in blankets in her crate in the dark seems to really be helping her.

I'm hoping so hard that it was just the ear medications. I'm terrified every time I walk by her crate, petrified I'll look in it and find her dead. I didn't think I could get attached to a dog so quickly. I'm emotionally spent, and we've only just begun. All I want is for her to make it, and have a life that will help make up for the horrors she's endured. It's fucking heartbreaking.

So that's that. I'll try and get an update in on this post in the morning!

- Dachshund Mommy

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lucky's Vet Report

Hey, guys!

If you missed yesterday's post about the abandoned puppy we're caring for (and keeping, if she's okay with other dogs), go here and get caught up, then come back. :)

First I need to say a huge thank you to everyone who's helped contribute to Lucky's vet bills! She, and I, appreciate it so, so much. You all made me tear up. I'm incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing community. Thank you!

Lucky (that won't be her permanent name) went to the vet yesterday afternoon, and while she has a long road ahead of her, she's expected to make a full recovery!!!! I'm so, so happy she's going to be okay.

She did not have a microchip, which I'm admittedly thankful for. Once she's a bit better and if she's okay with my dogs (and they her, of course), I'll have her chipped. Yet another reason why microchipping your pets is invaluable! Not that Lucky's "owners", if she had any, would be concerned about her.....

She has the worst case of generalized demodex mange our vet had ever seen. While it's absolutely terrible for her, I'm beyond relieved it's not the highly contagious sarcoptic mange, so she poses no risk to my dogs. Demodex mange mites are on all dogs, and generally only puppies or dogs with suppressed immune systems are affected. They don't pose an issue to healthy adult dogs.

She is (obviously) severely emaciated. Her body condition is currently a 1, the lowest possible score. She weighed 23.8lbs.
The vet agreed with the frequent small, easy to digest meals, and prescribed some prescription canned food to add to her large breed puppy food.

The vet guessed her to be a Great Dane mix, and anywhere from 5 to 7 months old. I'm not sure how big she'll wind up being, or to what extent her extreme malnutrition and living conditions have stunted her. Maybe in the 90lbs range?

She had a skin scraping, fecal, ear swab, a shot to clear up the tape worms, and rabies vaccine done. She has a yeast infection in both ears, conjunctivitis in both eyes, tape and whipworms, and is basically a walking skin infection. The hole in her rump is guessed to be a pressure sore from just how thin she is. Her right ear is torn where it connects to her head, so instead of giving a wash that would sting a bit to help treat the ear infections, we were given medicated wipes and a tube of drops.

I use Banfield for my vet, and I couldn't be more thrilled with how they handled the situation. This is where Pike was neutered and had his regrown dew claw removed, too.
They were kind, compassionate, very helpful, took time to explain things to me, and best of all, they didn't push Lucky when she was done. They started to trim her nails, but she was getting stressed, so they immediately quit and let her be. They didn't manhandle her, and were just amazing. So happy with the experience we had!
I put her on their puppy Wellness plan (Nola was on it, and it did help hugely), what with all the medication and office visits, so that's helped ease some financial strain. $100 saved on this visit alone.

As of right now, the biggest concerns are getting weight back on her and getting this mange under control. Once that's on the mend, she'll continue with her vaccines until she's completed them. Rabies was only done for the safety of everyone involved. I'm glad all my dogs are up to date on their vaccines in this situation!

She is on the follow to help her poor body heal. It looks like an old person's medicine cabinet!

- Medicated shampoo (every other day)
- Soothing medicated spray (4-6x daily)
- Medicated ear wipes (2x a day)
- Ear drops/ointment (2x a day)
- Panacur wormer for the whip worms (1x a day for 3 days)
- Antibiotics (1x a day for 14 days)
- Eye ointment (2x a day)

My mom is picking up Lucky's Ivermectin later today, so that will be added into the mix.

We'll be doing weekly weigh ins so her medicine dosage can be adjusted as she gains her weight back. We have another exam in two weeks time, and in 30 days she'll have another skin scraping. With mange (at least Demodex), you want two clear skin scrapings before you pronounce the mange clear.

She's the sweetest thing ever. Didn't have a problem with any of the poking, prodding, noise or smells of the vet. Fell asleep sprawled in my arms while we waited.

You can see how long her nails are in this one. Not sure if you can tell, but I'm smeared in the poor girl's blood. 

So...yeah! An hour later and $400 poorer ;), Lucky is on the road to recovery. Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts!

This coat was only $3 at PetsMart, and even though we're in Florida, nights are chilly, especially for her! I'm thin, so I can't even grasp how cold she must be when I'm freezing. 

This girl wants you to know that she's still very much the center of the universe!

- Dachshund Mommy

Monday, October 19, 2015

No Words for This Kind of Horror

Hey, guys.

So Saturday afternoon while out for a drive, I spotted a dog on the side of the road. Very thin, but she moved too quickly for me to see much else. There were granola bars and some cashews in the car, so turned around and drove back to her, thinking of giving her the food. Pulled over, and nearly swallowed my tongue. Here comes this emaciated dog, literally every bone in her body poking out against her skin, covered in scabs, cuts and sores, and nearly completely hairless. I don't even know how she was alive. You'll see in a minute what I'm talking about.

Seeing this dog, a fucking puppy, in this state made red stain the edges of my vision, my stomach churn, and tears prick my eyes. Crouched on the side of the road, hand feeding this walking skeleton, tears running down my faces and how broken she was. I couldn't leave her. I just couldn't. I gathered her bloody body into my arms, put her in the car, and off we went.

Of course, this happened later in the afternoon on the weekend in a small town, so no vets were open. Called Banfield, called the e-vet, and both suggested taking her to animal control. The shelter in this town is tiny and overrun; they'd take one look at this puppy and have her put to sleep. Not on my watch. After getting some advice on how to keep her comfortable until vet offices opened on Monday, she came home.

She had an oatmeal bath to clean her and sooth her skin, ticks pulled off, ears cleaned, she had her nails trimmed as her dew claws were starting to grow back into her legs, and she had a Capstar to get rid of her ranging flea infestation.
She's been getting small, easy to digest meals every hour or two, along with very frequent small amounts of electrolyte water. She's being sprayed down with Vetericyn Wound Spray (if you have any kind of animal, that stuff is worth its weight in gold) four or five times a day, and is getting plenty of rest. She's peeing and pooping normally too, which is good. We'll be going into the vet's today.

I can't even put into words the horrible shape this girl is in. I'm almost certain she's suffering from severe mange (which variety, I'm not sure, so she's not allowed to interact with the dogs, is only being walked in the front yard where the dogs don't go, whatever she touches is being disinfected, she's confined to her crate when not eating, ect), in addition to being totally emaciated. There is no fat, and no muscle on this dog. She's literally skin stretched tight over bones. You can count her bones, even the ones in her face.
She has hair on her tail, patches on her legs, and a few pieces on the rest of her body, but is otherwise bald. Her skin is grey, scabbed and full of sores, sunburnt and rough. She has a lacerated ear, and a sizable puncture of some form in her rump. She was so weak on Saturday she could barely stand, but after food, water, and warmth, she was moving better yesterday afternoon, and was more alert and interested in saying hi and having pets.
She has worms, what smells like a double ear infection (Nola used to get them before her food allergy was figured out, and they have such a distinctive stench), and is more than likely anemic from the sheer amount of fleas and ticks she had on her. Her nails are overgrown, like I said, causing her feet to splay like crazy. Her eyes are discharge-y, too.

She's a young dog, if not a full out puppy. She has enormous paws, and a very puppy face. She has a good bit of adult teeth in, but they're still bright white and show no dullness of age. She's bigger than a beagle, smaller than a lab. Right now she's maybe 20-25lbs. What little fur she does have is the same color as Nola's. She's maybe 8 months, at most?

She is the sweetest dog. She's never once given so much as a calming signal throughout all of this, despite being in serious pain. She's gentle, very friendly, and seems to like kids. Curious and likes to be near people. To have gone through all of this and still be such a gentle soul is astounding.

I don't know how she ended up like this, but I'd put money on her being someone's pet at some point. She can walk on a leash, knows what a food bowl looks like and a treat bag sounds like, has no issues with a crate, isn't phased by sounds of a home (vacuum, TV, ect). She's heartbreaking to watch.

As of right now, she's being called Lucky Puppy (original, I know). My main concern is getting her healthy, and go from there. She could very well wind up staying here, provided she doesn't show any dog issues once she's better.

Warning: While I didn't take any up close photos of her more nasty problem areas, it hurts to look at her. These pictures are upsetting, and just plain stomach turning. 

To give you an idea of just how shrunken she is, this martingale leash was made for 10lb Nola. Granted, it's open more than how she wears it, but I never thought it would fit on a dog this size. 

I plan and budget precisely for my dogs, but this came right out of left field. While I'm assuming full responsibility for all her care, I'm not independently wealthy. I've swallowed my pride, and set up a GoFund me account you can find here. If you'd like to help with Lucky's vet bills, it'd be greatly appreciated. If you can't, or don't want to, that's okay, too. No pressure either way. She's getting help, no matter what. 

We're off to the vet's, and I'll update on what they said tomorrow. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, I'll probably post a quick update there once we're done. Wish her luck!

- Dachshund Mommy