Monday, September 21, 2015

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Small Dog Owner

Hey, everyone!

A few days ago Walks With Rama wrote a great post about 10 Irritating Situations Owners of Large/Guarding Breeds Must Face, and it's fantastic. I grew up with Mastiffs, and vividly remember some of the things she mentions! People can be beyond stupid and tactless sometimes....

Anyway, it got me thinking about being on the "other side", and the things people will say to small dog owners. I've had some of the most "did you really just say that?" moments, both in person and online. Walks With Rama's post made me want to do the small dogs' version!

10. "Hey, an ankle biter!"

Just. Shut. Up. This is usually said by some super macho guy wrangling a large dog that he absolutely cannot handle. This has happened several times at the off leash beach, and it both annoys and amuses me. Here I am, with my "ankle biter" calmly preforming an off leash heel, and there you are, with your over-excited or flat out aggressive large dog straining at the end of its leash. Ass. 

She is not amused. 

9. "Oh, your dachshund is an 'intense' dog? Right."

No, she's not a Border Collie, nor is she a German Shepherd. However, just because she small does not mean she's not an intense, intelligent, high energy dog. Terriers and Dachshunds may be small, but the pack a punch.  You're welcome to spend the day with her if you think otherwise.....

8. "Should she be doing...that?"

I do so love this one. I've heard it more times than I can count while on walks with her, when I post active photos, when running her, ect. I fail to see how her size correlates with her activity level. She is obviously fit and is keeping up without problem. You do realize this is a hunting breed, right?

7. "Why don't you get a cat?"

This one boggles me. The only similarities between my dogs and a cat are their weights, and Nola climbs trees. If I wanted a cat, I'd get a cat. I wanted a dog, so I got one (and then some). Mine are just fun-sized.

It's Cat-Dog!

6. "They're cute, but they aren't real dogs."

How? How exactly are they not real dogs? They can do whatever a big dog can, except for a few exceptions like guide work and IPO/protection work. Jackass.

Looks real. Feels real. Smells real. Acts real. Is real!

5. "She's cute! So's the other girl!"

Not all small dogs are girls, if you can believe that. While I appreciate Nola nearly always being correctly pegged as a girl despite being swathed in blue, the constant mis-judging of Pike's gender is really bruising his masculine ego. He says so himself.

Not a girl. Just wishes he was. 

4. "Why are you forcing her to walk? They make purses for them, you know."

This one usually comes from small dog owners of the Chihuahua and fluffy white things variety, and it drives me bug-fuck. Her legs fully function, and she's a tornado of energy. She is perfectly capable of walking, and prefers it to being carried.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against putting your dog in a bag - if you don't use it as its main form of transport. Nola is "bag trained", and will ride in a carrier or purse in big crowds or places where dogs aren't allowed on the ground. It's an important skill IMO, but it shouldn't be their life!

Just try and carry me. Go ahead, I dare you. 

3. "Well isn't that...cute." *insert condescending smile* "I'm sure you'll have fun."

This one is at dog events. Apparently my small dog is incapable of being taught anything, so when we're competing she's not a contender. It happened both with her Canine Good Citizen and at rally. And would you look at that, she passed both with flying colors.
As Shakespeare said:

2. "They're awful with kids!"

It seems my dogs forgot the memo on that one! They all adore kids, especially young ones. Pike will heel perfectly for a three year old, and Nola is best friends with aforementioned 3 year old. They're best friends! You won't find a gentler, more loving dog with kids than Nola. Her usual Tasmanian Devil persona just melts away around kids.

She's not at all stressed here. It was 95 degrees out, and she always holds her ears like that before being tossed a treat. 

1. "I want one! They're like living stuffed animals!"

 photo giphy_zps7t94h6cg.gif

It would appear that I've been harboring some grudges, haha! What about you? What annoying things do you hear when out with your dogs?

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. I've gotten (from people in the community, not friends) "why didn't you get a puppy instead of an old dog, you'll just have lots of vet bills and she'll die soon".

    Because she deserves to be happy for once and it's a happiness best shared. I'd rather have 3 years of joy condensed down into something as bright as the sun than a new puppy.

  2. BOL so funny! We know the feeling! We especially want to laugh or punch the person when they look at us and say Those pugs always have breathing problems!! NOT!
    Lily & Edward

  3. Oh yep, we understand completely! Grrrr!

  4. Mum gets PO'd at people who comment when we are in a store -- even when I have myService Dog jacket on and (even if I don't) and I am attached to her chair!! She also gets mad when dogs who are obviously NOT service dogs are in the store (grocery stores especially)!!

  5. People say crazy things ;). They aren't real dogs? Um, what, lol!!

  6. People drive me nuts. Lol! Are they twins? Are they twins? Are they siblings? Hey are your dogs twins?
    It gets old so fast.

  7. OMG I hate people that says little dogs are not REAL dogs. That is so f-ing annoying. I don't think a dog the size of a rhino is a REAL dog's a freaking rhino and I don't want that destroying my home. So there! Haha

  8. Unfortunately far too many people are not so bright. You just can't cure ignorant!

  9. You mean they're NOT stuffed animals???? Damn! color me surprised!!! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  10. People ask me if my corgis can run......I tell them a grown man would not be able to out run them....maybe in the first few yards.....but my corgis can SPRINT for two miles, grown men....not so much ;-)

  11. Omg, I know what you mean! I always get told huskies are part wolves and I should be careful around my kids with them..... UM....NO! They are dogs.... not wolves!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. 9 & 8 were the two I always think about with small dogs. So many people think that every small dog will be happy sitting on their lap. But lots of small dogs are intense and smart and need lots of stimulation they can't get on someone's lap on the couch.

    I love small dog people who give their dogs good lives as dogs.

    And in truth, one reason I'm a big dog person is because I don't think I'm good enough to train my small dog (instead of just picking her up because it's easier). Because you're right. dachshunds and other pups in that range are definitely fun-sized. :)

  13. The girl thing happens with Skipper absolutely all the time. And his fur doesn't even cover his boy parts--people just make the assumption right away.
    It still bothers me that about 90% of the people we meet think Skipper is an Italian Greyhound, or a mix of one and then give that doubtful, "Hmm, really?" When I assure them he is a purebred Rat Terrier with birth and kennel club record to prove it.

  14. #4 and #8 are my biggest pet peeves (no punn intended)! I just wrote a blog post today about hiking long distances with a small dog because a woman commented the other day, after I announced our weekend hiking plans, that I was using bad judgement and "Dachshunds aren't made for" things like hiking long distances. Like you said, "You know they are hunting dogs, right?" They are bred for covering ground. While it's true that, like with any dog or people, they have to be conditioned to hike long distances but a dog's size has little to do with what they are capable of as far as endurance goes.

  15. #1 drives me completely insane!! And I love the term 'bug-fuck' - hahaha!!

  16. For many years I did not like small dogs especially dachshunds.

    The story of how I came to love this breed above all others is far too long to tell here. All I can say is that it happened in a typical dachshund way, that is funny and unusual and it involved a very special miniature longhaired dachshund.

    People still find it funny to see an old man who is big and tall waling a mini dachshund on a leash. To add to the humor she sometimes struts as if she is really proud of me. It's like she is saying "Look at me and my wonderful human!!"

    I have endured some off the wall comments. I usually just ignore them but there was one fellow in a store once that I just up and walked away from. Fortunately I have had far more positive comments than negative.

  17. For a long time I really despised small dogs, but i've come to realize that just like any type of dog it is the owners that I truly can't stand.
    My neighbor's daughter has a min pin/chihuahua mix, he's a terror, barks all day, has awful manners, first time I met him he wouldn't quite being a brat and kept barking at me so I swooped down picked him up and proceeded to ignore him. LoL he was shocked! He quite barking at me and now we're buddies. :-) He really only listens to me.


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