Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How I Keep My Dog Costs So Stupidly Low

Hey, guys!

Ask and you shall receive! Today is the follow-up to yesterday's monthly cost post. I'm going to do a quick post telling you a few things I do to keep my dog related expenses so low.
A few costs are kept down simply by being a blogger: I can't remember the last time I bought dog treats! Others are related to having small dogs, and of course having young dogs with no health problems is a huge relief on my wallet. For the most part though, this is what I do.

5. Sometimes you have to spend in order to save

People will often be shocked when they ask and find out just how much the swanky collar, leash or tag my dog is sporting was, and will ask just how I could possibly spend that much on something for my dog. They can't imagine spending $90+ on a collar or $20 on a tag, when they can "get a perfectly good one from Petsmart" for $10 for a collar, or $7 for a tag. 
I used to think that, too, until I started adding up just how much I was spending when my rough and tumble girl was destroying her gear every few months. It was insane! Now I go for high quality, and while a higher price tag comes along with it, it will last Nola most - if not all - her life. Nola has had her Paco Collars and leashes for over a year now, and there's not a single sign of wear. Same with her Aggie's Anvil tags. She's not gentle with her things, either!

4. Instead of buying new toys, put the ones you have on rotation

I don't buy dog toys unless it's someone's birthday, or a visit to the vet. Instead, I switch out the toy box every week or so. The "new" toys go in the closet until it's time to hit the box, then the old ones take their place. Rinse and repeat. The dogs think they're getting new toys, they're kept engaged, and my wallet doesn't cry. Dog toys are so expensive!

Keeping certain toys out of reach except during playtime also helps extend the life of them, plus keeps them at a high value. This pink flamingo is She Devil's favorite!

3. Be cost effective

Instead of buying the 5lb bag of top notch kibble for $25, spend the extra $10 or so and get 15lbs, ect. You can always freeze what might go bad, and it's a great way to stretch your dollar.

2. Need vs. Want

I want a lot of things for my dogs, and sometimes I splurge and buy them. However, if you want to save money you simply have to honestly think whether or not this purchase is something your pup truly needs, or if it's just something you want. That bag of Orijen? Need. That fun FitPaws balance equipment? Want.

1. Deals, deals, deals.

I love a good bargain, and the rush of finding a good deal is something else. ;) When you find a good deal, stock up on it. Join store rewards programs, dog food Facebook groups (The Dog Food Nerds of Facebook is a good one that's very friendly and supports all food types) that often share deals, and sites like Groupon. Certain websites often run deals, and it never hurts to Google a promo code before checking out on online orders. Auto-shipping also tends to give you a 10-15% discount.
PetFlow is always running deals, and they have a huge selection for both dogs and cats. Chewy.com has an auto ship program, too.

The other day someone shared an amazing Groupon deal on the aforementioned dog food Facebook group. It's for Coupaw.com, and it gives you a $50 promo code/voucher. All you need to do is put $50 or more in your cart, enter the code PET83618282, and bam, there you go. I placed an order on Sunday, and got my shipping notification yesterday. I placed two orders, and they were:

Acana Grassland (grain free), 15lbs, normally $45.99 + shipping
Would-be total: $50.94
I paid $0.94. 


Acana Pacifica (grain free), 5lbs, normally $19.99
Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage (grain inclusive), 14lbs, normally $25.99 
Earthborn Holistic Wild Sea Catch cat food (grain free), 14lbs, normally $28.95
+ shipping
Would-be total: $79.83
I paid $29.84

The Pacifica is for Nola, the Earthborn Vantage is for everyone else since Nola doesn't handle grain inclusive well, the cat food is for my sister's kitties, and the Grasslands will be for all my pups. Like I mentioned earlier, you can store kibble in the freeze to greatly extend the shelf life. 

So that's how I do it! Hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks. :) What are some ways you save money?

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. You're awesome! We do a raw diet and it's cost efficient because we use some of the same things the dogs eat so we buy in bulk!

  2. Dachshund Mommy knows her stuff, Nola!


  3. That coupon is a good one! I just got 2- 5 lb. bags of Orijen Six Fish dry food for the price of just shipping, $4.53! I mainly feed raw but kibble is good for when I forget to thaw something or when I travel, and the freezer tip is a good one. Thanks!

  4. OMG that CouPaw code is AMAZING! I ordered a 5lb bag of Orijen, a 5lb bag of Acana and a 2-pack of Benebones - thank you so much! I missed it on Dog Food Nerds.

  5. Great post! These are awesome tips! This past week was the first time we've had to purchase treats since I started reviewing stuff. Not too bad! Lol

  6. That is amazing! Thanks do much for sharing! I think I'm going to go order some dog food now!

  7. You are so very good with your expenses! Mom has a clear problem when it comes it 'want' vs. 'need'. Not that it bothers ME... I could always use that new toy or treat! BOL

    Thanks for all those tips, though...especially that Groupaw site...and the Dog Food Nerds one...mom is going to check them both out.

  8. I am working on want vs need. That is helping me save a lot of $. I also buy stuffed toys at the thrift shop for like .99 cents for them to play with. They are big so they eat more (we go through 6 cups of food here a day) but I am so looking for those promo codes! We don't have as many places that ship in Canada but there must be some!

  9. Just tried the coupon code, it's expired! Thanks though, that's awesome that others got it!

  10. I'm always admiring Nola's collar. Since Chester and Gretel wear harnesses though it's a want :)

    I admit that I don't budget when it comes to spending on Chester and Gretel. You would think that their size would help keep the costs down but not so much. My goal this year is to have my blog and consulting business cover all of the dog's costs, the cost to run my blog and websites, and have a little extra to help keep the lights on.

  11. Thanks for the tips! I love Nola's collar and tag - I also have a couple of custom tags from Aggie's Anvil :)


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