Monday, July 6, 2015

(a very) Little of This, Little of That

Hey, guys!

Hope y'all had a happy 4th of July weekend, or just a happy weekend for all my non-U.S. readers! Mine was pretty good; I had Thursday and Friday off (first consecutive two days off in a few weeks!), and worked Saturday and Sunday. Today's post is just going to be a very quick bit of this and that of recent things that have been going on here.

Reading so many Facebook and blog posts about dogs and fireworks has me even more grateful that none of my dogs are very noise sensitive. Pike had a bit of whining and pacing, but everyone else was fine. Nola...she slept through them!

After trying so many foods for everyone but Nola (she's good with a mix of Fromm, Acana and some Merrick on rotation), I'd settle on Eukenuba as one of the few things that worked for them. Since this current bag is nearly empty, I decide to try them on Whole Earth Farms. It's a really good quality food for an awesome price at, so I'm hopeful it works for them. They have both grain free and grain inclusive options. Pike's stomach usually can't handle the richness of grain free, so they're testing the grain inclusive.

I finally got around to buying some professional photo lighting, backdrops and a few other props! I'm insanely excited for those to get here. Literally itching to try them out! I ordered yesterday and am already obsessively checking my email for a shipping notification, ha.

I bought this bed over a year ago, and Nola's only recently started using it! Such is the way of dogs.

My book blog is doing very well for being less than two months old. I squealed like a little girl when I received advanced reader copies of three of my most anticipated releases of 2015 to review. Only the truly nerdy bookworms can understand that level of excitement. :p

Nothing else has really been going on here lately. Just lots of work since it's summer and starting to peak into the height of vacation season. Other than that, not much! It's obscenely hot here when it's not raining, which seems to be an almost daily occurrence lately. I thought this was Florida, not Washington!

What's been going on with you guys?

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Best of luck with the studio lighting setup! I look forward to seeing the results! :)

  2. I am starting on Acana. So far so good
    Lily (& Edward)

  3. What a lovely looking doggy bed! Nola looks to be sat in pure heaven!

    It's toys, with my dogs... finding old toys is like buying brand new ones!

  4. That's awesome that you got advance copies of some books and I'm really glad your book blog is going well! I really like it! I also think it's awesome your pups were okay with the fireworks!

    As you probably know, we've had a rough week. Zoe has been refusing to walk or leave the apartment really and she is not wanting to eat her food. I hope she calms down soon. :(

  5. I wish Hailey was like your pups with the fireworks. She isn't as stressed as Zoe, but stressed enough and in a week we have had 5 nights (life in cottage country Canada).

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new photography tool!

  6. Sounds like really good things going on overall! My Mom is especially interested in all your new photography equipment! She's eyeballed such things more then a time or two, but so far has been able to deny the urge. So far.

  7. It has been an unpleasantly rainy summer here in the DC area. Clouds and rain pretty much every day! By this time in the summer, it is usually dry and in need of rain. A happy medium would be nice.

  8. We were hoping to have cooler weather here in NY butt that didn't happen. It's been hot and humid with quite a bit of rain too. We can relate!

    I've been nursing a badly infected paw and today see the Vet for the 3rd time since we've been home. Mommy's been busy getting G-Pa Bob settled into his new Home. We hope to get a post up shortly.

    We can't wait to see what new equipment you purchased. Mommy said she would be on the computer every day checking the delivery too!

    Love ya,
    Lily Belle

  9. I'm really grateful that my dogs are not bothered by fireworks/thunder as well. Jealous of your lighting and props!


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