Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Musings: Multiple Blogs, Work, Social Media, and Travel Plans

Hey, everyone! Holy shit, y'all, I can't believe it's the second week of June already. That just does not seem possible.

Today's post will be a bit of a ramble. I wanted to do a post on one of these topics, but none felt long enough; figured I'd just cram 'em into one post and call it a day. ;)

It's the time of year where work really starts to pick up for me. I currently work in the vacation service industry, and am laying the foundation for my own business while I'm at it. It's scary to think about having your own business and not having the reliability of someone else giving you a paycheck, but the lure of being my own boss and making my money perfectly counteracts that fear. It'll be challenging, but I'm excited to start the journey.

That's beside the point though. I only brought up work because as I get busier, I'm more aware of just how much time I spend on the blog. Posting, photographing, working with companies for reviews, commenting, ect. Just for this blog, I spend an average of 45-60 minutes every single day without fail. On the 2-3 days a week I sit down and schedule out posts, it can be an additional two hours or more, when you factor in photo editing.
On top of that, I started a book blog three weeks ago (Good In The Stacks, if you're curious). It's doing surprisingly well for being brand spankin' new, and me being completely out of my element in the book blogging community; it's a much more introverted group than dog blogging is, and I never thought I'd be the extrovert in a group :p. Reading has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I'm in love with having a book blog. I'm going to venture into book vlogging as well in the near future. Me, an overachiever? Never. :p
Anyways, there's another 1-2 hours a day with that blog (book reviews are a bitch to write, let me tell you). I spend a lot of time blogging, and it's a lot go work. However, it almost never feels like it. I truly enjoy blogging, and being part of the community. It's a pleasure and a privilege to be friends with you, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It really is true that if you do what you love, success will follow.

Okay, here's something I could use some help with: Social Media. How do y'all manage it?? Currently this blog has a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest (well, it's my Pinterest but there's blog stuff on there, too). The book blog has Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I'm good with Pinterest, because I must PIN ALL THE THINGS. I've become obsessed with Instagram, because hello filters. Facebook is easy, since I'm on there a lot anyway. I can't get my ass into gear with Twitter or YouTube, though. How do you all manage to keep up with your social media?
Shameless pimping: there's a spot to follow us on all of the above mentioned places right there >>>> in the side bar. :D

We'll be going on vacation in the early fall, and I'm so excited! We'll be flying somewhere north (Boston, perhaps), and Miss Nola is coming. The Minions will either be kenneled or stay with a sitter. You really have no idea how excited I am. I haven't been on a real vacation in years, and I haven't flown since I was a toddler. Despite that, I love to travel. I can't wait to visit everything, find dog friendly spots, scope out the best bookstores, and take a million photos.
I'm not anticipating any problems with Nola. She's a go with the flow type of dog when it comes to going anywhere, and so long as she's with me she's cool. She's been "purse trained" since puppyhood, and is crate trained, but we're already starting to make her travel carrier a very positive thing. More about our trip will be told when the kinks get worked out.

On top of that...I'm 97% sure that both Nola and I will be attending BlogPaws 2016 in Arizona next year. :D

I told you it'd be a ramble!

Do you travel with your pup? Planning any trips this year?

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. It was a ramble but a good ramble. You have lots going on ... and I thought I was busy ... LOL! Your vacation sounds like a lot of fun. We usually always travel with the boys. They are a bit harder to take everywhere though because of their size. So when we travel we drive.

  2. Wow, very busy!!!
    I am going on holiday and taking the peeps back to 'My Tower' again this year, I know, I know, I'm spoiling them by taking them on holiday wiv me but I am a very generous sort of Princess
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Oh goodness DM, you sure ARE busy! We're happy to say we've found you on IG! Now we can stalk you even more.

    Mommy & Muffin always used to travel by plane together and Muffin is the easiest to travel with. She sleeps the entire way no matter how or where they travel. Me, Lily Belle, on the other hand HATE to travel and HATE even more to be in a crate. I especially hate the 2 day ride traveling back and forth from NY to FL, etc.

    Love you,
    Lily Belle

  4. There is no way I could keep up with more than one blog and its associated social media! I had a horse blog as well (before the dog blog, actually) but let it fall by the wayside.

    I really hope you can make it to Blog Paws! I'm about 90% sure Boca and I will be there too.

  5. There's just way too much social media out there for me to keep up! I don't even have a Twitter ID. With a full time job plus commuting, there aren't enough hours in the day!

  6. Another great post :D

    I've nominated you for the Liebster award!

  7. Woofs! its been busy for us too and social media can be overwhelming. We use Hootsuite. You can manage(scheduled) tweets, you can also manage your other social media accounts. Once you understand it, its easy. Good Luck!!! Oh we love IG (Instagram) and new obsession is iphonephotography :-) Good Luck n Woofs to Nola :-)

  8. First of all, I love your new header! (Grandmother, what big teeth you have! :P )!! Secondly, congrats on your new blog (I love it!!!) and starting your own business! Exciting stuff! :D

    I have a really hard time keeping up with all the social media for my blog, too and I'm not working right now so that's saying something. Generally, twitter gets sort of neglected. I am on Triberr and tweets are scheduled automatically. I can even schedule to share other members tweets automatically so all of my favorite bloggers who are also on Triberr have scheduled tweets. I try to have everything go through automatically as much as possible. Pinterest is also sort of neglected although I do try to pin things as much as possible. Those are two accounts I wish I could build up more. I also join as many of the blogger "share" things as possible on the facebook group I added you to. With youtube I just post videos when I feel like it but again I'd love to get better at that, too.

  9. WOW that's a busy schedule you've got going about being good at juggling! My 'momager' is always struggling with social media outlets, and we don't even use that many (currently just Facebook and Instagram). We tried Twitter but just couldn't get the hang if it at all, so that went away. My mom LOVES pinterest, too, and we do have one for Poodle At Play, but it's in serious disuse. Instagram...well...we've got a good love affair with that one! As for Facebook, well...really that's just become a sort of extension for our Instagram more then anything else.

    A trip to Boston, that sounds like lots of fun! I've heard rumors that at the end of July we *might* be going to someplace in North Carolina for a week. Not really sure on that yet, though.

  10. Managing the social stuff on two blogs is a lot of work. I did it for a while, then gave up after a couple years. Scheduling is key for me. There is a fairly good chance we will be at blogpaws too next year, right in my neck of the woods and all. That would be fun to meet finally.

  11. Holy moly you're busy! I totally understand though - I have the blog, twitter, IG and FB for myself; then twitter, IG, website and FB page for the rescue...then 2 each ofFB pages, twitters, LinkedIn accounts, websites, newsletter, etc for my "paying job". Some days, I just want to unplug. But I think if you did, you'd miss it as much as I did. :-)

  12. I have my own business. It is what keeps me from Blogging like I would like to, but that is the price you pay. I can't imagine working for anyone now! The risk is worth the reward!

    I can't really comment on social media because I only use Twitter and mainly for the news. I can't dedicate more time to it.

    I have one car trip this summer with the dogs. Most of the traveling I want to do is international so too hard to take the pups!

    Safe travels and good luck with everything!

  13. Holy cow, you do have a lot on your plate! And starting a new blog too (which I'll visit because I didn't know there was such a thing as book blogging). I'm agreeing with you, the social media is overwhelming. And I only do FB, IG, and (occasionally) Pinterest (I have a separate P acct. for the blog but I'm usually on my personal one). Since mine is a hobby, not pro, blog, I unplug at times when I'm just to busy or just sick of sitting on the computer. But I do love my blog friends and sharing on Terra Toby.


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