Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Not All Glitz and Glamour + Dental Care

Miss Nola is usually thrilled to do product reviews, but sometimes....well, life as a blogging, product testing diva isn't as easy as it seems. ;)

I've worked extensively with my dogs to be tolerant of bathing, and stay put during the scrubbing and rinsing process, so it's an ordeal like it is with most dogs. She's a good sport. ;)

Yesterday Laura of Rubicon Days asked about Nola's food and dental routine. I personally don't think food has too much to do with how good your dog's teeth look, but Nola is on Fromm Four Star Grain Free Dry Dog Food. She is absolutely thriving on it! The kibble pieces are the perfect size, her coat is gorgeous, poops are small, ect.
As for her dental care, I've been brushing her teeth every night since she was about five months old, and she's now 4.5 years old. I don't use any special brush or toothpaste, just diligently do it for around 20-30 seconds every night. It works!


  1. Agree about the food and dental hygiene. We heard Fromm kibble was pretty good.
    Lily & Edward

  2. Oh Nola...a bath product review? Those are the worst! Baths...blech! When I was a puppy Mom started brushing my teeth, too. To her dismay (and my delight!) she doesn't do it as often as she'd like. It's something she keeps on telling me we're going to start doing nightly soon...yikes...

  3. LOL! The girls feel Nola's bath pain! They tolerate it, too but they don't love it!

  4. I have to confess to NEVER brushing my dogs' teeth. But my vet always asks about it because their teeth and gums look so good (esp. Wilson at nearly 12). A lifetime of a raw diet really does help the teeth.

  5. Didn't you use to make Nola's food? What prompted the change and why Fromm?

  6. She looks so stinking cute in the sink. Seriously.

  7. I love her "I'm just going to stand here and pretend this isn't happening" expression!


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