Friday, May 29, 2015

Dachshund Nola Mini Reviews: GoMotion LiteBelt

Hey, everyone! I just have a super quick review for you today since I don't have much time and am cramming to schedule a few posts. Between my work, starting my own business, running two blogs (both this one and my brand new book blog, which you can find here if you're interested :D) and their corresponding social media, gardening, reading, and of course the pups, I'm super busy!

Okay, let's get to it. Today's review is of the GoMotion LiteBelt 100. Here's a quick bit about it:

100 lumen CREE LED mounted at waist level on a super-comfortable waist belt for comfort and convenience. Breathable hex mesh - our lightest belt to date! Two pockets in safety orange. Built in red flashing LEDs. Reflective badge and trim. Light weight for recreational running, nordic skiing, and walking. Great for walking the dog after dark (or before light). 
  • 3-Level Beam Intensity 
  • Flood to Spotlight Beam Control 
  • Adjustable Beam Angle 
  • Two Flashing Rear LED Tail-lights 
  • 3 AA Energizer batteries Included  
  • Low Battery Signal

I really loved how this belt had two generously sized zippered pockets on either side. Great spot to put a few dog treats, poop bags, or even your clicker. One side has a special spot to put your phone/iPod earbuds through, but fair warning for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus users: it's a very tight fit. Mine is just the 6, so I don't think a 6 Plus could even fit in it and zipper.
There is a flashing red light in the back, and an adjustable light on the front. They're easy to turn on and off, or brighten or dim. The belt is easy to put on, and comes in one size. I wish it was sized though - I'm thin with no hips to speak of, so there was a lot of slack left dangling against my leg. Being in Florida, it was fairly warm to wear but not as bad as I was expecting. Again with my small frame, it felt a bit bulky, but overall it's a very well designed product.

- Dachshund Mommy


  1. Hi Dachshund Mommy, I was reading your interesting post on different types of dog food. I have two Doxies and one has runny eyes all the time. Do you think this be from her food? I asked the vet and she said to give her Benadryl which I do not like to do. (it makes her sleepy) Thanks

  2. That looks like a great product.

  3. That is a really cool product. We never saw it before
    Lily & Edward

  4. That sure is cool!


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