Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Camp Hellen, Part 2

Our weekend fun, part two! 

PS: Nola's leash is from Paco Collars, specifically their build your own leash section. It was a bit pricy, but was some of the best money I've ever spent. It's 6ft long, 1/2" wide, has a snap on the handle and a floating O ring on the body, so it's great to tether her to something or even wear as an over the shoulder leash. It's the only leash I use, and it goes through hell and back! Mud, sand, puppy, burrs, saltwater, ect, and still looks brand new.

Lots of stays were practiced on this walk!

Nola's drawn to water like a mouth to flame.

Signs of spring

Some impulse control

These are the cute little historic buildings in part of the park.


  1. Mom has gone to Florida a million times but never visited the gulf side. So beautiful
    Lily & Edward

  2. I have to laugh when I see all your photos. Your walks must take as long as mine, if not longer, because of all the stops for photo opportunities!

    And this time her ear is blowing in the breeze in the last pic - love it!

    Blueberry is also drawn to water - when I take her to the preserve, she actually picks up the pace significantly when she hears the water bubbling around the next bend. It's especially a huge draw for her in the summer.

  3. These pictures are just as great as yesterday's. No wonder it needed to be two posts. Its so much fun being able to take so many pictures on a hike. And thanks for the information on the leash. Went to the site and LOVE it. Will be adding that to my birthday wish list (and if I don't get it I'll spend the money).

  4. I'd love to be taking that walk with you. Looks like a pretty day in some very pretty scenery. Sounds like heaven right about now in the awful winter we are having!

  5. I love all of the photos! That place looks absolutely wonderful!

  6. What great pics! and looks like you guys had a pawsome time!
    Ruby ♥


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