Monday, January 5, 2015

Pike is 11 months old and Olivia is 6 months old

Actually, Pike turns 11 months on Wednesday and Livvy turned 6 months yesterday, but close enough.

Livvy has grown up a lot this month. She's almost 8lbs now, and is nearly as big as Nola. She's a very short and stocky girl. House trained and knows sit, touch, watch me, "ouch!!" (she's a nibbler when she's excited) and come. Impulse control is a work in progress...haha. She's still fantastic in her crate, although I sincerely hope Pike teaches her that we like to sleep in whenever possible.

She's been getting more and more "lax" time, where I'm not breathing down her neck and letting her have almost as much freedom as Pike (Nola needs no supervision. Pike is perfect, except for his love of climbing on my nightstand to steal lotion and Chapstick). So far, so good. She's really starting to teethe now, so that freedom has been restricted the last week or so as she has a particular fondness for whicker (I swear, I don't know what it is with my dogs and whicker. Pike loved it, too).

She is completely fearless! Nothing phases this girl. She has an amazing temperament: friendly, outgoing, independent without blowing you off, playful, good off switch, gets along fantastically with dogs of all sizes and adores kids. She takes everything in stride.
She has great prey and hunt drive, which I absolutely love. Nola adores her, and they are always playing. She's rough and tumble, and Livvy-Lou loves it.

I can't believe my Pike Puppy is almost a year old! :( That just doesn't seem possible. It really feels like just yesterday I brought the Merle Moron home, and yet it feels like he's always been here.

Pike has learned a nice solid "drop" cue. He can be all Tasmanian devil on a tug or frisbee, and will instantly drop it on command. He's also doing it with his ball and frisbee now. He comes full speed at me and spits the toy at my feet on cue.

He is incredibly high energy, and is still toy obsessed. The second I step outside, he dashes over to bring me a ball. I've slowly started letting him jump for his frisbee, and he's very good at catching it already. He lights up when it comes out.

One thing I've forgotten to mention about him is he absolutely refuses to eat more than 1/4 of a cup of food. If there's even a piece of kibble more than 1/4 cup, he'll leave it in his bowl. It's pretty funny, actually! Nola's always happy to finish what his snobby self won't, so nothing goes to waste.

She doesn't understand why the garden has a fence around it. Two hints: they like veggies and they love to dig.

Yelling at me for putting her out of the garden.

Told you they love digging! It's been nasty out so she's filthy. I appreciate Nola's coat so much more since getting Pike and Liv!

Yup. This sums him up.

His ears are usually down now, except when he's amped up for a toy.

Nola was done with sharing the job of digging. Liv wasn't impressed.

Finally put her weight back on. She got so, so thin. :(

Hello, there! She's so scruffy. I really need to buy some striping knives.

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to leave Nola in her Christmas collar  for so long, lol!

This boy loves to be groomed.

Nola...not so much.

See? Almost the same size now. I'd put money on Olivia being bigger than Nola.

You can see it here, too.

Slowly improving with stacking. Last month's photo is below.

Pike wonders why I'm in the garden and not throwing his ball. You can see how his ears are down here.


  1. What a good looking family!. My favorite photo is the one where Nola and Olivia are digging and Pike is supervising/shepherding.

  2. They are adorable! If I remember right you wanted to do agility with Pike? Will you show Olivia?

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Such a bunch of cuties. It does seem impossible Pike is that old.

  4. There are all so precious. You really have the perfect crew
    Lily & Edward

  5. Olivia is such a cutie. S0unds smart.

  6. We know all about digging and getting dirty.

  7. I especially love the spit bubbles on Pike's tongue in that one photo.

    They are all so different looking - yet they make it work!

  8. Time is flying by!!! All three look fabulous and happy. I hope you had a celebration over the two youngster's big days!

  9. They're so cute!! I really love the pictures of Pike where it looks like he's smiling! :D

  10. Olivia is beautiful!!! Such a cute fur family!


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