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Friday, January 30, 2015

January PetBox Review

Hey, everyone! It's time to review our January PetBox. Last review for this month! I can't believe how quickly this month has past. I have a few fun reviews and giveaways scheduled for February, so check back every Friday (or so) for those!

We received our January PetBox a few weeks ago, and this one just might be the dogs' favorite yet. This one had a pleasant mix of items that all four of my pups enjoyed, so let me show you what we got.

Definitely not something I would buy as their main diet due to ingredient quality, but as training treats (especially for Lincoln's crate training) these work nicely.
Before feeding kibble, I used to be pretty anal retentive about getting kibble in our boxes. I hated it. Since switching though, I like having the dogs try samples even if it isn't something I'd feed them primarily. 

These USA sourced, single ingredient (that's obvious, I hope) treats are a great alternative to the pig ears that make all my dogs violently sick. Nola was given this, and she loved it! It lasted about 15-20 minutes for her and didn't make too much mess that I saw, since she ate it in her crate.

We've gotten this chew before, albeit it a different flavor, and the dogs like them! This one is turkey and duck flavor, USA made, grain, gluten, soy and dairy free, and doesn't leave nasty stains like a bully stick does.

Oh my god, I don't think I've ever seen the dogs go so crazy as they did for these treats! As you know, we're frequent reviewers, so my dogs have become something of treat snobs. All four went absolutely gaga for these! All natural, high protein, 3 ingredients and USA made, what's not to love? I will for sure be getting more of these once we run out.

A cute and squeaky nylon toy. Not the most durable thing and the dogs are only allowed to play with it closely supervised (and then it's mostly gentle Pike), but they enjoy it and it's a fun size for them.

From the same company that makes the Twizzies, these treats are small with good ingredients and are fairly easy to break apart. Even though they're seafood flavored, the smell isn't as appalling as some other fishy treats. We've gotten many Smart n' Tasty treats in our PetBoxes, and the dogs have always enjoyed them.

Ruff and Tuff Snakes Chew Resistant Dog Toy (I can't find a link for the life of me)

I was thrilled to get a second toy in the box, especially a more durable one! All the pups loved this one, and so far it's held up fairly well to their play. It does get dirty extremely fast though!

This was one of the coveted bison treats.

The boys have become the toy models, it seems! Nola's picky with what she likes, and Olivia is a whirlwind, so they were more than happy to pick up the slack.

Overall, I was quite happy with this PetBox. If you'd like, you can use the code NOLA10 to receive 10% off your own PetBox.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

52 Snapshots of Life: Week 5

5th Thursday, which is good enough for me!


Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 200
Auto WB

This is one of our eight new chicks. This one will grow up to lay blue or light green eggs; we have several of these already and their eggs are stunning!
Every mid to late winter we get a few chicks to help replenish the flock. It's too cold to get them most places just yet, but since North Florida is relatively warm (to's cold as a well digger's asshole to me) chicks are for sale in most feed stores. It took me forever to come up with a photo for this prompt!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Olivia, In The Style Of Taylor Swift

"Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate and the playas gonna play play play and I'm just gonna shake shake shake shake, I shake it off, shake it off!!!"

Now you have that godforsaken song stuck in your head all day. Whoops.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Fantastic Four

This squeaky pig toy we received in our January PetBox has been a hit!

The treats, too.

Liv is almost 7 months old now!

My prettiest pup.

She's a great teacher. Showing Linc how to recall.

I can't believe he's almost one!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
18-55mm lens
ISO 800 

Join me and my co-host Sugar for the Black and White Sunday Blog Hop! Grab the badge and link up!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Hey, everyone! Today I have a review for one of my all time favorite companies: Ruffwear. Ruffwear makes high quality and incredibly durable products for dogs of all sizes. They offer jackets, collars, harnesses, backpacks, toys, beds, bowls and everything in-between. I have several of their products for the dogs, and they are my go to company for harnesses and rough and tumble coats.

Today's review is on their newest harness, the Front Range. It's an easy on, easy off harness for everyday wear. It can be used as either a back clip or front clip, comes in four colors (grey, pink, orange and blue) and five sizes (from a 13" girth to a 42" girth!). It has reflective piping and was quick to dry after the beach on Sunday.
This harness came out a few months ago, and while my review is later than most I took quite a while to test them out on my dogs. As I mentioned, we have quite a few Ruffwear items and they have set a very, very high standard for me, especially their other harness, the WebMaster. I wanted to be certain that this harness would live up to my expectations of Ruffwear, and it more than surpassed them!

First off, the sizing. This has been the first harness that both Nola, Pike and Olivia can wear. I have Ruffwear's other harness, and while the measurements are the same, that one only fits Nola. It hits Pike's erhm, junk in an unfortunate way (although it's admittedly hilarious to walk him walk in it) and Olivia isn't chesty enough yet for it to fit well, even when sized right.
The Front Range doesn't hit anywhere near the belly for Pike, fits better in the chest for Olivia and is adjustable for Nola's deeper chest and thin neck and head. Do you know how impossible it is to find a harness that easily fits three very different dogs? It's amazing!

I'm normally not a fan of front clip harnesses. I don't like the way most pull across the shoulders, and I've never needed to use one. Olivia is way too short and doesn't pull much (she's only 6 months old though), Lincoln is too young and small, Nola doesn't pull and Pike HATES to walk more than a foot in front of me. However, I love the way the Front Range is cut. Doesn't impede shoulder movement and while I was unsure of the front clip at first, given it's reinforced nylon webbing instead of metal, it's very sturdy.

I'm probably not the best to test that feature though, as neither of my dogs that can test it are pullers, but I do like having it for a bit more control if need be!

The ID pouch holder is really cool. My crew wear collars even when I use a harness, but the option is super handy. It's a tight nylon string tucked into a securely Velcroed pouch. Nola and Olivia took turns wearing this harness at the beach, and not even the sand working into the velcro made it open.

It's a bit difficult to adjust, and Pike's longer fur does cling to the inner lining, but other than than I am thrilled with it! 5/5 stars!

You can even pull a Nola and use them as ear muffs.

Dachshund Mommy