Monday, December 22, 2014

The Dogs' Letters to Santa


Dear Santa,

Hi, Jolly Old Fella! It's me, Nola. Mom says you're probably familiar with me because like anyone who's anyone, you read my blog, as I'm apparently a frequent spot on the "naughty list", but let me assure you that IT WASN'T ME. No matter what you might've heard, it was Pike (he makes an excellent fallback, poor guy). Or Olivia. Or Mom. Not me. Okay, so sometimes I do like to pretend to be a cat and get on the kitchen table. Actually, that's not naughty at all: I'm just helping...clean up! Yes, that's it. So you see, I really am on the Nice list. I promise. Usually. Anyway......

First, I want to say thanks for my wonderful home and amazing family. I know I'm very lucky to have them, and they've very lucky to have me. I'm treated like a queen and I rule the roost. I have an adoring Mom and some fabulous Minions. Really, I don't need anything else.  However, if you would like to put some pressies under the tree, for me *cue a crooning "Santa Baby" pitch*, I wouldn't be opposed to:

  1. Some new squeaky toys! One of those no-stuffing ones. They're my favorite. While supervising some of Mom's gift wrapping, I kept trying to take my BFF's Lily Belle's toys for a spin. Mom wouldn't let me and said it was rude. Shows what she knows!                                
  2. Some chews! Preferably ones I don't have to share. A girl has limits, you know?
  3. A heated dog bed would be nice. I know I'm a Floridian, but I'm freezing when it's below 66!  Mom says that might not be the best idea, what with the almost 6 month old Wire Thing.


Hi, Santa!

You might not know too much about me unlike my infamous sissy, since this will be my first Christmas. I'm not quite sure how this stuff goes yet, so let's give it a try.
It's been a bit of a tough year for a sensitive guy like me (I had my fur glued and ripped off when I was microchipped, I was neutered due to cryptorchidism, had me regrown dewclaw removal, my pasterns went down and are in the process of being fixed....), but I am so happy to have found my forever family. I was waiting just for them! 

I would like:
  1. Tennis balls! I like to put balls in my mouth. I especially like those small ones that squeak!
  2. Some tasty treats for when I go night-night. I like the crunchy kind!
  3. Maybe a bed? Or balls!
Thanks, Santa! I'll try not to freak out if I hear you on our roof.


Hiya, Fat Guy!

This is my first Christmas, too, so I'll kinda wing it! I love to wing it! It's fun! I LOVE fun stuffs! 

I'm so happy I have a family! I have siblings that play with me all the time and it's so fun and happy and I'm happy! Some toys would make me even happier! I don't have many of my own (DM: We have a MASSIVE toy box, so don't let her make you think she's some deprived little thing ;p), so I bum them off Noly and Pike. Sometimes they don't like that, though!
  1. Some squeak toys! I love squeak toys. Maybe one as big as me!
  2. Some treats? I'm kinda picky though.
  3. I wanna sleep on the big bed! DM: Sorry, Livvy - that's not happening! You know only Nola is allowed to sleep in the big bed. Phooey. 


  1. Those are some mighty fine letters to the Big Guy! We bet he will read each and every one of them and take notes.

    And Nola sweetie, I'm happy you tried to play with my toys. That means they are pawsome (as always) and will smell like you, my BFF too!

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Sending you lot's and lot's of love and tail wag's.

    Lily Belle

  2. I think you guys will get all you want. Who could resist your cuteness?

  3. Well if I was Santy Paws I'd grant all your wishes 'cos yous luffly furfriends and deserves treats and more!
    Loves and licks kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Those are great letters!! I hope Santa brings you three all you want and more!! Happy Holidays! <3

  5. I hope you get everything you wish for!!!!

  6. I think that all three of you are sweet and nice dogs! I hope that you all get Squeaky Toys!!!! They are the best! (but I hope that Pike gets balls, like he wants!)

  7. I hope Santa is very good to all of y'all. Merry Christmas. ♥


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