Friday, December 19, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: PetBox

Hey, everyone! Our November PetBox came in a little late, so I'm doing that review now. Overall, the Trio liked this box! Let's check out the goods, shall we?

  • Happy Howies 4" Turkey Sausage 5 Pack.                                                                               The name is funny, and they're USA made with decent ingredients. The dogs, surprisingly, weren't huge on these. They were very stiff and impossible to break into smaller sizes.

  • Joly Pets Joly Bone For Powerful Chewers.                                                                                A flexible, buoyant USA made toy for fetching or chewing. None of mine wanted this to chew on, but Pike and Olivia both liked chasing after (Livy) and fetching it (Pike). Nola was completely uninterested.

  • Exclusively Pet Gourmet Cookies Mini Grahams.                                                                   These smell amazing, are USA made and have decent ingredients. All three liked these!

  • Tomly Relax and Calm Chews.                                                                                                      I was glad to get these, as Pike really doesn't like it when I leave. I was disappointed to see that they contain soy; it's a good thing Nola doesn't need them!

  • J Nicolay Bakery Pumpkin and Cinnamon treats.                                                                  These smell amazing, and Nola and Pike really enjoy them. Olivia turns her nose up at them. In fact, Nola likes to jump into Livy's crate (it's stacked on top of Nola's and Pike's) to ferret out where Livy hid the treats she didn't eat.

  • Tomlyn Opticlear Sterile Eye Wash.                                                                                        Another Tomlyn product. I haven't needed to use this on the dogs yet, but I'm happy to have it in their first aid kit, just in case.

  • Gnawsome Squeaker Ball.                                                                                                     Initially, I was disappointed to see this in our box as it will not hold up to either girls play style for more than 30 seconds. That evening I brought it into my dark bedroom and tossed it towards to toy box. You can't imagine the squeal of delight I let out when I saw it lights up when bounced! Pike can fetch it, as he's gentle on toys, but I have to be carful the girls don't get to it. My favorite thing we've gotten, for sure!

Dachshund Mommy


  1. It looks like somebodies enjoyed that very, very much!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. That looks like an awesome petbox!! That tomlyn eye wash is amazing stuff, if you ever do need to use it!! We used it in the grooming salon daily when I worked at the big box store. :)

  3. Nola was really into that box. She's so much like our friend Millie, the doxie.

  4. Sounds like a mixed bag but the really good stuff probably offset the not-so-good!

  5. OMD!!! I want that ball!!! Squeaky and spiky?? Oh yeah!
    Oh, and all the treaties sound good too! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  6. Awesome box this month! Too bad they didn't really focus on the holidays like many of the other boxes did!

  7. Well they made sure you'd enjoy that box! And you got a surprise with the light up ball, fun!


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