Friday, December 5, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Orijen 6 Fish for

Hi, everyone! For the month of December, is partnering with Dachshund Nola for a review of Orijen 6 Fish Grain Free Dry Dog Food. For the next few weeks, Olivia will be trying out Orijen for her second meal of the day (her morning meal is a different brand for small breed puppies), and I'll be reporting on how she does. This post is the introductory/first impression, and then at the end of the month I'll give a more extensive review.

Here are the ingredients for the 6 Fish formula:
Whole salmon*, whole herring*, salmon meal, herring meal, pollock meal, whole flounder*, boneless walleye*, boneless northern pike*, boneless lake whitefish*, salmon oil, herring oil, chickpeas, red lentils, green lentils, green peas, pea fibre, canola oil, sun-cured alfalfa, yams*, pumpkin*, butternut squash*, spinach greens*, carrots*, Red Delicious apples*, Bartlett pears*, cranberries*, blueberries*, kelp*, licorice root, angelica root, fenugreek, marigold flowers, sweet fennel, peppermint leaf, chamomile, dandelion, summer savory, rosemary, Enterococcus faecium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, Vitamin B12, zinc proteinate, iron proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, selenium yeast
*DELIVERED FRESH, preservative-free and never frozen

It is an all life stages formula, so it's just fine for 5 month old Olivia to have. Nola and Pike are not participating in this trial - Nola doesn't do well on any kibble, and Pike is currently on a lower protein brand. 

I have fed Orijen before, although never this variety, and it has always agreed with my dogs. It is quite costly, but winds up not being too bad since you have to feed so little of it. It's available in 5lb, 15lb and 26.8lb sizes. 

So far, Olivia enjoys it and it hasn't caused any problems. My one massive qualm with it is it stinks. SO. Nauseatingly. Bad. I can't even articulate how bad it smells. I have a sensitive nose, but damn! The scent clings to wherever the bag is stored, it clings to your hands even after washing, and since Olivia is a wire hair with a beard, it sticks in her facial hair. Gag!

We'll report back at the end of the month! Happy Friday, everyone!

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Sounds delicious, but the smell thing is a deal breaker for me.

  2. I do luffs a bit of fishy in my little dishy but as I get called stinky already maybe this isn't a good idea for me!
    Loves an dlicky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. That's funny that you said that because it does stink but we like it
    Lily & Edward

  4. When did you adopt Olivia? She is sooooo adorable!

    I've gotten Orijen before and Acana (same company I believe) but never tried the fish. I stick to the red meats for Blueberry since her stools get soft if she has any fish, chicken, or turkey. Is a part of you hoping Olivia ends up not liking it that much so you don't have to buy it again since it smells so strong? ;)

  5. Olivia is so cute! I hope she does well on the food and eeek about the smell. LOL

  6. OMD, I LOVES fishes!!!! Butts, Ma HATES the smell of fishes....she gagged just reading this....that, too, would be a deal breaker for her. Butts for me..DELISH!!
    OMD, Oliva is just ADORABLES!!!!!! Ma said she is in loves..whatevers.
    Ruby ♥

  7. I picked up one of the tiny bags (less than 1lb) of 6 fish for use in treat balls etc. It does stink, borderline anal gland smell. eek. But it seems really good quality though. =)


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