Monday, November 17, 2014

There Goes The Neighborhood

If you've been following our adventures for a while, you've undoubtedly heard me blather on about how smart Nola is. I am not exaggerating when I say she is the smartest dog I've ever met. Not only is she smart in an obedience/training sort of way and emotionally intelligent, she is an incredible problem solver and puzzle worker. She's very easy and enjoyable (for me - I've been told she'd make others pull their hair out!) to train since she is so tenacious on finding the best way to work through a problem, but she doesn't always use her powers for good.

Case in point, Friday morning, just before noon. The weather was bright, sunny, and quite cold for us Floridians (about 58-60 for the high, and breezy. It's cold for us, trust me.). I had a dental appointment in another city about an hour and a half away, and since the weather was so nice I decided to bring Nola along with me, and leave her in the car while I had the quick cleaning. Yes, I know how to safety leave my dogs in the car, and she was perfectly fine the entire time. ;)

Anyway, after that was over we stopped to pick up some Indian food for an early lunch. For the remainder of this story, keep in mind that Nola loves spicy food. Loves it. We ate, and their was a good amount left over, so it got put into a zip up koolie bag similar to the one below, and put in the back of the car (an SUV).

After lunch, I stopped in at my favorite thrift store for a minute, and again left Nola in the car. She is unrestrained when left alone in the car, as I wouldn't want her to tangle her self. I found a few books, a pair of jeans, and a couple of blankets for Pike's crate. I check out, and walk back to the car. Nola's smiling Dachshund face is pressed against the driver's side window, and I smile back at her before going around to the back of the car to put my finds away. Lo and behold, what do I find? Over half the Indian food eaten. What do I not find? Any damage to the bag it containing it. Miss Nola had simply found the quickest way to open it: tugging open the zipper. Dumfounded, I look up at the very smug little Teckel smirking at me from the front seat. Not for the first time, I've been outsmarted by 10lbs of terror.

"I regret nothing, not even my tingling tongue from all those yummy spices."

Crates, handle doors, car windows, cabinets, lids, zippers...what will she open next?



  1. LOL..That would have been a sight to see.

  2. BOL oh Nola you are hilarious. That was the easiest eay to open the bag right. Bet moms care smells like Indian food
    Lily & Edward

  3. She is too clever for her own good :)
    Lynne x

  4. BOL...too cute!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Bwahaahaa! Our forays into food usually result in damage of some sort!

    And at that temperature there's nothing wrong with a dog in a car!

  6. That is hilarious.. I can't imagine what she and Zoe would do together if left alone!!! Zoe has done the same thing. We don't leave any food in any kind of container unless it's padlocked (we've had to get action packers) because she gets into it. No matter what.

  7. Ha! I hope her tummy is okay!

  8. My guys guys are masters of the zipper as well! They would be happy to eat Indian food but all those spices would probably loosen things up if you know what I mean;-) Did you know that the Cardigan Corgi comes down from the Teckel lines as well? (The Pems come down from Spitz lines....)

  9. Oh my goodness, the little smarty pants! It's a good thing she's a shorty, could you imagine if she was tall enough to master a doorknob? Yikes! Hahaha.


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