Friday, November 7, 2014

Say What, Sweetie? Reviews Katie's K-9 Kollars

Hello, blogville! It's me, Sweetie, here for another installment of Say What, Sweetie?

I hope you're enjoying cooler temperatures wherever you are! It's finally a bit nicer here in FL. The heat and humidity are relinquishing their grip! 

One of my favorite  things about cooler weather is the different clothes, jeans, hoodies, boots, and scarves. I love scarves. Some might say I have an unhealthy addiction, but really, what do they know? It's all about accessories!

That goes for my lovely Standard Poodles, Juniper and Sassafras  too! As Nola can attest, a girl can never have too many collars!

Today we are reviewing four lovely collars from Katie's K-9 Collars. First is a super cute flowery, pink and blue number. It looks gorgeous on Sass and is easy to buckle on and off. I prefer to walk her on a martingale, but for this collar is adorable and has held up well to the rough and tumble play that Sass favors.

Katie's K-9 Kollars was kind enough to send us ANOTHER collar to try out as well! It's also adorable, well made and easy on/off. This one is for Juni and is a martingale. The blue and pink is just gorgeous and the fabric still looks clean and nice after romping through the dirt, dust and fall weeds.

Go check out Katie's K-9 Kollars  and tell them that Sweetie, Sassafras Juniper sent Ya!  Excuse me? Hello? Remember me? Oh yes, and of course, Dachshund Nola! Miss Nola also received a lovely Christmas martingale. 

Katie's K-9 Kollars are very fairly priced and so well made!
See you soon, blogville!
Warmest wishes, sweetie and juniper


  1. Super super pretty collars!

  2. Oh man! How did I not know these existed?! They are right here in my own backyard!! Holy Cow Patties! Okay, Ma is goin' right now to buy me TWO new collars, cause they are very cool! Thanks for the info!
    Ruby ♥


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