Friday, November 28, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Freya's Studio and GIVEAWAY

Hey, guys! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was good, although I'm sure I don't need to explain how exhausting family can be. ;)

Today we have a review and giveaway for the Etsy shop Freya's Studio. Here's a little about them, and then we'll get into the review.

Freya's Studio was a brain child that came about after Freya and I had some accidents that left us "laid up." I re-kindled my love for sewing and found out a family member had an industrial sewing machine that wasn't being used. Ever since the machine's always humming!

I love using the industrial machine, the noises it makes, the familiar hum, it's relaxing to me. The collars and leashes I make are a wonderful way to finish my day. By far my favorite part of the production process is sewing our logo (hand-drawn by my mom and then digitized by me) onto a finished product. Who knew my little Freya puppy would inspire a whole business?!

When creating collars, I use only high quality fabric and UV resistant thread. These collars and leashes are beautiful but they're meant to be durable and last. Freya and Sissy can be really tough on things so the last thing I want is to buy a new collar every month! We keep that in mind while creating our products.

It's still amazing to me to package a collar and send it to Italy, Canada, Virginia, Washington, Florida, Ireland, the UK and everywhere else in the world. Freya has a lot of friends all over the world and I'm glad she's bringing joy to other lives beyond our own. I always ship within 3 days of payment because no one should have to wait a month for a new collar!

I love getting to see our customers via Facebook and Etsy Feedback appreciation pictures. It's so much fun to see all the different dogs and cats sporting our designs. I'm so thankful for all of our customers our dream has become a reality thanks to you!

Freya has the end all say in when it's time to shut off the lights in the studio. She usually sighs in the doorway or (very rarely) comes right into my lap while I'm sewing. Freya and I talk about the studio over business lunches and she usually lends an ear or paws when needed. She keeps me in line and always gets me to smile or laugh when I'm getting too serious! 

When Freya, Sissy, and I aren't busy sewing, packaging, and listing items we can be found in rural parts of Montana playing dog agility. And on the rare occasion there isn't agility to be found we play freestyle, treiball, or rally with our local friends to stay busy. There's never a dull moment in our studio, or our household!

Freya's Studio generously sent me a collar for each dog (back when the Trio was still the Duo), and even accommodated my request to have Nola's collar have all metal hardware instead of plastic. The Little Beast's neck doesn't really like plastic, so I try to avoid plastic buckles for her. I picked this festive soft green snowflake design for Nola, and this striking red snowflake-y number for Pike. Sadly though, you can't really see collars on the Fluffer Nutter, especially since he's in his winter coat right now.

These collars are fabulously priced, and there's a lot to choose from. They offer a wide array of sizes, and you can customize with your pet's name, a metal buckle, or a snazzy matching leash. The customer service was prompt, extremely helpful, and very friendly. The collars themselves are adorable and durable, and aren't the typical, almost obnoxious Christmasy print. I am very happy with them, and would recommend them to you guys.

For the giveaway:
In order to be entered into the drawing, you must comment below and tell me what your favorite Christmas/winter activity is, and leave your email. You will not be entered if you don't do this! If you'd like to earn an additional entry, you can head over to their Facebook page here and like it. Please note in the comments that you've liked the page.
This giveaway is open to international viewers, and the winner has their choice of a collar flower or bow tie set in the design of their choice. Winner will be picked on Monday and contacted by email. Good luck!

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Sign us up girlfriend! Our favorite winter activity would be sleeping, bcuz we're Doxie's. Need I say more?

    Lily Belle

  2. My favorite winter activity is peeing in the snow. For just Christmas, my favorite part is eating!
    P.S. My mom liked the Facebook page. Hopefully that counts!

  3. Beautiful collars, Torrey is in need of something cute and red. Our favorite winter activity is hiking in the desert.

  4. Our comment seems to have disappeared, excuse the double post if it happens.

    Our favorite winter activity is frolicking in the snow in the backyard. Close enough to the house for breaks to warm up and dry up!

  5. What beautiful collars! Our favorite winter activity is playing in the snow with our human sisters! mileysdailyscoop [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Mr. N likes opening his Christmas presents and playing in the snow. We liked their page. tenaciouslittleterrier (at) gmail (dot) com.

  7. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! You look lovely in your collar! My favourite winter activity is bouncing in the snow!!! When will it snow? I want snow now please! (My person can be found at gryphinn [at] hotmail [dot] com.)

  8. Nola, that green collar looks fabulous against your fur! My favorite winter activity is going on walks with my peeps. Unlike most doxies, I like the colder weather :0) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.
    twixandi (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. Aww you make such beautiful collars. They are just lovely. Thanks for the chance to win. My favorite activity since I don't care for the cold is staying in and quilting. I do lots of catch up in the winter. Thanks for the great giveaway. (

  10. Wow those collars look awesome and I did like her fb page. :D My favorite part about winter/Christmas is probably decorating the Christmas tree and snow. :D

  11. I know this is an old post, but since I'm new to your blog, its new to me. We have gotten these collars for our pups and Love them! Can't say enough good things about them. Love the quality, prints, the customer service - it was all fantastic!


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