Friday, October 24, 2014

October PetBox Review

Hey, everyone! It's time for our October PetBox review. PetBox is a monthly subscription box company for both dogs and cats that offers a range of high quality and fun products. You can either choose your items or be surprised.

The goods for this month are:

  • Smart n Tasty Treats. We've gotten these treats in previous PetBoxes, and they've always been well received by the Duo. This box had the tuna flavor, and they're a grain free, USA made treat.

  • Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bakes . Despite the name, these treats are still very much biscuit type snacks. The Duo's had them before, and while they willingly ate them, they aren't a favorite. They do smell pretty good, though!

  • Treat Simple Peanut Butter and Banana treats. I was surprised at how much the hellions enjoyed these! These types of treats are usually ignored or grudgingly eaten, but they love them. They have an almost springy texture and a pleasant scent. They are corn, soy, wheat and GMO free. They're the perfect bedtime for Nola/crate time for Pike treats, and I'll be getting more once these run out. There's a lot in the box, too!

  • Hatchables Inside-Out Turtle . This is quite possibly the cutest dog toy I've ever seen. I almost didn't want to give it to the pair! It's a little turtle that hatches out of an egg. I will be getting more of these, as they appeal to both my dogs' toy preferences: Nola likes a stuffy with squeakers, and Pike likes balls, especially if they squeak.

  • CMR Joint Health Tablets. A much appreciated item, as I was out of their joint supplement. USA made and soy free. Even though my dogs are quite young (4 years old and 9 months old next week), I give a joint supplement every night. Nola, because of how rough she is on her body, and Pike due to having his declaws removed at birth and then the regrown one removed at 6 months. Studies have show that removing the declaws leads to arthritis issues, and I'm trying to head that off. Here is a link to that.

  • Natural Balance Original Ultra Dry Dog Food. I feed raw, but I'm not one of those raw feeders who is a Nazi when it comes to kibble. I've fed it, it's not the devil, and I still use kibble on occasion as training treats.

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Oh dear, I'm drooling with hunger ! (not a good look for a Princess !)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Love the turtle, and the treats look tasty!

  3. Overall there are usually a lot of good stuff in those boxes
    Lily & Edward

  4. It looks like a great box!!!! Have fun with your toy and enjoy those treats, Nola and Pike!

  5. Those look like tasty treats! I'll have to look into some of them for Petal. I agree that toy is adorable! Aw! Looks like this month's box was a fun one! :)

  6. Looks like a good box. I'd love to recreate the banana treats for my gang.


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