Monday, October 13, 2014

1 Month of Raw

Hey, guys! Hope everyone had a good weekend. :)

The Duo has been on raw for a little over a month now, and for the most part I've been thrilled. They love it, and Pike actually wants to eat in the mornings. This never happened when he was on kibble. Ever. He was the most reluctant eater I'd ever seen, and he's done a complete 180.

Both their coats absolutely gleam, and Nola is soft as silk. She's never really needed her ears cleaned, but I haven't needed to clean Pike's once since starting raw, when before it'd be a weekly or twice weekly event. Nola, as you've seen, has impeccable teeth, but Pike had already had some staining/gunk on his back molars from kibble, and that's completely gone. It helped one of his impacted canines come out, although I fear the others will need to be removed by my vet.

I overestimated how much they'd both need in the beginning. Nola got thicker than I like, but is now back down to her normal weight. She's very easy to get weight off of, which is a blessing. Pike, with a combination of actually wanting to eat and having more than necessary, has gotten a bit pudgy, but his intake has been adjusted and he's slimming back down.

One massive issue we've had is watery eyes for them both. Nola, with her short, dark coat, just had the watering the first two weeks. They're normal now. Pike has had major eye watering and tear staining since starting. They're finally drying up, but now he has those damn stains. :/ Anyone now how to get rid of them?
The tearing has been pretty much their only side effect, aside from a few bouts of upset stomach for Pike and frequent constipation with Nola. When you switch a dog to raw, it's recommend you feed a lot of bone to prevent any liquid poop. :p Well, it worked too well for Nola. She can only have one, maybe two, bone inclusive meals per week. Anything else and she has some issues. I think I've found a system that works for her now though, which is nice.

They've had chicken, turkey, quail, beef, lamb, rabbit and fish. I know that it's recommended to start out with just chicken, but I know my dogs, and they easily go from protein to protein. Everything has been a hit, except for the fish. For organs, they've had liver, kidney and spleen. Not organs, but they've also had heart, gizzard and tripe. Nola is fond of rabbit and beef tails, and Pike is a sucker for quail feet and chicken legs.

I don't feed a set type of raw. Their meals tend to lean more towards Prey Model Raw, but they do get veggies and fruits still several times a week in their meals. I'd say that Pike is more PMR, and Nola is in-between PMR and BARF.

So that's that! I'm thrilled with it, and they're definitely quite happy. It's safe to say we're sticking with the raw.

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Out of curiosity, how many ounces are you feeding Nola per day? I switched my dachshund to raw about 2 years ago but I still struggle with her weight.

  2. Another good addition is eggs. If you can get the good free-range eggs, they add a lot of nutrition. I don't feed them too often but at least once a week. It is amazing how little raw it takes to keep the dogs energetic and at a good weight.

  3. Put whole eggs in their bowls, if they don't understand how to eat them poke tiny holes in them and let a bit leak out to peak their interest. Shells are OKAY to eat! It sounds like her body has adjusted well, try adding more fatty meats in to aid in digestion. I see lots of lean meats listed, the fat will for sure help! Mason HATES organs unless I cut them up tiny or dehydrate them (ew). Try different kinds of fish, Mason isn't a fan of some, but gobbles others down. Please do NOT HESITATE in contacting us if you have questions. Mason has been on RAW for YEARS! I've helped many make the passage from crap in a bag to RAW :)

    Mason's Mommy

  4. That's awesome! I'm glad they're doing well! You can try a product called angel eyes for the tear stains. Also I will pm you another method. :-)

  5. Sounds like you've found the ideal diet for your pups.

  6. So glad they are doing well on their new diet, hope it continues!

  7. I'm so glad that it's worked wonderfully for you!

  8. The only time my dogs have issues with tears is when they are actually eating. I just wipe their eyes after they finish if it seems to be a problem.

  9. Please don't be mad at me, you know how much I love you and Nola and Pike but this seems to be how every review of feeding raw goes on online forums.. "they're doing GREAT on raw, except the tear staining, occasional liquid poo, vomit and constipation". What exactly constitutes that as... good? lol. I mean don't get me wrong, your pups look amazing, but Nola's always looked amazing to me. I just would be concerned if I was feeding something that caused my dog to have runny or liquid poo, even if only a few times. I mean I can count on one hand how many episodes of stomach GI sickness Jackson has had in his 6 years of life. I would be super concerned if he ever had liquid poo from something I was choosing to feed him. I guess, I don't know, I'm not against raw at all but I just think it's over-hyped as being the 'natural' diet for dogs, but really, dogs are the most unnatural creature on the planet, hand-picked, morphed and bred by humans, most of these dogs survived on trash scraps and corn mush. Not saying that's what I'd currently feed my dog and not saying kibble is in any way superior but I have never had any of the problems you listed while feeding kibble.

    1. Again, please don't be mad. :( Just giving my opinion...


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