Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Writing Dachshund Nola

     Hey, y'all! Dachshund Mommy here. You might've seen some bloggers posting about the Writing Process Blog Tour; it's a post that's been going around the blog community for a few weeks now, and invites tagged bloggers to answer three questions on their writing process, and tag three other blogger to continue to tour. I've enjoyed seeing how others run their blog, and getting to know my fellow bloggers more. If you're tagged, all you have to do is link back to your tagger and say a little about them, answer the three questions, and invite three other people to join and talk a little about why you enjoy their blogs. Invitees are encouraged to get their posts out within a week or two of their inviters post.

    I was invited to join the tour by two of my most favorite bloggers, Marquie of Loved By A Collie and Rebekah of My Rotten Dogs. Thank you both for the invite!

     Loved By A Collie is about Petal, a beautiful Collie, and her mom, Marquie. I've been following them for quite a while now, and watched the horrible and tragic losses of Lassie, another Collie, and Ella, a mutt. Lassie was a heart dog, and having my own heart dog right now I can't fathom the loss of such a connection. Marquie's strength is something I really admire.
Petal is quite possibly the most gorgeous Collie I've ever seen, and Marquie's writing is refreshing and entertaining. Marquie's photography is beautiful, and this blog has to have one of the best designs and layouts I've seen!
Photo belongs to Loved By A Collie.


     My Rotten Dogs is about life with three absolutely stunning northern breed mixes, raw feeding, and some wonderful product reviews. I love how Rebekah is passionate about raw feeding, but doesn't shove it down your throat as the only viable option for dogs and acknowledges that some people aren't comfortable feeding raw. So many raw feeders act like you're murdering your dog if you do not feed raw, and it's pleasant to not encounter that in a raw feeder.
Rebekah's dogs are incredibly beautiful, and I have a soft spot for her girl Neeko. How can you not love such a regal face?
I really enjoy Rebekah's reviews, especially her dog subscription box ones. It's always fun to see what she gets!
Photo belongs to My Rotten Dogs.

    And now, on to the questions!

1. What am I working on?
     Prior to my laptop deciding our relationship just wasn't working for it anymore, I was working on streamlining and decluttering the blog a bit, as well as editing my pages. As I'm sure some have noticed, more posts are being done by me and less by Nola as of the past few weeks. It's a change that's been needed, and it's quite liberating. You will still hear from Her Royal Demonness (as if I could keep her quite! :p), but posts will be primarily from me. A lot of the time I just feel lazy and only post a photo with a sentence or two, if that, but I want to be more outspoken with some of the issues in the dog world. Once the computer and I get over this bad breakup, I'll see how I can best corral my chaotic thoughts into a semi-legible post and go from there.

2. Why do I write what I do?
     Is it a copout if I say "because I want to"? I could try and come up with some awe-inspiring and profound sentiment as to why I do what I do, but in all honesty it's simply because I enjoy it. I enjoy writing, although it's something I wish I was more skilled at. I really adore the dog blogging community, for the most part, and meeting all of you has been a priceless experience. I love seeing how my dogs and I have grown and developed, and I love having such an extensive log of our progress at my fingertips. When it comes down to it though, I write what I feel like, how I feel like, and when I feel like because I want to. I write for me, and no one else. I try my hardest to write honestly, even if it looses me followers or I get backlash (the Rosa post comes to mind). It's those kinds of posts that show how incredible all of you are, my dear readers, and I love seeing that.

3. How does my writing process work?

     I really don't think I have a process. I'm not organized enough for one, and I think if I had a set process aside from my daily schedule I'd start to feel extremely frustrated and closed in. I don't do well with a high level of structure, never have.
One thing I pretty much always do is listen to music while I write. Music is one of my biggest inspirations in everything, and my thoughts flow much easier when I have it playing. My head is a very busy place with a jumble of thoughts all trying to pour out at once when I write, and music helps smooth things along and makes the process more fluid. It also helps me to concentrate better when I have background music.
I also always have at least one dog - usually both though - with me while I write. I generally write sprawled out on my bed with Nola near my hips or stomach and Pike at my feet. They have to give their input, dontcha know?

     There you have it! That's my writing process, or lack thereof. I invite the following bloggers to join in if they wish. If you've already done the post, just ignore this!

     ZoePhee is a blog written by a very close dog friend about life with her two rescued girls, Zoe and Phoenix. You really need to stop by and look at these dogs; I swear they're the most similar looking creatures I've ever seen! It took me months to be able to accurately tell the girls apart. :p Lauren, their mom, is a fellow force free trainer and has worked extensively with Phoenix to help her conquer her reactivity, and it's an inspiring tale.

     The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles I love how this blog is honest and real, and how The Lady has a similar sense of humor to me. They have some seriously amusing Monday Mischief, and I have quite the soft spot for Phod.

     A Tail of Two Cardis is definitely in my top 10 favorite blogs. I came *this close* to getting a Corgi before The Merle Moron came to be, and while I now know that Aussies are a better fit for me (keep your eyes out for more on that....), they're still one of the breeds I admire most. Jimmy and Wilson are such dapper fellows, and I really enjoy following their agility progress (I believe Jimmy is the agility star, but didn't want to leave Wilson out on the chance I'm having a brain fart!). While not "small dogs", Corgis are great at showing that the little guys are just as serious as the big ones!

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Thanks so much for thinking of my blog. I am very flattered. I'll have to get busy thinking of something to say!

  2. We love reading about everyone's thoughts and process, it was fun to do our own as well. I love that music is your inspiration, very cool!

  3. Thanks. Love hearing more about the thought behind the blog.

  4. So glad you resolved your computer issues. Also shared on our writing process that there's a change of "voice" in our blog. It's mostly ME (Sugar's mom). I know exactly how you feel Golden Woofs

  5. It's super interesting to hear about your "process".

    I've been in your world of computer woes. I completely fried my old one (but had backed it all up just before the melt-down). Now I have a new one, and I'm trying to learn its "ways".

    I love the new header, with the incredibly innocent looking Pike!

  6. Thanks for the nice words! I am enjoying reading about everyone's processes as well.

  7. Thank you for nominating me!! I will have to do this blog post soon! :D


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