Friday, August 29, 2014

Review Catch Up

Hey guys! I have a few reviews that've piled up while I was having computer troubles, so let's get right to it. 

First up, we have a few new flavors from The Honest Kitchen. I've talked about THK before, and we're huge fans of it here. We were sent Halcyon and Preference to test out.
Most of you know by now that Nola is on a homemade diet due to allergies, and Pike is on Orijen. They both due fabulously on their foods, but sometimes I forget to pick up more ingredients to make Nola's food, or Pike decides to be uninterested in his food (thankfully this has become less of an issue the older he long as he's fed after 11am. He hates eating in the mornings. Come to think of it, he hates mornings all together. He likes to sleep in. Nola doesn't agree with him. Sigh.). It's so convenient to have some THK laying around that I can easily mix up, given it's dehydrated, and give them, while staying close enough to Nola's diet to not upset her stomach. The dogs love it, it's easy to make, and it actually smells pretty good. ;)
That said, it would get incredibly expensive to feed it as their main diet, and they're small dogs. I choke when I add up what'd it be for medium or large dogs. But to have around as a supplement? I highly recommend them, and actually need to order some more myself.

Before water.

Let sit for a minute.


Pike appreciated it after his dewclaw removal and neuter.

Now we have Ruffwear's K-9 Float Coat. Ruffwear is one of my favorite companies, and are the makers of my favorite harness for Miss Houdini. We have two Webmaster harnesses, the Float Coat, a Highlands bed, and two Climate Changer coats. Everything from Ruffwear is high quality, durable, and extremely function. The fit is also exceptional; Nola and Pike both wear XXS but have very different builds, and everything adjusts beautifully. Nola isn't as long backed and short legged as most dachshunds, not to mention she isn't fat, but her deep chest and narrow build can be hard to shop for. That's not a concern with Ruffwear.

The Float Coat is highly adjustable, and comes in both yellow and red. It features a very strong handle, reflective piping, and a very sturdy design. It's surprisingly quick to dry, as well. It's durable and strong, but isn't bulky and awkward looking like a lot of life vests available. One downside is it's incredibly difficult to adjust, especially the first time, but once it's in place it doesn't shift around. It is quite pricey, but the quality is definitely worth it.
I borrowed Rosa, now called Sassafras, from my mother to stand it for Nola. Little Miss won't swim without me in the pool, and Pike thinks being asked to swim is cruel and unusual punishment. 

Finally we have a beautiful photo canvas from Easy Canvas Prints. Easy Canvas Prints offers a wide variety of variously sized photo canvases at a fair price. I was sent a 24"x36" .75" wrapped canvas to review, and I picked one of my favorite photos:

The design process is user-friendly and very easy to understand. The canvas came out crystal clear and is a beautiful center piece. The prices are fair, although shipping can be a bit slow. I highly recommend them, and will be getting more in the future. Keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway from Easy Canvas Prints!

Dachshund Mommy


  1. Great reviews! We've never tried Honest Kitchen as we agree, a tad pricey for us too.

    We loved seeing Miss Sassy (aka Rosa) again. She's doing a great job swimming!

    We absolutely LOVE the picture you chose for the canvas print. Simply stunning.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. We are always disappointed on how expensive it is to feed our larger pups. They are fed well, but we go into sticker shock sometimes. ;)

    The canvas is beautiful!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. We've always wanted to try THK, but yea, it's kind of our price range since Beamer would need a box every other week or so.

  4. Great reviews! We just made ice pups from the honest kitchen this week!

  5. I've heard the honest kitchen food is awesome, we haven't tried it yet because it's expensive. I absolutely love that canvas you got! It's such a gorgeous shot!

  6. I've heard some really good things about that Honest Kitchen stuff but have never had it before certainly LOOKS delicious...but the price is what keeps my Momma away. Boo!

    I've never had any Ruffwear gear before, either...but it's another thing that I've heard many really good things about, maybe one day. Also, as a side note it looks like Miss. Previous-Rosa-now-Sassafras is doing well! I hope it's not horrible or taboo to even bring it up, but I still think the decision you made in regards to her was a perfect solution all around, if not an easy one.

    Lastly...that print..!!! Gorgeous! I'm going to have to really keep my eyeballs open for that giveaway you mentioned!

  7. We love The Honest Kitchen too. I mixed it with some dry to make it last longer. We don't have anywhere to swim for a float collar but it looks cool. ☺ Easy Canvas does amazing work. Great reviews. Glad you have a new computer.

  8. Oh, great reviews!!! Yeah, I wish the HK was a little more affordable, butts I understand why it's expensive. Just a little too expensive for my 60lb butt!
    It sure does look tasty though!
    Oh, it was great seein' Rosa/Sassy(?) again! She looks happy swimmin' in her jacket!
    Ruby ♥

  9. That canvas is beautiful, and I love the photos of Rosa/Sassafras swimming!

  10. That's a beautiful photo and canvas!

    Also, it looks like the Ruffwear float coats have come a long way since we bought one many years ago for our Lab whose hind legs were paralyzed. I love Ruffwear stuff too! If we ever need another float coat, we'll go to them.


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