Friday, August 1, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: NuVet Labs

     Hi, all! Dachshund Mommy here. After issues with both my useless internet provider and then my computer, I'm tentatively back in business. I fear I'm going to have to suck it up and just buy a new laptop sooner rather than later. I'll only use Macs (I used a Windows at the library the other day, just to search for a book, and nearly threw the thing against the wall), so not looking forward to that day. Fuckin' technology.

     Anyway, today I have a review for on NuVet Labs, specifically their NuVet Plus multi vitamin.
As most of you know by now, Nola is on a home cooked diet. While I strive to prove her with a nutritionally complete diet, it's a good idea to give some supplements when you don't feed a commercial diet, as it's next to impossible to provide everything your dog needs in every batch of food. Nola gets a multivitamin, joint supplement, back support supplement, flaxseed, ground eggshell, and coconut oil daily, just so I can be sure I have all my bases covered.
Pike is on Orijen Puppy and The Honest Kitchen Force. He's 6 months old right now, and he will be switched to home cooked after his first birthday.

     NuVet Plus are corn and soy free, which is important for Little Miss Allergies. They're also tasty, according to the dogs, so it's nice to just be able to give it to her without having to try and conceal it or shove it down her throat. I can read and pronounce the ingredients and they are not made in China or Mexico, so I feel comfortable giving them to her.
Nola's been getting one per day for about 3 weeks now, and haven't seen any changes. She's in perfect health with a gorgeous coat, so there's really no place for improvement, but there haven't been any negative effects, either.

     The feeding guidelines are a bit weird, in my opinion. It says 1/2 wafer for dogs under 5lbs, and one wafer per day for dogs 5lbs and over. It doesn't say how much more to increase the dose the greater your dog weighs, so it leaves a lot of guess work. For 10.5lb Nola, I gave one wafer a day.
They're also quite pricey, starting at around $56 for a bottle of 90. Not too bad if you have one smaller dog, but if you have multiple dogs or a larger dog that'd get expensive. Even if I were giving it to both Nola and Pike, they'd go through that supply fairly quickly.

     So overall, I liked these supplements but wouldn't personally purchase them because of the high price tag.

     Tying into the aforementioned computer issues, I can't find the photos I took, so here's one from their website.

Dachshund Mommy


  1. I have been using these supplements daily for 6 years. If they do anything for me, I don't know. But they are tasty
    Lily (& Edward)
    True they are a bit pricey and there are never sales or discounts

  2. Hmm. I haven't really heard anything about these supplements. Doesn't sound like they're worth it. I hope you see a difference soon.

  3. Wows, for a doggie my size, that would be a fortune! Butts, if your pups need it, it would be worth it. They look tasty!
    Hopes you get your puter issues fixed soon! They really suck!!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. I feel the same about the price of the supplements too. I would rather spend more $ on better food!


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