Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Vet Trip

     Hi, everyone! It was suppose to be week 25 of 52 Weeks of Nola, but our stupid computer isn't cooperating that idea and Mom can't find the photos in iPhoto. It's strange, as the file names show they're imported, but you can't see them and you can't drag the file into iPhoto to import it that way. Fucktard.

I yell at you.

     Anyway.... Last Tuesday I had my annual exam, but this time we saw a new vet. Longish story short, Mom was NOT happy with the care level, or lack thereof, that I was getting at my old vet. This new vet is state of the art, and in addition to all the normal vet stuff they do laser therapy, blood transfusions, and stem cell therapy. It's really cool, and they were much nicer and more helpful than our old vet.
I had my yearly heartworm test done (negative), yearly bloodwork done (totally normal), annual exam, and Mom got more flea and heartworm medications. I weighed in at a dainty 10.5lbs, exactly what I've been for the past year and a half. To make up for fluctuating like crazy until I was 2.5, my weight is staying stable now. I'm terrified of the vet, but all things considered I was very well behaved, and even got complimented on my collar and tag I sported for the torture event.

     I am in excellent health! Perfect weight, great muscle tone, perfect teeth, strong and flexible joints, even heartbeat, parasite free, great coat, clean eyes/ears, ect.

     Mom made the decision to follow Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination schedule, so since I've already had puppy shorts, the 1 year booster, and I am up to date on rabies, I didn't get any needles. I won't get vaccinated, aside from rabies, ever again, so yay!
Pike has the recommended 3 rounds of puppy shots, and he gets his rabies on the 1st. After that, he gets a booster at 1 year and rabies every 3 years, and that's it. Same schedule will be followed for Poodle Puppy, too.

     Remember a few months back when I posted about how Comfortis wasn't working as well as it should for me, especially since I'm allergic to fleas? Well, after talking it over with the vet, I've been put on NexGard for flea prevention. It's an oral pill, like Comfortis, but it actually tastes good and doesn't smell like dirt (DM: come on, I can't be the only one who's noticed that!). It also covers 1 kind of tick, so that's good. It's the same cost as Comfortis, roughly, too. I haven't had a dose yet, as I get flea pills on the 1st of each month, but Pike had one and it worked very well. We're happy so far!

     The Merle Moron goes in on Monday for his rabies vaccine and microchipping as well as his exam and to get him on some Heartgard (after we get his MDR1 testing done - he should be cleared by parentage, but Mom is paranoid) and NexGard. Little man doesn't know what's coming.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. I used comfortis for my dogs until Pallo had a seizure while on it, and I was told by my vet that it lowers the seizure threshold in dogs. So I took both of my guys off of it. Any idea if the NexGard lowers seizure threshold as well? Because topicals like Frontline don't seem to be cutting it this year, the fleas are really bad.

    Also, Koira absolute loves the vet and gets super excited and wiggly when she gets to go in. But Pallo hates them. So I make a point of stopping in as much as possible just to have them give Pallo a treat and then leave, or get him weighed, get a treat, and leave. It has helped a ton in getting him more comfortable at actual vet appointments (though he is still muzzled if they have to mess with him much, better safe than sorry).

  2. Oh Nola nothing better than finding a good vet. That charge enough loot for their services. Happy to hear you are A-Ok. Let us know how the new flea buggy repellent works
    Lily & Edward

  3. Glad you like your new Vet. I am with the Vet I've had since I still lived at home with my parents. However, I have never been afraid to change my own doctor. If I felt a need I would change.

    Hope your new flea treatment works out for you.

  4. So glad you found a new (better) vet. It is very important and congrats on your good reports .... well except for the flea allergy. Sugar is wearing a Seresto collar .. ask your vet about it. We just did an article about it n will review it soon. Golden Woofs

  5. I have my same ole vet and I love him. I dont mind going and dont even mind the shots. I just love alls the attention that they give me and everyone there thinks that I being a scottie am so cute and Yah I am!! bol


  6. So good to read you're having the MDR-1 test done on Pike. As I was reading I was thinking, oh I hope she tests for that since he's a herding breed! Its always good to have a vet everyone is comfortable with.

  7. So glads you like your new vettie! Ya knows, I gets Duoguard (probably the same thingie heartworm and flea) and Ma has to cut it in half and put it in a pill pocket to get me to take it! Butts the plain flea tablet, I just took on my own, so I agree the combo is yucky!!! (maybe a margarita would help...just sayin'...)
    Ruby ♥

  8. You gotta have faith in your vet. Glad everything went well. Dui had his last puppy needle last week, so he's out in the world having loads of experiences.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  9. Good to hear that you're good all around! I don't like the vet either, and Momma still has to make a check-up appointment for me yet....I wish she'd get on that so we can get it over with already!

  10. Happy to hear you like your new vet. Even happier to hear you have a clean bill of health. I bet the vet was impressed with how perfect your teeth are!

  11. I'm glad that you found a vet that you like. Good luck with Pike's visit!


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