Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I've Lost My Mind; Have You Seen It?

     Hey, all! It's ME and Mom here today to elaborate more on the news we shared yesterday (If you didn't see yesterday's post, go HERE to check it out before reading further!)




     We good? All caught up now? Good. Now, let's all grab our tickets for The Crazy Train, and get on with this ride. DM: Nola, baby girl, you aren't exactly painting me in the best light. I call them like I see them, Mother. You should know that by now. It's one of the many reasons you adore me so. DM: *sigh* Touché, B. 
Annnnnnyyyyyywaaaaay..... yes, as you saw in yesterday's post, we are getting the final family member in late July, and she is a Standard Poodle. I, for one, am excited! I love puppies (DM: she really does. I've never seen a dog that enjoys puppies as much as Nola does. Maybe it's because she has the energy of a puppy), and whipping new minions into shape is just part of the job description when you're Head Bitch In Charge, Ruler of All She Surveys. Hm, that's quite a long title. That needs an acronym. Let's call me Nola, HBICROASS. Much better. Quite fitting. Perhaps it needs more letters? Let's see, we could add Don't Fuck With Her (DFWH), She'll Have Your Balls (SHYB)...this could be fun......

     DM: Okay, since Nola's strutted off to further contemplate her enormous ego, I'll take over and give y'all some more details. As Nola mentioned, puppy is a Standard Poodle who will be 8 weeks old the last full week of July. She's a female, although I'm not sure what she looks like yet! It's between two girls, and the decision on which one is ours will be made this week, as they're now 4 weeks old and personality is coming though. 
It's between a black female and a cream that will most likely mature into white girl. Cream girl is undocked, and the black one is smaller. While I would absolutely love to have another fully tailed dog (Pike is docked, and it makes me sad), I'm really hoping for the black girl. Funnily enough, adding this little Poody, as Sweetie is referring to her as, makes it so I now have 3 of my dream dog breeds, and my dream Poodle is black. Of course, personality and compatibility with Nola and Pike (mostly just Nola, as nothing fazes Pike) is the most important thing to me, and color is my very last concern. I'd be totally happy with the cream girl, and let's face it, how fun would a white/cream be to dye?!
Here they are (credits go to their breeder; photos used with permission):

     Nola will be 3 years and 9 months old when puppy comes home, and The Merle Moron will be 6.5 months old. I'm sure some people are shaking their head at the idea of having two puppies (even though 6 months is considered an adolescent by both myself and many dog experts) at once, and you are completely entitled to that opinion. However, please keep it to yourself. I know my dogs better than anyone, and I know that this is the right choice for my little family. I have looked at the situation from every possible angle, and fully understand what I am up against. 
"Two puppies at once!" People have told me. "You're insane. They'll never get the right amount of attention and socializing they need if you have two." And just how do you know that? Just because two puppies isn't something you would take on, or has been something you have failed at, does not mean I will be saddled with your issues. My dogs are huge parts of my life. They sleep in my room at night (Nola in the bed with me), we train every single day, they're exercised to their level of need each day, they are fed the highest quality food I can afford, and they have regular and high quality vet care. They are happy, socialized, well adjusted dogs. Pike already has all his foundation socializing, although I firmly believe socialization is a life long thing. They will all have their needs and wants met and exceeded.
"Have you considered they'll all be seniors at the same time?" People have nagged. "That's heartbreak waiting to happen." Perhaps it is, but that is at least 10 years away. I would so much rather plan age gaps that work for my dogs than make plans around something that is in the distant future. It's like the stupid argument that you should not get tattoos, because as you age they won't look as good. Why shouldn't I do something now that will look fine NOW, when I want it and enjoy it, versus when I'm old and it won't look as "good". They'll've told my story, and for that reason alone I'm getting some.

     If Pike was a different dog, another puppy wouldn't even have crossed my mind. Pike has one of the best, most easy going and agreeable temperaments I've ever encountered. He's loving, happy, and takes life in stride. He adores other dogs, and he is a very mature puppy. He's a goof, but he's a good dog. 95% house trained at just shy of 5 months, no chewing on things not meant for him despite being in the very throes of teething, listens well and is just a little dream. I really don't mean to brag, but Nola and Pike are some of the best dogs I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because they're mine.

      Okay, now that that rant is out of the way....on to the fun stuff! 
I'll be learning to groom her myself, as I can't swallow shelling out $80+ every 4 weeks or so so a stranger can mess with my dog. I'm just too possessive for that. :p Plus, after having Pike and tending to my parents' Mini American Shepherd's coat, I've discovered I absolutely love grooming and it's very calming to me. Ironic that the biggest turn off for Poodles for me has become one of the biggest perks. 
I went ahead and ordered most of the grooming stuff I'll need, including:
Blade combs/guards
Grooming arm
Dremel nail grinder (this thing is awesome)
Bows, blow paint pens and nail polish (you know, the important stuff....)

    All but the Dremel, which I bought yesterday at PetSmart (on sale! Score), should be here Friday. I still need to buy several types of scissors and a dryer, but aside from that we're good. Let me just say though: HOLY SHIT BALLS BATMAN THIS STUFF IS EXPENSIVE! I've spent over $340 in grooming supplies already, and I'm looking at another $200+, but it's worth it. Not only will these be for Poody pup, I'll also be learning to groom on my parents' two Standard Poodles that arrive home in early August. It'll be one hell of a learning curve! I can't wait.

     Names! As you saw yesterday, her tentative registered name is LBP In Mansions and Benzes, but we do not have a call name. She won't be named until we meet her, but this is the list so far. Feel free to add in your suggestions! I like short or easily shortened names that aren't common (how many Nolas and Pikes have you met?). Has to sound good with Nola and Pike, and double points if you manage to suggest a 4 letter name like the Duo has. Nola is of course named after New Orleans, LA, and Pike is named after a character in Robert Crais Elvis Cole and Joe Pike mystery books (highly suggest! Doesn't help I'm kind of lusting after both leading men in the stories, either....).
Our list is:
Layla (might be too close to Nola though)
California (Cali for short)

Kisses and Tail Wags and Hugs,
Dachshund Nola and Dachshund Mommy


  1. I guess I must live in a different universe why would people care you have two puppies? People seem to stick their noses into things that really aren't their business.

    I wish you well on your new pup. Both are beautiful. I will stick my nose in to say I love Rosa, but won't be insulted if you go another route.

    I will say I admire the energy and patience it takes to raise pups. I'm glad it is working out for you to do both. As for worrying about them as they age, life is going to happen. You can borrrow trouble or just enjoy life while you have it.

  2. It would never occur to me to say anything other than Congratulations! I think you are lucky to be in a situation that will allow you to do this!

  3. Congrats on the new family member! *sighing with envy* I'd love to have another dog but sadly have not YET convinced my spouse (but it took 5 years to get him wanting a third kid, LOL)! My favorite of your names is Pixel but looking at the puppy pics, maybe Pixie?
    As for the comment about heartbreak down the road: life is uncertain, you never know what the future will bring. One of our dogs lived to 15, another only to 7. Live and love for today.

  4. What fun, I can't wait to see which one you get. And ya, why on earth do people care how many dogs you have.

  5. What an exciting time for you. Your new pup will be lucky to join your family.

  6. Ever since the early '90s, whenever a new pup comes to live with us, there are always 2 from the same litter. Mom actually finds that training is easier with 2 pups because they tend to copy each other (and also keep each other company when Mom gets busy). So in the last 25 years we've had 5 sets of pups, including me and Brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie). :)

  7. They are both dolls! Lyric (and Gypsy) are the two names I have selected if I ever get another female dog. So my vote is for Lyric!

  8. Again Momma and I say congratulations! Both girls are gorgeous, and we can't wait to see which one is chosen for you! Grooming stuffs ARE expensive. Momma doesn't groom me herself, but she's more and more considering it to paying someone else to do it over and over again. She's just very wary and scared she'll make an awful mess of me, or worse hurt me in some way.

    You have a good list of names so far, and of those listed we like Cali and Vegas most. A few four letter names Momma came across that she personally likes are Lyla, Tori, Anya, and Vera.

  9. Some people are nuts!! Congratulations on either baby. Nola! Looks like you are going to be a big big sissy
    Lily & Edward

  10. Ok, just because I would cry if someone gave me two puppies to raise doesn't mean other people can't do so successfully and happily! I think you'll do an amazing job and am so excited for you!

    As for names...I'll throw a couple more out there for you:

    Sere (short for Serendipity)

    Link (letters from the Duo's names, you could probably come up with more)

    Lani (pronounced Laney)


    Ok, that's all I have. I do like Pixel and Lyric though! Just thought I'd give you some more ideas.

    You must be be wiggling like a puppy in anticipation of her arrival! While I am not on the same level of grooming capabilities as you are - it definitely IS soothing to me to comb Blueberry. Even though she really doesn't require it, it relaxes both of us. One of these times I want to wear a BP monitor to see where I am at the start and where I end up at the end of the grooming session. :)

  11. They are adorable. We see nothing wrong with more puppies as long as they are loved and part of the family--like YOURS ARE. The more, the merrier!

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  12. Dey are cuties! I kinda like Cali - fits da location theme like Nola.

  13. WooHoo!!! We think there is NO SUCH THING as too many puppies!!! We also think no matter which little gal you choose, she will be lucky to have such a loving home!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. I think the big worry about getting puppies at the same time is that they will bond with each other more than with the owners. But if you are able and willing to spend time individually with each dog and put in the effort with training, it shouldn't be a problem- and that only usually applies with puppies very close to the same age anyway, and yours will be 4+ months apart.

  15. Yeah, it never occurred to me to say anythings butts CONGRATS!! Lots of people get two puppies at once. Hey just look at Murphy and STanley! They are most FABulous (especially Murphy..bol). Anyhu, sounds like you have all the grooming essentials (I suggest an extra blade(s) for the clipper ~ they tend to get hot and switching them out during grooming is not only more comfortable and safe for the dog, but a life saver. I also have a reusable ice pack that I put the blades on to cool) Now all of it might sound like a lot of $$$ butts just think of all the money you will save in grooming cost over the years (and the worry of someone mangling your ear..Ma!!! bol)
    I thinks either pups is ADORABLES!! It's gonna be hard to choose! The one who lives around here is black and GORGEOUS!!
    Yea! Can't wait to hear more!
    Ruby ♥

  16. Wow, what HUGE news. I am thrilled for you. Both of those pups are adorable!

  17. Congrats. Puppies are always a good idea! I like your names! Luna is also cute.

  18. How exciting for all of you! My four dogs are only 9 months apart. Sawyer and Blossom are litter mates and I got them when they were 8 weeks old - having 2 puppies is no big deal! Baylee is two months younger than them and Bentley Beau is 9 months younger. It's fun, fun, fun! And, I love grooming, too!


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