Friday, June 13, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Hilltop Leather Shop's American Bison Collar

     Hi, all! Today I'm doing a review for Hilltop Leather Shop, one of my very favorite collar companies. I've reviewed them before, and have two of their padded collars that are still going strong. This time though, The Merle Moron has a collar from them! Pike was given the honor of testing one of their new american bison collars, complete with nameplate.

    Hilltop is a small, family owned business located in Kentucky that has some of the best customer service I've ever encountered. Not only are they prompt, helpful and accommodating, if you have an issue they will not hesitate to fix it. The engraving on my second collar had started to fade after a few days of wearing, and Hilltop immediately fixed it, and even covered shipping, both to and from my house. It's perfect since!

       I picked royal blue with silver hardware for Pike's collar. It has his registered name as well as his call name on the nameplate, although you could put a number or perhaps even an address (don't quote me on that!) if you wished. We're just photographed a lot, and it's a pain for Mom to have to blur out numbers and addresses all the time.
It's 1/2" wide, which I admittedly wasn't expecting. I was anticipating, and hoping, for a wider width, but no matter. I do wish that the width of the collar was included in the sizing when you ordered.

I'm modeling it, since you can't see anything on Mr. FluffyButt

I usually wear 1 1/4" wide collars, so this looks weird on me!

This was several weeks ago. He sure doesn't look like that anymore!
This is what he looks like now. And no, his eyes are not touched up! They're really that blue.

Both in our Hilltop collars!

     Hilltop made it so Pike has plenty of growing room, and he's already moved up a hole in sizing since getting it. BoyPuppy is 4.5 months old today! The only issue we've had with this collar is that it is next to impossible to work the buckle off the hole. DM: I put the collar on Pike and then tried to take it off to tighten it down. It took A LOT of force to get it off, and I do yoga so I'm no weakling! Meanwhile, while I'm yanking and swear, Pike is flipping around trying to get away from the tugging I was having to do on his neck. It was easier to adjust once it'd been worn some and softened up, and I imagine it'll be easier whenever I condition it, but what a work out.

     I was a little worried at first that the blue color may come off on Pike's white trim, but that hasn't been the case, even when The Merle Moron stood outside in the rain.

     Overall, we're very happy with this! It's cute, sturdy, durable and the service is great.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Looks good on him. His eyes are beautiful.

  2. Pike your collar matches your eyes. What a nice collar.

  3. Well those are really beautiful collars!


  4. LOVELY!!!! I really wish Ma would buy ME a new collar....*sniff, sniff*
    Ruby ♥

  5. Thanks for the feedback AC (and Nola)! Always appreciated. We are going to add the usual widths to the descriptions (although you may have the collars made in the width of your preference). We have also already slimmed down the billets on the collars just a bit to make it easier to buckle/unbuckle. Its just that we want them sturdy enough to last a long time. :) We appreciate the time you take evaluating our products as it really helps us improve them and that is something we are always trying to do.

    The Broners
    Hill Top Leather Shop


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