Monday, June 30, 2014


It was really hot this day. 95, I think. You can see that Pike is bigger than me now. Don't worry though; I am still the boss, and I make him be my bitch. 

We hold paws, It's always been our thing.

It's hot.

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful.

Yesterday's photo, in color.


We will tug pretty much anything.


Idiot. Lucky he's cute. And adores me. 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Black and White Sunday

Nikon D3300
35mm lens
ISO 400 
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: PetBox

     Hi, everyone! My wonderful friends over at PetBox sent me and the Merle Moron (who is 5 months old today!!!!!!) another absolutely wonderful box of fun. We love them!
Before I show you our awesome swag, you have got to see how much my baby brother has grown. I'd call him my little brother, but he's taller than me now and is only a little less than a pound lighter than me. There's no question on who the boss is, though. ;) In this case, size does not matter. (heehee...wiener dog...size matters....haha)
Here he is with yours truly the day he came home:
11 weeks here
     And now, at 5 months:
11 weeks

5 months

     He's gotten so big! I love him though. He's such a great brother and loyal groupie.

     On to to the swag! We received the following in our June PetBox.

  • CocoTherapy Fruit Crunch Freeze Dried Fruit with Coconut Oil. HUGE hit! Pike and I both love fruit, so this was right up our ally. Absolutely nothing in it but fruit and coconut oil. We will be getting these again in the future!

  • PetKin Pet Wipes. Very useful for Pike, since absolutely everything sticks to his coat and wiping him down every other day or so helps keep the need for baths down. I haven't used them, since my short, tight coat stays clean on it's own. There's no nasty perfume-y smell, which is a lovely change from the pet wipes he was using.

  • Dingo Market Cuts USA Made Chicken Jerky. These were tasty, although there was only 4-5 small pieces in the bag.

  • SPALE Power Bites treats. We aren't huge on dry treats, but these were actually quite yummy and are very healthy with limited ingredients.

  • Innovet BioPel flea and tick repelling spray. Kinda stinks, so we haven't used this yet. If we go onto Sweetie's and Sugar's land, Mom be apply it to us.

  • Aussie Naturals Wool Dolphin crinkly water bottle toy. WE LOVE THIS! It's become one of the favorites around here. It's small, but has enough weight so it goes far when Mom throws it and it's very durable. 

      Once again, I'm very happy with PetBox! We've gotten quite a few boxes from them, and only one of them hasn't been very good. Highly recommend them!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Vet Trip

     Hi, everyone! It was suppose to be week 25 of 52 Weeks of Nola, but our stupid computer isn't cooperating that idea and Mom can't find the photos in iPhoto. It's strange, as the file names show they're imported, but you can't see them and you can't drag the file into iPhoto to import it that way. Fucktard.

I yell at you.

     Anyway.... Last Tuesday I had my annual exam, but this time we saw a new vet. Longish story short, Mom was NOT happy with the care level, or lack thereof, that I was getting at my old vet. This new vet is state of the art, and in addition to all the normal vet stuff they do laser therapy, blood transfusions, and stem cell therapy. It's really cool, and they were much nicer and more helpful than our old vet.
I had my yearly heartworm test done (negative), yearly bloodwork done (totally normal), annual exam, and Mom got more flea and heartworm medications. I weighed in at a dainty 10.5lbs, exactly what I've been for the past year and a half. To make up for fluctuating like crazy until I was 2.5, my weight is staying stable now. I'm terrified of the vet, but all things considered I was very well behaved, and even got complimented on my collar and tag I sported for the torture event.

     I am in excellent health! Perfect weight, great muscle tone, perfect teeth, strong and flexible joints, even heartbeat, parasite free, great coat, clean eyes/ears, ect.

     Mom made the decision to follow Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination schedule, so since I've already had puppy shorts, the 1 year booster, and I am up to date on rabies, I didn't get any needles. I won't get vaccinated, aside from rabies, ever again, so yay!
Pike has the recommended 3 rounds of puppy shots, and he gets his rabies on the 1st. After that, he gets a booster at 1 year and rabies every 3 years, and that's it. Same schedule will be followed for Poodle Puppy, too.

     Remember a few months back when I posted about how Comfortis wasn't working as well as it should for me, especially since I'm allergic to fleas? Well, after talking it over with the vet, I've been put on NexGard for flea prevention. It's an oral pill, like Comfortis, but it actually tastes good and doesn't smell like dirt (DM: come on, I can't be the only one who's noticed that!). It also covers 1 kind of tick, so that's good. It's the same cost as Comfortis, roughly, too. I haven't had a dose yet, as I get flea pills on the 1st of each month, but Pike had one and it worked very well. We're happy so far!

     The Merle Moron goes in on Monday for his rabies vaccine and microchipping as well as his exam and to get him on some Heartgard (after we get his MDR1 testing done - he should be cleared by parentage, but Mom is paranoid) and NexGard. Little man doesn't know what's coming.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I've Lost My Mind; Have You Seen It?

     Hey, all! It's ME and Mom here today to elaborate more on the news we shared yesterday (If you didn't see yesterday's post, go HERE to check it out before reading further!)




     We good? All caught up now? Good. Now, let's all grab our tickets for The Crazy Train, and get on with this ride. DM: Nola, baby girl, you aren't exactly painting me in the best light. I call them like I see them, Mother. You should know that by now. It's one of the many reasons you adore me so. DM: *sigh* Touché, B. 
Annnnnnyyyyyywaaaaay..... yes, as you saw in yesterday's post, we are getting the final family member in late July, and she is a Standard Poodle. I, for one, am excited! I love puppies (DM: she really does. I've never seen a dog that enjoys puppies as much as Nola does. Maybe it's because she has the energy of a puppy), and whipping new minions into shape is just part of the job description when you're Head Bitch In Charge, Ruler of All She Surveys. Hm, that's quite a long title. That needs an acronym. Let's call me Nola, HBICROASS. Much better. Quite fitting. Perhaps it needs more letters? Let's see, we could add Don't Fuck With Her (DFWH), She'll Have Your Balls (SHYB)...this could be fun......

     DM: Okay, since Nola's strutted off to further contemplate her enormous ego, I'll take over and give y'all some more details. As Nola mentioned, puppy is a Standard Poodle who will be 8 weeks old the last full week of July. She's a female, although I'm not sure what she looks like yet! It's between two girls, and the decision on which one is ours will be made this week, as they're now 4 weeks old and personality is coming though. 
It's between a black female and a cream that will most likely mature into white girl. Cream girl is undocked, and the black one is smaller. While I would absolutely love to have another fully tailed dog (Pike is docked, and it makes me sad), I'm really hoping for the black girl. Funnily enough, adding this little Poody, as Sweetie is referring to her as, makes it so I now have 3 of my dream dog breeds, and my dream Poodle is black. Of course, personality and compatibility with Nola and Pike (mostly just Nola, as nothing fazes Pike) is the most important thing to me, and color is my very last concern. I'd be totally happy with the cream girl, and let's face it, how fun would a white/cream be to dye?!
Here they are (credits go to their breeder; photos used with permission):

     Nola will be 3 years and 9 months old when puppy comes home, and The Merle Moron will be 6.5 months old. I'm sure some people are shaking their head at the idea of having two puppies (even though 6 months is considered an adolescent by both myself and many dog experts) at once, and you are completely entitled to that opinion. However, please keep it to yourself. I know my dogs better than anyone, and I know that this is the right choice for my little family. I have looked at the situation from every possible angle, and fully understand what I am up against. 
"Two puppies at once!" People have told me. "You're insane. They'll never get the right amount of attention and socializing they need if you have two." And just how do you know that? Just because two puppies isn't something you would take on, or has been something you have failed at, does not mean I will be saddled with your issues. My dogs are huge parts of my life. They sleep in my room at night (Nola in the bed with me), we train every single day, they're exercised to their level of need each day, they are fed the highest quality food I can afford, and they have regular and high quality vet care. They are happy, socialized, well adjusted dogs. Pike already has all his foundation socializing, although I firmly believe socialization is a life long thing. They will all have their needs and wants met and exceeded.
"Have you considered they'll all be seniors at the same time?" People have nagged. "That's heartbreak waiting to happen." Perhaps it is, but that is at least 10 years away. I would so much rather plan age gaps that work for my dogs than make plans around something that is in the distant future. It's like the stupid argument that you should not get tattoos, because as you age they won't look as good. Why shouldn't I do something now that will look fine NOW, when I want it and enjoy it, versus when I'm old and it won't look as "good". They'll've told my story, and for that reason alone I'm getting some.

     If Pike was a different dog, another puppy wouldn't even have crossed my mind. Pike has one of the best, most easy going and agreeable temperaments I've ever encountered. He's loving, happy, and takes life in stride. He adores other dogs, and he is a very mature puppy. He's a goof, but he's a good dog. 95% house trained at just shy of 5 months, no chewing on things not meant for him despite being in the very throes of teething, listens well and is just a little dream. I really don't mean to brag, but Nola and Pike are some of the best dogs I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because they're mine.

      Okay, now that that rant is out of the way....on to the fun stuff! 
I'll be learning to groom her myself, as I can't swallow shelling out $80+ every 4 weeks or so so a stranger can mess with my dog. I'm just too possessive for that. :p Plus, after having Pike and tending to my parents' Mini American Shepherd's coat, I've discovered I absolutely love grooming and it's very calming to me. Ironic that the biggest turn off for Poodles for me has become one of the biggest perks. 
I went ahead and ordered most of the grooming stuff I'll need, including:
Blade combs/guards
Grooming arm
Dremel nail grinder (this thing is awesome)
Bows, blow paint pens and nail polish (you know, the important stuff....)

    All but the Dremel, which I bought yesterday at PetSmart (on sale! Score), should be here Friday. I still need to buy several types of scissors and a dryer, but aside from that we're good. Let me just say though: HOLY SHIT BALLS BATMAN THIS STUFF IS EXPENSIVE! I've spent over $340 in grooming supplies already, and I'm looking at another $200+, but it's worth it. Not only will these be for Poody pup, I'll also be learning to groom on my parents' two Standard Poodles that arrive home in early August. It'll be one hell of a learning curve! I can't wait.

     Names! As you saw yesterday, her tentative registered name is LBP In Mansions and Benzes, but we do not have a call name. She won't be named until we meet her, but this is the list so far. Feel free to add in your suggestions! I like short or easily shortened names that aren't common (how many Nolas and Pikes have you met?). Has to sound good with Nola and Pike, and double points if you manage to suggest a 4 letter name like the Duo has. Nola is of course named after New Orleans, LA, and Pike is named after a character in Robert Crais Elvis Cole and Joe Pike mystery books (highly suggest! Doesn't help I'm kind of lusting after both leading men in the stories, either....).
Our list is:
Layla (might be too close to Nola though)
California (Cali for short)

Kisses and Tail Wags and Hugs,
Dachshund Nola and Dachshund Mommy

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Announcement

(Sorry for the huge photos, and I really hope this works! I'm using the blogger app, since our computer is temporarily down from the storms)

More details and answers to any questions coming tommorow! Rude comments will be deleted.