Friday, April 18, 2014

PetBox: March and April

     Hey, y'all! I'm a SpokesDoggy for PetBox, a pet subscription box for your dog or cat, so here's what I've thought of them so far. March was crazy busy, so we missed posted about it then. Ooops!

     First up, the March box. I absolutely loved this! Everything in it was incredible. It had:

  • Skineez tug toy, which is my favorite kind of toy ever.

  • Organic Oscar shampoo and conditioner, which turns out to be one of the only shampoos I can use on my sensitive skin.

  • BOGO (Buy One Give One) sample bag of kibble. I'm on home cooked, but these make great training treats!

  • GRIN: Joint Treats. Tasty!

  • Vetericyn Wound Care Spray. Thankfully we haven't needed to use this, but with four active dogs in the house and living on a mini farm, it's bound to come in handy.

    This box gets a 5/5 star rating!

     Now, April's box. In contrast with March's box, I wasn't a big fan of this box. There was one thing that is the most incredible invention ever, but everything else is just really...meh. This box contained:
  • VIVAMUNE Healthy Chews for gut, skin and joints. Contains soy, which I'm allergic to. Even if I wasn't, Mom doesn't feed us (or herself) any soy.

  • Little bow tie, unsure of where it's from. Cute, and Auggie liked it.

  • GRIN Dental Chews. I've been sent three PetBoxes so far, and all of them have had GRIN products. Decent treats with okay ingredients, and they're tasty.

  • Urine Off! Spray. Always a good thing to have on hand.

  • The Fifth Paw. OMD this is the coolest thing ever! You attach it to your leash and you can clip your poop bag holder, keys and used poop bags to it. No more carrying a bag of warm dog poop in your hand. This was the only thing I (well, actually it was more Mom's thing than mine...) were really happy with.

  • Life Is Pawfect, The Petographer. Little book of dogs dressed up and posed. Not Mom's thing, and I obviously can't do anything with it.

     This box gets a 2.5/5 rating. 

     The first PetBox we were sent was nice, the second phenomenal, and the third was bleh. Interested to see what next month brings!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Disclaimer: I'm sent free boxes in exchange for honest reviews and advertisement. All opinions are totally my own.


  1. That is the downside to the boxes they aren't tailored to your specific interests. You get what you get. When you're sampling them not so bad. When you are paying that would annoy me a bit more.

  2. Wow...Mama REALLY wants that 5th Paw thingy, going to have to look and see if we can find it!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo

  3. Sorry to hear you didn't like the third box. We got to try a similar product and actually enjoyed ours.

  4. Two out of three aren't bad.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  5. Ooooh, March's box really does look FABulous! You're right, those are all great stuffs! The shampoo sounds good, never tried that, maybe I'll have Ma look for it
    Ruby ♥

  6. Wow that is a great haul of goodies! We LOVE our Skinnneez Platypus!


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