Friday, January 17, 2014

Review Day

     Hey, everyone! I have a few reviews today, so let's jump right in.
The first one is for Furcules (how awesome is that name?), a company that makes dog collars and leashes, with the option to have your dog's name/number embroidered on it. They have martingale collars, quick release collars, and quick release martingales. They offer several widths, and can make their gear to fit every pup.
Here's a bit about them:

FURCULES was created to allow dog owners the ability to style their furry friends with a touch of class and color. Collars are a necessary accessory for dogs and our product allows you to bring some personality and style to your dogs daily wear. Collars are all handmade, right here in the USA. 

Here at Furcules, we believe in giving back and raising awareness for shelter dogs.  We donate collars and portions of our profits to rescue organizations in an attempt to highlight these amazing animals.  Check out "Our Friends" page to see the organizations we proudly support.

We stand behind our product and if there are ever any issues with your collar or leash please do not hesitate to contact us.

     I was sent a 1" wide martingale collar in the beautiful "Purple Power" fabric. It has my name embroidered on it in a beautiful shade of turquoise. DM: I would never've put these two colors together on my own, but I freaking LOVE them! I'll be doing this color combo in the future, for sure. 
A martingale collar, for those who don't know, is a collar that is made of two loops. The larger loop goes around your dog's neck, and you attach the leash to the D ring on the smaller loop. When the dog tries to pull out of the collar, the smaller loop tightens enough to keep your dog secure while staying loose enough to not harm the dog like choke chains do. Most often seen on Greyhounds and other sighthounds, martingales are great for any dog who can slip a normal collar, like yours truly.
I'm not quite sure why there's two D rings. One for leash and one for tags, maybe?

Good service
Lots of choices
Custom available
Fair prices
Fast shipping


     5/5 stars.

     Up next we have a review for the wonderful Like a lot of you, we are HUGE Chewy fans! Love em. This time we're testing out Orijen's Cat Treats. Yeah, I realize I'm a dog, but these are the purrfect (sorry, I had to do that) sized treats for photo shoots and indoor recalls. They're USA made, the perfect size, have really good ingredients, are tasty, and have next to no smell. Love!

    Next up we have a collar from the Etsy shop Bow Wow Couture. The cool thing is BWC is just a few hours away from where I live! Here's a bit about them:

We are Bow Wow Couture, a company committed to making high quality, handcrafted dog products. We believe dogs deserve the same quality workmanship and emphasis on design that are put into well-made human clothes. That’s why we design around what we girly-girls and dapper boys would want to wear.

We love cotton fabric, especially prints with a retro and vintage vibe. We are passionate about incorporating fashion trends into our designs and updating our line throughout the year. 

Our products are sewn by artisans. Skilled, experienced and knowledgeable, their eye for design and attention to detail is what makes our products special and unique. You can feel the quality of the materials. You can see the quality of the construction.

Our products are proudly handmade in the USA. Gainesville, FL to be exact. We buy all of our supplies from American small businesses and locally owned shops. We are extremely proud of every collar, leash, bow tie and flower that leaves our shop.

From Founder and Designer, Amy Nicole Davis

I opened my Etsy shop while on a summer break from my job as a Production Stage Manager in professional theatre. I loved my job, and even though I was working in the performing arts world managing artistic people, I needed a place to flex my own creative muscles.

After two years this little Etsy shop had grown too stressful and difficult to run by myself. My fiance, Anne, is the one who decided that we either had to close the shop or put everything we had into it and launch a full business. I'm glad we chose the latter.

2013 has been a stellar year for our little shop-we exhibited at Global Pet Expo, the pet industry's largest trade show, and won a Best in Show Boutique Category Award for our flower and bow tie dog collars. I felt proud to accept the award on behalf of all handmade artisans!

     I was sent their blue and red floral "Seaside Cottage" to review. It is 5/8" wide fabric collar with an upgraded metal quick release buckle. It has a detachable flower and is so cute and girly!

Really cute
Huge selection
Fast service
Fast shipping
Pretty durable, although it's a "fancy" collar for me
Made right here in Florida

A little expensive

     4/5 stars.

     And lastly we have a super cool Wonder Woman collar from the Etsy shop Creative Fiasco (great name!), another Florida company. Here's a little about them:

Creative Fiasco is just as it sounds, a riot of creativity. I started out almost 4 years ago selling pet portrait sculptures supplemented with vintage finds and through experimentation and custom orders inspiring new products have grown to the shop you now know. I've been to school for both fashion and graphic design so who knows which direction I'll go in next! I personally make every single item as much by hand as possible. If I have to source materials I go out of my way to purchase from other artists and other small businesses to help support those who share my passion. 

Collars came about around 2 years ago after working in a pet shop and seeing the lack of quality and style in their offerings. I just knew I could do better! Every style is battle tested by my family's 4 dogs as well as our 3 cats. The little guys normally get 8-10 months out of a collar before the fabric fades enough to warrant a change and that's with my Mom running them through the laundry once a month! My 90lb lab mix gets more like 6-8 months but I don't normally put them in the laundry and replace them well before they wear out especially if I've made a new style. The cats on the other hand get more like a year unless of course they make a special effort to destroy them. 

     I was sent their Vintage Wonder Woman collar to review. It's 5/8" wide and has a plastic quick release. Creative Fiasco can make martingales and custom sizes/widths upon request.

Great prices
Great service
Florida company
Custom available
Fast shipping
Cat and dog collars

Metal buckles aren't offered

     4.5/5 stars.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

PS: For the record, I only have 25 collars. :p

PPS: Check back on Monday for a very special announcement!


  1. Only 25??? Nola, a diva like you should have at least 87. Tell your Mom to get movin!


    Hap-Pee Weekend!

  2. Are you going meow now instead of woof? We thought you were playing tricks on all of us by eating those kitty treats.

    We absolutely love collar #24 (tee~hee~hee) the one with the beautiful red flower on it! Wow, is that BEAUTIFUL on you.

    Oh..... a special announcement? Give us a hint! Monday is so far away.....

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Quick release martingales?! I need one of those for Petal!
    The first two, but especially the second, collars are gorgeous! Of course it helps that they're wrapped around a gorgeous dog. ;) The last collar is so cute! I'm going to have to check out all these shops.
    Those treats are so teeny, perfect for training little Nola! Clever idea to go for the cat treats.

    I'm super curious about this announcement of yours! :)

  4. Well done Nola. I think you should review a piece of furniture to hang all your smashing collars. I love the big flower collar

  5. I'll have to try the Orjen cat treats! We are small pups over here too and we were buying the Zukes cat treats but with their press release this morning we will be needing some alternatives. Sometimes for little dogs cat treats are really just perfect.

  6. I love the collars! Bentley would be so cool with a monogrammed collar but I'd be hard pressed to put one with a flower on him.. I really need a female Basset! : ) My problem is all of the skin on Bentley's neck gets irritated by every collar that I've tried. Out of your 25 collars, is one made out of a material that might not irritate him?

  7. Love the Furcules and Wonder Woman collars! Adorable!!

  8. Great reviews! I love learning about local businesses that I can support with my hear-earned dollars! Thanks, Nola!


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